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Phone has 3G but not for my countr

November 1, 2008

All too often my favorite phone OS – S60 – has varying phones from numerous phone manufacturers and having great styling and other hardware and features, yet the most amongst the most important function, 3G, is unusable in my country.

Many providers across the world, work with network equipment vendors (Nokia-Siemens, Ericsson, Lucent Technologies, or Motorola), and spend HUGE amounts of money to establish a 3G network. Mostly a 3G network that is compatible (UMTS/HSDPA/HSPA) with other providers for roaming capabilities across a continent. The network is ready, so why are the phones so snub-nose at making phones with great features, yet incapable of using the 3G worldwide. Too often phones are made with dual-band 3G, utilizing 900/2100 MHz bands. Hmm the first Nokia N-93/93i, N95-1/2, N82, N79, N85, Samsung INNOV8, SGH-L870, I-7110, SGH-G180, SGH-i400, etc. These are NOT the only models or manufacturers by the way, but I chose to list them because all these models are incredible even by today’s standards.

Nokia some two or three months finalized the long standing bizarre love-triangle, or court patent battle with Qualcomm, and friend Broadcom. And recently have been very quickly announcing and releasing new models (5800 XM, N-79, N96, and just this week the N85) with Tri-band 3G capabilities, but going further with 2 of those bands delegated for North & South American bands 850/1900Mhz – and including the widely used European 2100Mhz band for those globetrotters amongst us. If this was done years ago, I myself would have never made the mistake to stick with SonyEricsson another year and buy a subsidized K850i and saved for the N82 in March this year.

Does it not make sense for a manufacturer to have a production line that has support for 2 chipsets? Same phone model & design, just 2 chipsets: 1 to support Europe, Asia, and Africa, and the other for North & South America, and Australia? Are the bands for all these regions so different? There sure are enough chipset makers integrating support for ALL these bands before sale. The economies of scale allow for such a production process to be cheaper in the higher production numbers and better revenue for those phone sold in more markets.

Now, the new AWS bands in North America through this completely out of wack though. T-Mobile USA pretty much got a good deal with 20Mhz spectrum to cover just about ALL of the USA population footprint for their yet to be fully loved by S60 phones in the 1700/2100Mhz AWS bands. If Nokia, LG, or Samsung want to slow Android before it takes off, they should progress to make an incredible phone like the N85, 5800 Xpress Music, or INNOV8 with these AWS bands and woo substantial deals with T-Mobile USA to have such phones sold at very enticing subsidized pricing. Even at low bulk cost to the provider. I’m sure this would also get the attention of programmers already coding for S60/PyS60/RubyS60 and those curious about doing so.

Common manufacturers, if you got such an incredibly spec’d and styled phone, make sure everybody has the chance to enjoy it, not all those in your backyard. There is no more a 1st and 2nd class cell phone, Smartphone user. This is 2008, not 1988.

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