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Application – Nokia Conversations

August 20, 2008 Comments off

Nokia Conversations

Simply an app for threaded SMS. For me this is not an app I look forward to nor need.

Check out Download location, supported devices,and installation instructions in the following link.

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Nokia & Music Mogel’s – Showing Love!

August 20, 2008 Comments off

Something very interesting has occurred during that last 30 or less days. Nokia seems to be making inroads with Hip Hop artists! This is an amazing thing considering Nokia has yet to really crack the North American market – save for only 2 S60 wireless provider partnerships (Rogers Wireless & AT&T: N95-4 & N75 the most recent respectively).

An article in which I not only read but participated in on posted by user Christexaport highlighted that 50Cent is an N95 user and an Ovi Share User . An interview with Associate Producer Kelsey Blodget at and Nokia’s Head of Global Industry and Marketing, Kamar Shah, they both let out the secret during Always on Media conference July 31st.

Many of you know 50 Cent is amongst “THE” top-tier Hip Hop Artists & producers; as well as T.I. also being a top-tier Hip Hop artist. This is HUGE news for Nokia’s presence in North America as well as Share On Ovi. Just think about it for a moment. 50 Cent, T.I. and future musicians releasing their albums – available in the standard stores & online stores – but exclusive content (Music Tracks, Videos, a secret link for obtaining preset concert info, bar code, photos for behind stage passes and group interviews, and discounted Ovi pricing to Ovi & Nokia users)!!! This can be a HUGE collaboration between the artists, fans (becoming ever more loyal – word of mouth like Nokia’s Ambassador program works BEST), and Nokia themselves – increasing potential for provider sales partnerships for current & future models. A collaboration like this can go one step further with artists’ Video recordings from their phones (N95, N78, 6220 Classic, etc) in back stage concert setups, freestyles, Limo rides, etc.

Recently a photo was leaked of Hip Hop artist T.I. using the Nokia N95-4. The photo does look pretty candid, but T.I. is no stranger to using Nokia phones, and almost ALL his videos he’s flashing the lastest & greatest Nokia model on the market.

Here’s to hoping other artists come on board like (Canadian award winners like) Kaos, Choclair, and a personal favorite Kardinal Offishal. Note that this shouldn’t just be limited to HipHop, and the North American market but also different genre’s (basically unlocking culture barriers as well) Herb Alpert, Lil’ Louis Vega & Masters At Work, US artists in different genre’s). Considering Nokia’s recent announcement for Service & Software Arm reorganizing ” Continued growth in investments in key Internet services areas ” has something in the works towards this idea.

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