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Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite p2

July 29, 2008

Some NEW findings everyone….

The Manila Times Monday, April 21, 2008

Nokia announced that it will deliver its Intellisync Wireless Email service to Globe, bringing the benefits of mobility to corporations in the Philippines. Globe will offer wireless push email to its corporate clients through Globe Business.

Offering unmatched multi-device support, the Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite is a leading “white label” or private label wireless e-mail and Personal Information Management solution, with more than 40 new operator wins in the past 20 months. Nokia has sold more than three million Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite user licenses to date.

A REAL shocker here ….


SUNNYVALE, CA. September 20, 2005 – Mirapoint, the secure messaging expert, today announced that Research In Motion (RIM) has deployed the Mirapoint Message Server as a backend infrastructure component of its popular BlackBerry Internet Service™. Mirapoint Message Server enables RIM to offer carrier-branded e-mail services as a feature of its BlackBerry Internet Service.
“BlackBerry Internet Service is a hosted service that allows smaller organizations and individuals to choose the industry-leading BlackBerry wireless solution without installing server software. Mirapoint’s high-performance Message Server appliance has contributed significant advantages in product implementation and total cost of ownership to RIM’s BlackBerry Internet Service,” said Mark Guibert, Vice President, Corporate Marketing at Research In Motion.

“As wireless technology continues to improve, mobile communication is quickly becoming an essential requirement for frequent business travelers and mobile workers,” said Barry Ariko, Chief Executive Officer at Mirapoint. “Mirapoint understands the need for more and more people to have reliable access to e-mail and other mission-critical applications on their mobile devices. By working with RIM to enhance its BlackBerry Internet Service with our integrated email appliance, we are helping fulfill this need and expanding the reach of Mirapoint’s technology in the market.”

Mirapoint’s Message Server enables Research In Motion to host email inboxes for BlackBerry Internet Service subscribers. BlackBerry Internet Service allows mobile users to access up to ten corporate and/or personal email accounts from a single device. BlackBerry® supports wireless email, phone, SMS, organizer, intranet and Internet-based applications and is now available on wireless networks around the world.

Mirapoint is the only vendor in the industry with proven secure messaging appliances that offer the industry’s lowest TCO for any size organization. Mirapoint’s Message Server is the industry’s only dedicated appliance that integrates email routing, storage, access management and security. Mirapoint’s multi-layered security protection at the network edge blocks hackers, spam, and virus threats, as well as provides advanced management of message traffic through policy enforcement tools, content filters, and detailed reporting.

Nokia launches Intellisync Mobile Suite for Mirapoint

Secure messaging specialist Mirapoint and Nokia have joined forces to extend e-mail and calendar features to the mobile workforce with the launch of the Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite for Mirapoint. This combines Nokia Intellisync mobility infrastructure with Mirapoint’s secure messaging appliances to provide businesses with mobile communications tools. Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite for Mirapoint can deliver e-mail and calendar data to compatible mobile devices from a Mirapoint messaging solution. Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite with Mirapoint’s messaging appliances is scalable to tens of thousands of users and provides business-grade wireless security. It will be available in Q3 2007.

This latest deal I find very informative and yet amusing. Mirapoint gets selected in 2005 to house, manage, and deploy BIS accounts for RIM. I’m still trying to verify if its still current and if this is STILL in practice by RIM. And now Mirapoint collaborates with Nokia to offer a much more powerful in terms of scalability to other users! Nice work Nokia! Excellent!

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