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Nokia at the World Business Forum

September 21, 2008

Nokia at the World Business Forum coming September 23rd!

Next week, Nokia will be sponsoring the 2008 World Business Forum (WBF). The WBF is a big-time symposium for top-level executives with a speakers list packed with world business leaders.

Over at Nokia Conversations, a small interview with Sandra Carvalho “Director of Global Marketing for Business Mobility at Nokia” and info about her background before joining Nokia may shed some light on Nokia’s E-Series platform and the direction Nokia plans to go with their IntelliSync, Nokia Email and hopefully more marketing of these business models to the mainstream.

Prior experience working with IBM with their eBusiness campaign some time ago and marketing division at Bearing Point may give Nokia Business Mobility an upper hand.

She (Sandra Carvalho) joined Nokia before the last reorganization, which saw her division (the previously independent Nokia Enterprise Solutions) become part of a larger group closer to the core of what Nokia is. This unification of device and marketing to consumers, prosumer, and enterprise users reflects the reality that these types of users are no longer separate, but collide in the same customer and hence should be mixed in the same devices. Being part of the Greater Nokia allows the enterprise-focused device and services teams to draw more on Nokia’s user experience, interoperability, and consumer-focused product strengths.

The challenge
She points out that Nokia has all the components there for success in the enterprise, it’s just that people don’t know much about it.

And then there’s the USA
One other reason to sponsor this big event is to let business leaders in the US know what Nokia is up to. While the market is competitive in the US, and Nokia is not really known in the US for enterprise solutions, there is plenty of room to grow. Sandra is excited with the Nokia E71 coming out in the US in January. And there will be many on show at the WBF. But, she’s also careful to keep the message balanced and show what’s real and coming. The US is a key market and she wants to make sure she shows the value of our solutions and that there are alternatives to what’s dominating the market today.

FINALLY! Nokia is starting to take notice that there is not just customers, or sales, but a chance at great marketshare for corporate, medium business, and even SOHO business’ in the USA, but lets not forget the rest of North America; especially Canada since NOkia is making great strides with Rogers Wireless (N95 on subsidy, Nokia Maps, and NGage to the masses).

Nokia for Business activity at WBF

In addition to our sponsorship, Nokia will be active at the conference

* Nokia Senior Vice-President, Business Mobility Sales David Petts will introduce Cisco CEO John Chambers, who will deliver the keynote address on “Innovation, Vision, & Growth.”
* Nokia will host an exclusive networking lunch and interactive dialog with John Chambers, for a select group of their customers, and channel partners. These VIPs will also attend a cocktail reception at Nokia’s flagship store in New York City.
* All WBF conference attendees can participate in a highly interactive, engaging and creative “experience” at Nokia’s “Endangered Spaces” booth, where they can interact with and demo Nokia devices and applications to gain a tangible understanding of Nokia business mobility solutions.
* Nokia will be blogging from WBF – providing recaps and insights on the conference proceedings. Blog posts will begin on September 23 and can be accessed at Nokia’s blog site Nokia Conversations.
* As the exclusive mobility sponsor, Nokia is hosting the conference mobile website http://wbf.nokia.mobi to keep all conference attendees up-to-date on the latest event information and to facilitate live opinion polling onsite with speakers.

Let us all hope that Nokia is serious about getting more awareness, presence, and push for competitive business in North America and worldwide & give their E-Series devices just as much marketing as the N-Series have in Europe. Furthermore, this push for awareness and business must be continuous not just an event timed initiative.

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