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Nokia IntelliSync cont’d (Mobility Suite)

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After some heavy research, and some kind & uplifting words and a pointer to Nokia Conversations site; I decided to dig in a little further to find out just how well Nokia’s IntelliSync is doing, and any unique features it offers over the competition (single handedly or as an complete solution with E-Series devices).

First off, I’d like to present you with a bit of heirarchy just in case your curious who’s overseeing IntelliSync. As of December 2007, it is non other than Scott Cooper, Senior Vice President, Mobility Solutions Unit, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia. Forgive me Nokia & all party’s involved if I’m mistaken in any way.

Now I’m going to highlight a few litany of success’ of IntelliSync as a chosen solution – as a whole or its subcomponents.

City of Maastricht builds mobility from the ground up with Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite

December 11, 2007
Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced that the City of Maastricht, Netherlands has selected Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite as their standard platform for mobile applications. The solution enables the administrative officers of the City of Maastricht to integrate 900 Nokia Eseries devices into the Cisco corporate IP telephony system and synchronize contact and calendar details. Furthermore, the city will offer wireless email to some of the employees. To ensure an easy roll out and management of all services, the City of Maastricht is using Nokia Intellisync Device Management. The deployment of the service has started and is estimated to be completed in the beginning of next year.

The IntelliSync solution for the City of Masstricht is already completed by now. Onward.

Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite is mobilizing companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

December 13, 2007
Espoo, Finland – Nokia is recording a surge of new customers for its Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, putting the company at the forefront of accelerated mobile email adoption in the region. Many companies such as Bayerischer Rundfunk, Austrian Federal Football League, Computerlinks and Sparkassen Informatik offer their employees mobile access to email via the Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email solution.

“The examples of Sparkassen Informatik or Bayerischer Rundfunk clearly show how important it is to consider mobility as part of the company’s overall IT strategy. We recommend companies to take a holistic view on mobility solutions rather than focus on single mobility deployments,” says Mikko Stout, sales head for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia. “In this respect, it is paramount that the chosen mobility solution does not only support mobile email, but can scale and grow together with a company’s mobility requirements beyond email, as well as integrate into the existing IT infrastructure according to the highest security requirements.

Above you can see the success mounting. However it doesn’t show you WHY these business’ are choosing IntelliSync over RIM. I can tell you its because the application base for S60 is just so much greater than the BlackBerry (both corporate and consumer based), but its simply much more than that. Although competitors offer their solutions they have limitations, one more than the other. Yyou wouldn’t choose Microsofts’ – more than just Exchange Push/ActiveSync, Mobile System Data Center, its ONLY for one platform and is only on ONE groupware solution leaving out MANY company’s choice to stick with what they have. Likewise you would not choose RIM’s BES because most of its functionality is with their OWN devices. Sure its easier to code for J2ME than C++ , or is it really, its just too argumentative to side 100% either way. But RIM’s devices are pretty much stagnant (solid in the OS just as much as S60 is), not much can be TRULY modified to suite needs or tweaked for a company for their specific needs.

Nokia said it best like this …

Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite provides access to powerful collaboration tools such as email, contacts, calendar, device management and synchronization of file and data and business applications. Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email as part of Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite works in any groupware environment – ISP, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or Groupwise – and can run on any kind of device platform – Symbian, Windows, Palm or Pocket PC. The highly scalable email solution supports more than 100 different devices in addition to Nokia Eseries portfolio. Nokia Intellisync Call Connect client ties employees’ mobile phones into a company’s telephony system. Workers then have all system functions available to them even when out of the office.

This makes the IntelliSync unique & yet poweful.

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Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite p2

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Some NEW findings everyone….

The Manila Times Monday, April 21, 2008

Nokia announced that it will deliver its Intellisync Wireless Email service to Globe, bringing the benefits of mobility to corporations in the Philippines. Globe will offer wireless push email to its corporate clients through Globe Business.

Offering unmatched multi-device support, the Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite is a leading “white label” or private label wireless e-mail and Personal Information Management solution, with more than 40 new operator wins in the past 20 months. Nokia has sold more than three million Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite user licenses to date.

A REAL shocker here ….


SUNNYVALE, CA. September 20, 2005 – Mirapoint, the secure messaging expert, today announced that Research In Motion (RIM) has deployed the Mirapoint Message Server as a backend infrastructure component of its popular BlackBerry Internet Service™. Mirapoint Message Server enables RIM to offer carrier-branded e-mail services as a feature of its BlackBerry Internet Service.
“BlackBerry Internet Service is a hosted service that allows smaller organizations and individuals to choose the industry-leading BlackBerry wireless solution without installing server software. Mirapoint’s high-performance Message Server appliance has contributed significant advantages in product implementation and total cost of ownership to RIM’s BlackBerry Internet Service,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Research In Motion.

“As wireless technology continues to improve, mobile communication is quickly becoming an essential requirement for frequent business travelers and mobile workers,” said Barry Ariko, Chief Executive Officer at Mirapoint. “Mirapoint understands the need for more and more people to have reliable access to e-mail and other mission-critical applications on their mobile devices. By working with RIM to enhance its BlackBerry Internet Service with our integrated email appliance, we are helping fulfill this need and expanding the reach of Mirapoint’s technology in the market.”

Mirapoint’s Message Server enables Research In Motion to host email inboxes for BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers. BlackBerry Internet Service allows mobile users to access up to ten corporate and/or personal email accounts from a single device. BlackBerry® supports wireless email, phone, SMS, organizer, intranet and Internet-based applications and is now available on wireless networks around the world.

Mirapoint is the only vendor in the industry with proven secure messaging appliances that offer the industry’s lowest TCO for any size organization. Mirapoint’s Message Server is the industry’s only dedicated appliance that integrates email routing, storage, access management and security. Mirapoint’s multi-layered security protection at the network edge blocks hackers, spam, and virus threats, as well as provides advanced management of message traffic through policy enforcement tools, content filters, and detailed reporting.

Nokia launches Intellisync Mobile Suite for Mirapoint

Secure messaging specialist Mirapoint and Nokia have joined forces to extend e-mail and calendar features to the mobile workforce with the launch of the Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite for Mirapoint. This combines Nokia Intellisync mobility infrastructure with Mirapoint’s secure messaging appliances to provide businesses with mobile communications tools. Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite for Mirapoint can deliver e-mail and calendar data to compatible mobile devices from a Mirapoint messaging solution. Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite with Mirapoint’s messaging appliances is scalable to tens of thousands of users and provides business-grade wireless security. It will be available in Q3 2007.

This latest deal I find very informative and yet amusing. Mirapoint gets selected in 2005 to house, manage, and deploy BIS accounts for RIM. I’m still trying to verify if its still current and if this is STILL in practice by RIM. And now Mirapoint collaborates with Nokia to offer a much more powerful in terms of scalability to other users! Nice work Nokia! Excellent!

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Alan Noble ….

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I just found out an interesting tidbit ….. Alan Noble, Engineering Director of Google Australia … used to work for IntelliSync Corporation up until 2002 prior to Nokia purchasing this company.

More details:

VP of Engineering

Intellisync Corporation

(Public Company; 201-500 employees; SYNC; Computer Software industry)

February 2000February 2002 (2 years 1 month)

As head of engineering, managed 170 engineering staff across 5 facilities. Merged NetMind’s and Intellisync’s engineering organizations and standardized the company’s software processes and tools. Developed a common software platform for all products.

(Company was named Puma Technology at the time and renamed Intellisync Corporation in 2004, then subsquently acquired by Nokia in February 2006)


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Nokia IntelliSync

July 27, 2008 3 comments

I took a look at a fellow – and more experienced – bloggists’ post over at E71 Fanatics. He’s got some VERY informative posts on all things E71 (a future purchase), yet I found this particular post on “Is Nokia Cutting Ties With RIM’s Blackberry Connect?” interesting.

For those that do not know yet, RIM’s BlackBerry Connect (and BlackBerry Suite for MS Windows Mobile Professional devices) is a software that runs an many different platforms allowing them to be integrated & rely on the RIM infrastructure in the corporate world. It allows for security of the device (password encrypted access with timed lock out), Remote Wipe, Corporate email synchronization, PIM synchronization, and GAL functions on the corporate server BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server). Many corporations use BES on 3 of the major platforms: Microsoft’s Exchange Server, IBM’s Lotus Domino Server, and finally Novell’s GroupWise Server. There are many reasons why corporations choose their brand of corporate Email/PIM solution; and this is where RIM’s BES is so compelling – its not just mobile Corporate Email that everyone keeps thinking & posting about. Its about mobile access to the GAL, Free/Busy Calendar Lookup, Corporate Intranet Access, Corporate Ticketing & CRM management (be it CRM, Remedy, etc), and finally Corporate Server access & administration (along with BES Administration)! This is the power that the BES belt holds up for RIM. Security is at a prime on the BES and everything with it behind the corporate firewall, yet the bonus is the BlackBerry Handheld’s that allow for seamless integration.

Ok so now you know about RIM’s strengths. Now you need to look at its weakness’. BES is only needed to the corporate world, along with the majority if not ALL their handsets & applications. Only the Bold will have stereo speakers, and Divx video codec support, along with the ability for GPS, WiFi together with 3G radio. This is something N-Series or E-Series devices have offered (most of them) for many years. Now there are a number of consumer applications for the BlackBerry platform (J2ME based & RIMlets) but their still aimed at the corporate user off duty or out of the office in mind. You cannot install/run applications off the MicroSD card, yet alone save maps that the built-in GPS can use (allowing for faster map route loading). Add to that video editing, blogging apps (FaceBook excluded), file sharing (1 exists but it pales in functionality vs S60), or other apps that consumers want.

It is well known that Exchange Server commands more than 50% of the corporate Email/PIM/Remote access market, so using Nokia’s Mail For Exchange for push email or corporate sync will be sufficient for those simple basic needs. If you want more functionality closure to BES then Look towards RoadSync app for your E-Series/N-Series for Push Email & Synch PIM on Exchange Server. Another of RIM’s BES competitors is well known GoodLink Technologies owned now by Motorola.

However, Nokia has something many do NOT know about – and to Nokia’s fault really. Its a complete & powerful solution, along with the E-Series can provide End to End solution against the RIM BES joggernaut. It’s called IntelliSync

First, lets have a few quotes on Nokia’s reluctance to use BlackBerry Connect further. Mobile Today sited an interview on the subject with Nokia UK MD Simon Ainslie.

RIM are a competitor and have done a reasonable job in a space that is traditionally ours, so it’s no great surprise that we see this as an opportunity to give consumers a proper choice on what email solution they want.

Our approach is to make email a mass-market proposition for everybody, not just for the corporate boardroom group of individuals where BlackBerry has established itself

I cannot help but feel Nokia is not pushing the corporate solution side of things too much. More on this with Intellisync momentarily.

With Motorola’s mobile division in shambles & termoil it doesn’t bode well for GoodLink to really push on to compete strongly against RIM’s BES solution, unless its pulled out of Motorola’s Mobile Division. Revenue there is depleting along with marketshare & fast!

Microsoft has a similar solution called System Mobile Device Center but its ONLY on Exchange over Windows Server & only for Windows Mobile Devices as its integrated into Active Directory, SQL, Exchange & Windows Server.

This gives Nokia’s IntelliSync Wireless Email, Nokia PC Suite Enterprise Edition, and … great poise to go head to head with RIM’s BES solution!

Nokia PC Suite Enterprise Edition is targeted specifically for business use. The IT administrators will download the software, customize it to fit to the corporate needs and deliver within the organization

. This is very similar to the Blackberry Desktop Manager installation as Redirector. Similar, yet not quite.

Nokia’s IntelliSync Mobile Suite has many components offering such a wide range of solutions that are even knew to me. Nokia IntelliSync Device Management:

Broad Operating System Compatibility includes Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm, BlackBerry and Windows for laptops and desktops. Supported platforms: BlackBerry OS 3.7.1, 4.0.0, Palm OS 3.5 up, Symbian OS v7.0, v7.0s, v7.0sy, v8.0a, v8.1, v9.1, v9.2, Windows Mobile 2003, 5.0, 6.0, Windows 2000 and XP


There is also Nokia Intellisync Application Sync offers

Nokia Intellisync Application Sync provides secure, mobile access to database-driven applications such as customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, and supply chain management.

Strangely though, there is NO current support for anything S60-based?!! Nokia this is really powerful VERY comparable if not MORE powerful than RIM’s MDS component of BES.

Nokia Intellisync File Sync

Automatically delivers the most up-to-date business information to PCs and devices, and pulls content from remote devices to store it centrally.

The key powerful competencies here are Any LDAP Compatible source (Active Directory), Domino Authentication Internal/proprietary, NT domain, and also the security aspect Multiple encryption options (3DES, AES, SSL) – on point with BES thus far.

Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email (1)

enables employees to manage their schedules and activities and stay in touch with email from almost any mobile phone. They can download attachments, respond to meeting requests, and manage subfolders. Virtually all email and attachments are fully synchronized with the email server so nothing is lost, keeping communications safe.

And finally there is Nokia Intellisync Device Management; suffice it to say its on par with how the BES & IT Policy’s lock down a BlackBerry.

So if its so powerful a solution, why on EARTH doesn’t more people, nay business use this solution? Is it the pricing model, or that these are offered as separate solutions? If so then Nokia’s brass better take a serious look at a combined offering (separate from their IT hardware solutions of course) and really push for competition of IntelliSync against the current accepted solutions.

I’m curious if the IntelliSync Wireless Email is used internally with business executives alike and if its offered to consumers on trial via Nokia Email Beta?!!

Personally I’d like to have an in depth Q&A interview with anyone at Nokia privy to how this solution works – heck even a trial run on the E90 or the E71 in comparison to how other solutions work – not just to quantify & qualify features, yet also in hopes to help improve upon them and to excite Nokia into more E-Series solutions and taking IntelliSync to supremacy & success.

(1) The Nokia IntelliSync Mobile Suite Server will synchronize with the following versions of groupware servers: MS Exchange 2003, 2007, Lotus Domino R8, R6.5, R7, Novell Groupwise 7.0 SP1. Of note Domino R8 is VERY powerful and offers so much collaboration suite of applications I’m curious what is transferable – RIM has made some serious deals with IBM lately in regards to R8 support down the road.

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Ponder This ….

Communication. At the top of the food chain, we as humans rely so much on communication its the very fabric of our lives, endeavors and existence.

Thousands of years ago, lower evolution within the human chain struggled to master sounds. Screams for help when in danger, grunting to show want,

It is the foundation or our evolution to the superior beings on this world. From simple gestures, grunts, screams, and chest pounding showing needs for hunting patterns & hierarchy. To expressing language & emotions through words, touch, and body movements, describing seasons for crops, migration needs, then to trade. We’ve evolved from letters carried by birds, a message in a bottle, letters by horse, landlines from continental to international. To more modern forms of communication – scientists form a universal language for species & elements, engineers converse in measurements, bankers & investors form financial statements, programmers form various code languages for universal application development & database administration, and finally to email.

Using a phone, or smartphone for that matter is an extension, no a transcendence of communication! We still make phone calls (vocal) but now have the ability for video calls – enhancing basic language with the ability to show facial & bodily expressions. Same can be said for SMS (text), advanced by MMS/EMS with pictures, sounds, a short voice/video recording. We can reach the world with our mobile phones, not just through voice but also via emails. But now we’ve come further, with smartphones it is literally possible to edit video, remotely administer our home PC’s online, access & administer servers, even make a server out of your S60 smartphone for file sharing, and now, social communication, sharing, and involvement. Of all the cellphone manufacturers in the world, Nokia said it best with “The Next Episode”.

Nokia has been concentrating on & evolving their smartphone (S60) portfolio to a great degree the past few years, and for good reason! From 2004-2005 Smartphone unit sales have almost tripled, and increased almost 50% in the first half of 2006 over 2005; reports In-Stat. However, back then Bill Hughes stated an obvious fact for that time, “Many smartphone users continue to carry the very devices that smartphones are meant to replace. Also, users have been slow to add new applications to their devices. Most users have only downloaded a few applications.” This began to change during 2006 & 2007 with Many smartphones being sold serve as a combination of phone & PDA. 2007, In-Stat wrote an article stating that there are going to be Big Trends in future phone purchases. Increasing corporate-liable subscriptions will influence & reshape consumers’ views of mobile devices, mobile computing, and mobile connectivity.

Multimedia smartphones, or mobile computers on the S60 platform are by far the worlds best at capturing, cataloging, and sharing our daily lives while being mobile. From capturing an old couple still in love hand in hand, head on shoulder with a smile that still shows youth, to a child’s face on a roller coaster expressing big fear & elation simultaneously on TV-Out video, to multiplayer gaming anywhere, our smartphones have evolved. Our understanding and ways we communicate have also evolved, but so has our needs to be organized.

Mobile communications on a smartphone is more than just needed for personal organization, growth & socializing, its at the core NEED of a company’s success! Be it sales, corporate email, presence for real-time collaboration, or remote administration & delegation, no major corporation can be & maintain successful over time without their workers becoming more mobile. Its just too efficient!

We’ve come a long, long way from basic communication. Now, so many people around the world cannot go a day (work or play) without a mobile phone. For what I do daily I cannot imagine my life without one either.

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