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IBM Lotus Traveler p2!

December 26, 2008 Comments off

IBM Lotus Traveler II

I’ve got some more details on the S60 implementation of Lotus Notes Traveler v8.5, and its looking VERY good indeed!

Nokia S60 device support

Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5 is now supported on Nokia S60 devices.
Lotus Notes Traveler provides the following functions for Nokia S60 devices:

* Automatic, two-way, over-the-air synchronization for e-mail, calendar, tasks, and contacts
* One-way synchronization from server to device for Notebook entries
* Read / Unread mark updates
* Full Email retrieval for truncated mail messages
* Attachment synchronization
* Data filtering options for email, calendar, and tasks
* Automated and manual problem reporting
* Email folder management
* Calendar invitation processing
* Integration with Lotus Mobile Connect

Using a Nokia S60 device

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler supports Nokia manufactured devices running the following operating system versions:

* Series 60 3rd edition
* Series 60 3rd edition feature pack 1
* Series 60 3rd edition feature pack 2

Lotus Notes Traveler for S60 client requires approximately 1 MB of free storage on the device to install Lotus Notes Traveler. If you need to collect traces or logs, you will need up to another 2 MB of free main device storage. Storage required for PIM and e-mail data is not included in the estimates and varies by user depending on how much data you are synchronizing to the device. Note that if you need to download the SIS install file to main device storage, then you will need an additional 1 MB of storage to hold the installation image. However the SIS file can be deleted after installation.

All delivery methods of downloading the Lotus Notes Traveler client installation file to a mobile device are supported. The following list includes some of the methods:

* Over-the-air (OTA) connect to the Client Download Web site
* Nokia PC Suite
* e-mail attachment
* Bluetooth
* Infrared
* Removable memory card

Use the following steps to install Lotus Notes Traveler Client from the Client Download Web site:

1. Power on the mobile device.
2. Launch the browser.
3. Point the browser to the Client Download Web site. Example of client download Web site URL: http:///traveler/index.html
4. Optional: Download the bootstrap file. The file can be placed in any location under the C:/Data or storage card.
5. Select Lotus Traveler 8.5 for Nokia Series 60.
6. Transfer the file to your mobile device.
7. Select Yes to install.
8. Select Continue.
9. When the installation is complete, the Lotus Notes Traveler configuration wizard starts.
10. Select Next to begin registering the Lotus Notes Traveler client.
11. Enter the following data:
* In the User ID field enter any valid Domino user name.
* In the Password field enter Domino HTTP password.
* In the Server field enter the Lotus Notes Traveler server host name.
* In the Access Point field select WLAN, GPRS, or Mobility Client.
12. Select Next.
13. Select the applications you wish to synchronize and select Next.
14. Select Finish and device synchronization will start.

Instructions for uninstalling IBM Lotus Notes Traveler client from the mobile device.

1. Select Menu > Applications.
2. Highlight IBM Lotus Notes Traveler.
3. Select Options > Remove.
4. Select Yes to remove application from phone.

Initiating manual synchronization

Follow these steps to manually synchronize:

1. Open Lotus Notes Traveler.
2. Select Options.
3. Select Sync Now.

Turning on or off automatic synchronization

Follow these steps to turn on automatic synchronization:

1. Open Lotus Notes® Traveler.
2. Select Options.
3. Select Auto Sync.
4. Select On or Off.

** Configuring the Client

Selecting mail for synchronization

Use the following steps to select mail for synchronization:

1. Open Lotus Notes® Traveler.
2. Select Options.
3. Select Settings.
4. Select Mail.
5. In the Sync mail field select On.
6. Select Done to save and close.

Steps for selecting contact and notebook entries for synchronization.

Use the following steps to select contacts and notebook entries for synchronization:

1. Open Lotus Notes® Traveler.
2. Select Options.
3. Select Settings.
4. Select Other Applications.
5. In the Sync Contacts field select On.
6. In the Sync Notes field select On.
7. Select Done to save and close.

** Configuring Home Screen

When Lotus Notes Traveler is installed, it will add the Lotus Traveler Mailbox to the Home Screen. For some devices, such as E71 and E66 series, you can configure the settings of the Home Screen application.

For E71 and E66 series devices you can configure the Home Screen to show only the mailbox on the Home Screen, or show the mailbox and unread e-mail headers.

Use the following steps to configure the Home Screen:

1. Select Menu.
2. Select Tools.
3. Select Settings.
4. Select General.
5. Select Personalisation.
6. Select Home Screen > Mode settings > Home Screen applications.

As you can see both IBM & Nokia have been hard at work and getting this application up and running in just shy of 2mths. This feature set is functionally on par with that of WM 6.1 Professional & Smartphone Edition devices & with RIM Blackberry platform devices.

Now if only I can get another S60 device, as I had to sell my beloved, yes beloved E71. My contract was up for my job and financial times as they are currently I needed to help the family out – kids needed a little something and the wife needed a small gift. This year I’m going to make it up to them BIG time and S60 is going to be there along the way taking those photos, videos, and lovely moments of happy times ahead.

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Nokia Barcode – Thoughts.

December 14, 2008 Comments off

Many of you are owners of a Nokia S60 device. Some of you have the Nokia E71/E66 where the Barcode application is part of the firmware stock applications, and others have the N95 (various models) where you’ve downloaded this innovative application.

Personally I have yet to fully use it in real situation – other than just curiousity. However more & more companies are taking interest in the ability of phones with camera’s to be able to read barcodes – specifically of the Datamatrix type (full credit for great explaination goes to Blazersforever on HowardForums site;

The barcode reader is designed to read Datamatrix codes, not UPC barcodes.
Here’s a software to create your own codes:

Over on that site, fellow S60 user JP started a great thread just over a year back (yeah I totally missed it), that he’s updated with Pepsi beginning to take interest with a USA based ad campaign. Ricky Cadden, a fellow & well respected (by myself & S60 users in general) posted an interesting observation, that contacts within Nokia & fellow bloggers are beginning to have their business cards use this technology! Great & inspiring way to utilize a simple technology & invite others to investigate it > very “word of mouth” like.

Rcadden’s post on HoFo led me to quickly & randomly post off my thoughts on this that I felt I should actually share with those of you that actually read this blog – if only in passing or by mistake (I thank you all)!

To paraphrase my own post (I am Prom1 on …

What would be the next move for Nokia to push this code more and show its usefulness?!
1> All events should have posters with working 2D Barcodes. Events, blogs (RCadden you hearing this 😉 ), contests for the curious, and even a treasure hunt page to a limited very sought after gift. Or links to mobile pages for recent services. Of a free extended trial of Files on Ovi, Nokia Maps for 1 region, etc.

2> Contacts to be further updated in newer firmware for S60 3rd Edition or 5th Edition (or software add-on). Contacts can now have users in 3 clicks (Contacts> Options> Send My Business Card) to send your contact info if saved: Name, Phone #’s, Email, & your 2D Card which internal software can decipher to open a link – hidden on Ovi (or selectable by the user to be public) – to save contact info to the phone & on your own Ovi (recipient).

3> 2D Bar codes on phone packaging that automatically activates the phones’ warranty – and if selected offers extended info, specific updates to Download! on that phone only, maybe an offer for discount on 3rd party software (a code) or Nokia Accessories.

That is the power of marketing. I should really blog these random ideas from now on.

So I figured I would.

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IBM Lotus Notes Traveler, coming to an S60 device near you!

December 11, 2008 3 comments

Lotus Traveler – Hero

Due to the changing economy and more competitive environment in business messaging, Nokia made an intelligent decision to revamp their business line of S60 devices (E71, E66, etc), and to refocus their business strategy. The first was the stop trying to compete for wireless collaboration & device management in the corporate product & services field. Existing deals would continue to be supported (IntelliSync), however competing and giving more revenue to a major growing competitor & very established in this field – RIM – did not seem a logical choice going forward. Recent software, Mail for Exchange – is very well received, after finally making it available for over 23 devices in the market place, based on the S60 platform. Mail for Exchange, and 3rd party software RoadSync are enabled through existing Microsoft Push Email & PIM Sync technologies via Exchange 2003 SP2 & Exchange 2007 is enough to make RIM squirm or at least take significant notice that Nokia’s decision to cancel further BBConnect development & licensing was not a half-baked decision. Later this month, Lotus Notes Traveler will finally be available – more on this significant news shortly.

Notes Traveler – Nokia Messaging Application view.

Although Nokia MfE & DataViz RoadSync is enough for RIM to take notice about Nokia’s endeavors for their E-Series & S60 platform, I’m sure RIM & their BES development team is going to stand at attention now that the cost of BES on Domino has a viable competition. Like MfE & RoadSync – Notes Traveler syncs Email (incl. Attachments), Contacts, Calendar, but also Journal & To-Do lists on any S60 3rd Edition device. Once installed – a Lotus Domino administrator can quickly setup the server to allow for secure synchronization. With E-Series built-in mobile lock & wipe settings (done over OTA), along with Device & Memory Card Encryption, this gives soho and medium (500 employees) business something to consider as a viable solution to their existing infrastructure. Not to mention, a full J2ME compatible SameTime Collaboration IM client – the same for BlackBerry’s & Windows Mobile devices – is also available for the E-Series devices.

IBM Lotus Traveler – S60.

IBM’s site as well as Nokia for Business sites has been updated on the upcoming IBM Lotus Notes Traveler application. Including screenshots.

Nokia extends IBM Lotus email access to 80 million mobile phones.

Lotus Notes Traveler

Notes Traveller – Configuration Wizard

Notes Traveller – Inbox

Notes Traveller – Calendar
Here you can see that it effectively & elegantly uses the E-Series new built-in Calendar.

Notes Traveler – Compose

Please note that Nokia’s IntelliSync – although no longer fully developed & sold to corporate business’, still lives. The latest report that I’m able to find is with the following press release.

Nokia’s Intellisync wireless email solution gives Bell Mobility the opportunity to offer its wireless clients a robust email solution that can be deployed on many devices,” said Jay Burrell, VP North America, Business Mobility, Nokia. “With Mobile email, users have the flexibility to access their emails anywhere and any time.”

Nokia Intellisync wireless email will allow Bell Mobility clients to have a fully synchronized, real-time email experience on their mobile devices by managing their corporate mailboxes remotely. Users can compose, read, forward, delete and reply to emails, as well as create, download and view, and also upload attachments. With bidirectional synchronization, users will not have to go back to their PCs to manage their mailboxes; tasks that are performed on the mobile device are synchronized with the server and are reflected each time the user checks his email on his PC, and vice versa.

“Our Mobile email service delivers a full-featured and secure email experience that’s similar to that of a desktop email service,” said Adel Bazerghi, Vice-President – Products for Bell Mobility. “This service offers our clients both convenience and ease of use in accessing their email in virtual real-time from their mobile phone.”

Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email is part of the Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite that provides access to powerful collaboration tools such as email, contacts, calendar, device management and synchronization of files. Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email works on multiple groupware environments – ISP, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or Novell Groupwise and can run on virtually any kind of device platform – Symbian, Windows Mobile or J2ME. Offering unmatched multi-device support, the Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite is a leading “white label” or private label wireless email and Personal Information Management (PIM) solution
Also note: Yahoo is one of the internet providers that uses Intellisync products. AutoSync Yahoo is a product written by Intellisync to sync Yahoo contacts, notes, calendars and tasks with Outlook Express and MS Outlook.

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Nokia Messaging.

December 11, 2008 Comments off

Nokia World 2008!

Wow! Such a powerful stance of Nokia making email messaging available for everyone! Currently free in beta form, and under the name Nokia Email Beta, messaging will harness the power of Nokia’s previous expertise, application prowess, and massive user base to deploy wireless email to millions, sorry billions of people across the world. What is even more impressive, is their ability, drive, and focus to bring it not only to users on S60 platform, but also to those users that prefer S40 phones by Nokia. Let’s take a look at Nokia Email Beta’s (ie Nokia Messaging) early beginnings.

The Intellisync Corporation is a provider of Data and PIM Synchronization software for mobile devices. The company was formed after the San Jose, California, based Pumatech acquired the Alpharetta, Georgia based Synchrologic in late 2003 and renamed itself in 2004. The company has won several awards for its mobile software and data synchronization software. Its primary competitor is Research in Motion. On January 31, 2006, stockholder approval was secured for Intellisync to be acquired by Nokia. On February 10, 2006, Nokia formally completed its acquisition of IntelliSync. Alright, so now you’re aware of the technology behind Nokia Email Beta, something I was correct and the first to post on Symbian-Freak, HowardForums & blog about here.

From the more recent versions for the handheld, it was very business, no non-sense focused and straight to the point. I liked this approached and preferred it to the recent flashy GUI layout of Nokia Email Beta that responds somewhat slowly through transitions. From many years of support with the Blackberry platform I find it to be very competitive and productive vs the Nokia Email Beta layout. However, I’ve seen screenshots that contradict one another as I’m unsure which is the version in the first 3 screenshots vs. last screenshot.

Attachment Handling – looking like the native E71 email layout.

Reading Email layout is just simply perfect, not overdone.

This Nokia IntelliSync Mobile; looks more like the current Nokia Email Beta.

As you can see the differences in the layouts make a huge difference in productivity versus aesthetics. It’ll be curious to see if the last screenshot above – Nokia IntelliSync Mobile – is what Nokia Beta evolves to when it becomes Nokia Messaging – effectively syncing with Ovi. I feel the direct & efficient approach to messaging and calendaring that won the E71 & E66 so many accolades and immense sales (E71 is THE best selling qwerty device Nokia has ever made, btw) should not be deviated, especially if Nokia wishes to be taken seriously in the business field. Your opinion may vary.

A major change next year is that Nokia Email Beta growing up to Nokia Messaging is to finally, FINALLY allow for MSN Hotmail Email to be pushed & synced. Not only this, but AIM, and Yahoo IM is also going to be apart of Nokia Messaging. This is not a simple upgrade of the software but a MAJOR overhaul & endeavor! Something very much welcomed. Will it be free, nobody is certain – but an online interface for managing all your mail in one site will become apart of Nokia Ovi! Hopefully it’ll be very simple, powerful, and look more fluid than what Google/Yahoo have done to import email from other providers on their sites. The ability to MSN/AIM/Yahoo IM is not just for S60 users, but also to S40 users are invited to the party! This effectively opens up Instant Messaging as a potential to taking over SMS as a priority form of efficient, and personal communications between people over the world – both mobile, stationary (PC), or semi-mobile (laptop).

MSN Live Hotmail

AOL Email


Nokia Messaging IM Layout

AIM in use on S40.

IntelliSync footnote:
Nokia has announced that the IntelliSync Desktop product has been discontinued and the last date available to order the product is July 19, 2008. Product support will be provided thru July 19, 2010 if eligible for support. Nokia IntelliSync is a very powerful server & client application with many different components – however it has evoled.

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Nokia – a shining Giant in a quickly shrinking world of crisis.

December 5, 2008 Comments off

Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks and Save the Children Finland in Partnership to Provide Water, Sanitation and Health Education to Alaba Special Woreda

The collaboration between Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks and Save the Children Finland was initiated as a response to the urgent needs of children and their families in Alaba Special Woreda, an area which is severely dependent on rainfall and, where people are forced to travel every day over 20km to fetch water during dry seasons.

“This partnership emanates from the belief that the solutions to emergency situations have to be driven by long-term sustainable efforts that centre on community upliftment,” emphasized Micheline Ntiru, Head of Community Involvement, Nokia Middle East and Africa. “Forging partnerships with the local government and community is paramount to bringing meaningful change in any community.”

“Children form the most vulnerable group that is worst affected by the current emergency, therefore our partnership strives to strengthen their right and access to water and sanitation, as well as enhance the livelihoods of the community,” explains Dr. Tibebu Bogale, Save the Children Finland’s Country Director in Ethiopia. “The project aims to improve the lives of thousands of children and adults with sustainable results that will allow new community development initiatives to be undertaken in the future.”

THIS is a company that spends its money not greedily on its CEO’s but ALSO on the needy people of the world that have NO chance in buying ANY of its products/services – and THIS in such a world financial crisis after not only announcing global sales of cellphones will drastically drop (makes sense why the N97 will not ship till 2nd QTR of 2009) but also that global marketshare and projected/estimated revenues to drop as well.

I don’t see ANY company like this delivering advances in cellular collboration, education in communication – that Nokia World 2008 keynotes blew me away, but also not needing to advertise on human events like this. THIS makes me definately think more about Nokia’s slogan in such broad avenues – truely helping people communicate – on need for survival on this one.

Nokia – a shining Giant in a quickly shrinking world of crisis.

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