July 27, 2008

Ponder This ….

Communication. At the top of the food chain, we as humans rely so much on communication its the very fabric of our lives, endeavors and existence.

Thousands of years ago, lower evolution within the human chain struggled to master sounds. Screams for help when in danger, grunting to show want,

It is the foundation or our evolution to the superior beings on this world. From simple gestures, grunts, screams, and chest pounding showing needs for hunting patterns & hierarchy. To expressing language & emotions through words, touch, and body movements, describing seasons for crops, migration needs, then to trade. We’ve evolved from letters carried by birds, a message in a bottle, letters by horse, landlines from continental to international. To more modern forms of communication – scientists form a universal language for species & elements, engineers converse in measurements, bankers & investors form financial statements, programmers form various code languages for universal application development & database administration, and finally to email.

Using a phone, or smartphone for that matter is an extension, no a transcendence of communication! We still make phone calls (vocal) but now have the ability for video calls – enhancing basic language with the ability to show facial & bodily expressions. Same can be said for SMS (text), advanced by MMS/EMS with pictures, sounds, a short voice/video recording. We can reach the world with our mobile phones, not just through voice but also via emails. But now we’ve come further, with smartphones it is literally possible to edit video, remotely administer our home PC’s online, access & administer servers, even make a server out of your S60 smartphone for file sharing, and now, social communication, sharing, and involvement. Of all the cellphone manufacturers in the world, Nokia said it best with “The Next Episode”.

Nokia has been concentrating on & evolving their smartphone (S60) portfolio to a great degree the past few years, and for good reason! From 2004-2005 Smartphone unit sales have almost tripled, and increased almost 50% in the first half of 2006 over 2005; reports In-Stat. However, back then Bill Hughes stated an obvious fact for that time, “Many smartphone users continue to carry the very devices that smartphones are meant to replace. Also, users have been slow to add new applications to their devices. Most users have only downloaded a few applications.” This began to change during 2006 & 2007 with Many smartphones being sold serve as a combination of phone & PDA. 2007, In-Stat wrote an article stating that there are going to be Big Trends in future phone purchases. Increasing corporate-liable subscriptions will influence & reshape consumers’ views of mobile devices, mobile computing, and mobile connectivity.

Multimedia smartphones, or mobile computers on the S60 platform are by far the worlds best at capturing, cataloging, and sharing our daily lives while being mobile. From capturing an old couple still in love hand in hand, head on shoulder with a smile that still shows youth, to a child’s face on a roller coaster expressing big fear & elation simultaneously on TV-Out video, to multiplayer gaming anywhere, our smartphones have evolved. Our understanding and ways we communicate have also evolved, but so has our needs to be organized.

Mobile communications on a smartphone is more than just needed for personal organization, growth & socializing, its at the core NEED of a company’s success! Be it sales, corporate email, presence for real-time collaboration, or remote administration & delegation, no major corporation can be & maintain successful over time without their workers becoming more mobile. Its just too efficient!

We’ve come a long, long way from basic communication. Now, so many people around the world cannot go a day (work or play) without a mobile phone. For what I do daily I cannot imagine my life without one either.

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