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Nokia IntelliSync cont’d (Mobility Suite)

July 29, 2008

After some heavy research, and some kind & uplifting words and a pointer to Nokia Conversations site; I decided to dig in a little further to find out just how well Nokia’s IntelliSync is doing, and any unique features it offers over the competition (single handedly or as an complete solution with E-Series devices).

First off, I’d like to present you with a bit of heirarchy just in case your curious who’s overseeing IntelliSync. As of December 2007, it is non other than Scott Cooper, Senior Vice President, Mobility Solutions Unit, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia. Forgive me Nokia & all party’s involved if I’m mistaken in any way.

Now I’m going to highlight a few litany of success’ of IntelliSync as a chosen solution – as a whole or its subcomponents.

City of Maastricht builds mobility from the ground up with Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite

December 11, 2007
Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced that the City of Maastricht, Netherlands has selected Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite as their standard platform for mobile applications. The solution enables the administrative officers of the City of Maastricht to integrate 900 Nokia Eseries devices into the Cisco corporate IP telephony system and synchronize contact and calendar details. Furthermore, the city will offer wireless email to some of the employees. To ensure an easy roll out and management of all services, the City of Maastricht is using Nokia Intellisync Device Management. The deployment of the service has started and is estimated to be completed in the beginning of next year.

The IntelliSync solution for the City of Masstricht is already completed by now. Onward.

Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite is mobilizing companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

December 13, 2007
Espoo, Finland – Nokia is recording a surge of new customers for its Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, putting the company at the forefront of accelerated mobile email adoption in the region. Many companies such as Bayerischer Rundfunk, Austrian Federal Football League, Computerlinks and Sparkassen Informatik offer their employees mobile access to email via the Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email solution.

“The examples of Sparkassen Informatik or Bayerischer Rundfunk clearly show how important it is to consider mobility as part of the company’s overall IT strategy. We recommend companies to take a holistic view on mobility solutions rather than focus on single mobility deployments,” says Mikko Stout, sales head for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, Enterprise Solutions, Nokia. “In this respect, it is paramount that the chosen mobility solution does not only support mobile email, but can scale and grow together with a company’s mobility requirements beyond email, as well as integrate into the existing IT infrastructure according to the highest security requirements.

Above you can see the success mounting. However it doesn’t show you WHY these business’ are choosing IntelliSync over RIM. I can tell you its because the application base for S60 is just so much greater than the BlackBerry (both corporate and consumer based), but its simply much more than that. Although competitors offer their solutions they have limitations, one more than the other. Yyou wouldn’t choose Microsofts’ – more than just Exchange Push/ActiveSync, Mobile System Data Center, its ONLY for one platform and is only on ONE groupware solution leaving out MANY company’s choice to stick with what they have. Likewise you would not choose RIM’s BES because most of its functionality is with their OWN devices. Sure its easier to code for J2ME than C++ , or is it really, its just too argumentative to side 100% either way. But RIM’s devices are pretty much stagnant (solid in the OS just as much as S60 is), not much can be TRULY modified to suite needs or tweaked for a company for their specific needs.

Nokia said it best like this …

Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite provides access to powerful collaboration tools such as email, contacts, calendar, device management and synchronization of file and data and business applications. Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email as part of Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite works in any groupware environment – ISP, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or Groupwise – and can run on any kind of device platform – Symbian, Windows, Palm or Pocket PC. The highly scalable email solution supports more than 100 different devices in addition to Nokia Eseries portfolio. Nokia Intellisync Call Connect client ties employees’ mobile phones into a company’s telephony system. Workers then have all system functions available to them even when out of the office.

This makes the IntelliSync unique & yet poweful.

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