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Joiku Spot Light

September 16, 2008

Analysts say that by the year 2010 key components (Searching, various ways to access, and applications that need acees) to the internet will be part of acedemic literacy. As bandwidth increases and applications or websites depend upon a cloud service the need to get and stay connected to the internet increases, significantly. Although 56K modems are the basic type of connection its almost obsolute within the western world, save for a few holdouts not ready to rely on internet for information, entertainment, or sharing. Google has made the vast internet all but easy and is beginning to transend search to various devices that need internet connection. Finally, many applications are now dependant on an internet connection; moreso as we become more and more mobile.

Many of you are aware of tethering or using aircards. The pitfall of tethering is either slow speeds over InfraRed (IrDA) or Bluetooth, or remaining wired with a USB data cable to your laptop. Aircards, present another caveat emptor: pay extra for a seperate data line to use the aircard and not be able to make calls. Enter Joiku Spot Light & Premium as a final solution.

Joiku Spot Light allows you to use your S60 smartphone to be an access point, using its own WiFi chipset as a wireless medium to connect to the internet. No more slow 2Mbps data connection over Bluetooth or having to carry & use that USB data cable. This software is MUCHO stable and I was VERY impressed with the data connection speeds over my Nokia E71’s WiFi connection for my laptop. Business users would LOVE to have this solution because this still allows for a phone call without interrupting the data connection. Some S60 phones with WiFi may not be able to support a maintained connection due to battery power limitations, however with my E71 I was able to keep connected with solid db access data upload/download & video/audio streaming for over 3hrs on a 3/4 battery charge. Most impressive. Joiku Spot Light is free and upon each launch, your initial connection will take you to a localhost page stored on the phone via the application. Once loaded you’re free to browse the full internet on your PC/Mac/Linux box.

Video via Ovi

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Video via Youtube

So if you have an S60 phone with WiFi, and a laptop you’ll definately want to check this combo out!

JoikuSpot Light Features

* HTTP(S) protocol support
* WLAN access to internet with laptops, iPods and internet tablets
* Secured access and user control
* Multiple parallel connections
* User definable access point and settings
* Supports 8 languages
* Supports S60 3rd Ed mobile phones
* Free download at http://www.joiku.com

JoikuSpot Premium Features

* All the JoikuSpot Light functionality +
* Secured access to corporate intrawebs (VPN)
* Email support
* Full support for all network access protocols such as Outlook, Skype, Gmail, YouTube, Messengers…
* No forced default landing page
* 100% customizable for operator and corporate whitelabeling and licencing
* Supports S60 3rd Ed mobile phones
* Purchase at http://www.joikushop.com

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