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IBM Lotus Notes Traveler, coming to an S60 device near you!

December 11, 2008

Lotus Traveler – Hero

Due to the changing economy and more competitive environment in business messaging, Nokia made an intelligent decision to revamp their business line of S60 devices (E71, E66, etc), and to refocus their business strategy. The first was the stop trying to compete for wireless collaboration & device management in the corporate product & services field. Existing deals would continue to be supported (IntelliSync), however competing and giving more revenue to a major growing competitor & very established in this field – RIM – did not seem a logical choice going forward. Recent software, Mail for Exchange – is very well received, after finally making it available for over 23 devices in the market place, based on the S60 platform. Mail for Exchange, and 3rd party software RoadSync are enabled through existing Microsoft Push Email & PIM Sync technologies via Exchange 2003 SP2 & Exchange 2007 is enough to make RIM squirm or at least take significant notice that Nokia’s decision to cancel further BBConnect development & licensing was not a half-baked decision. Later this month, Lotus Notes Traveler will finally be available – more on this significant news shortly.

Notes Traveler – Nokia Messaging Application view.

Although Nokia MfE & DataViz RoadSync is enough for RIM to take notice about Nokia’s endeavors for their E-Series & S60 platform, I’m sure RIM & their BES development team is going to stand at attention now that the cost of BES on Domino has a viable competition. Like MfE & RoadSync – Notes Traveler syncs Email (incl. Attachments), Contacts, Calendar, but also Journal & To-Do lists on any S60 3rd Edition device. Once installed – a Lotus Domino administrator can quickly setup the server to allow for secure synchronization. With E-Series built-in mobile lock & wipe settings (done over OTA), along with Device & Memory Card Encryption, this gives soho and medium (500 employees) business something to consider as a viable solution to their existing infrastructure. Not to mention, a full J2ME compatible SameTime Collaboration IM client – the same for BlackBerry’s & Windows Mobile devices – is also available for the E-Series devices.

IBM Lotus Traveler – S60.

IBM’s site as well as Nokia for Business sites has been updated on the upcoming IBM Lotus Notes Traveler application. Including screenshots.

Nokia extends IBM Lotus email access to 80 million mobile phones.

Lotus Notes Traveler

Notes Traveller – Configuration Wizard

Notes Traveller – Inbox

Notes Traveller – Calendar
Here you can see that it effectively & elegantly uses the E-Series new built-in Calendar.

Notes Traveler – Compose

Please note that Nokia’s IntelliSync – although no longer fully developed & sold to corporate business’, still lives. The latest report that I’m able to find is with the following press release.


Nokia’s Intellisync wireless email solution gives Bell Mobility the opportunity to offer its wireless clients a robust email solution that can be deployed on many devices,” said Jay Burrell, VP North America, Business Mobility, Nokia. “With Mobile email, users have the flexibility to access their emails anywhere and any time.”

Nokia Intellisync wireless email will allow Bell Mobility clients to have a fully synchronized, real-time email experience on their mobile devices by managing their corporate mailboxes remotely. Users can compose, read, forward, delete and reply to emails, as well as create, download and view, and also upload attachments. With bidirectional synchronization, users will not have to go back to their PCs to manage their mailboxes; tasks that are performed on the mobile device are synchronized with the server and are reflected each time the user checks his email on his PC, and vice versa.

“Our Mobile email service delivers a full-featured and secure email experience that’s similar to that of a desktop email service,” said Adel Bazerghi, Vice-President – Products for Bell Mobility. “This service offers our clients both convenience and ease of use in accessing their email in virtual real-time from their mobile phone.”

Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email is part of the Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite that provides access to powerful collaboration tools such as email, contacts, calendar, device management and synchronization of files. Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email works on multiple groupware environments – ISP, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes or Novell Groupwise and can run on virtually any kind of device platform – Symbian, Windows Mobile or J2ME. Offering unmatched multi-device support, the Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite is a leading “white label” or private label wireless email and Personal Information Management (PIM) solution
Also note: Yahoo is one of the internet providers that uses Intellisync products. AutoSync Yahoo is a product written by Intellisync to sync Yahoo contacts, notes, calendars and tasks with Outlook Express and MS Outlook. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IntelliSync

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  1. infinus
    March 9, 2009 at 2:27 AM

    is there any update on this….
    it’s a cool application.
    and surely must have for me…

    road sync is better, it syncs your folders.
    but too heavy on my battery.

    mail for exchange is stupid.
    it’s better in some ways….

    looking forward for this app.


    • prom1
      March 9, 2009 at 8:47 AM

      Thanks for checking out my blog!

      Lotus Notes Traveler (v8.5.1 for S60) does not work with MS Exchange Servers. It only will work with IBM Lotus Domino collaboration servers – its obtainable on Domino v8.0.1 if its installed (its a FREE component already included; usually forgotting about). You can do remote email lookup, folder search & retrieve (not sure about displaying emails directly). RoadSync is very good – I’m looking at using it next Saturday (E71 arrives this week; my 2nd) – only if it can handle a two stage logon with a password prompt since RSA is used where I work with a HardToken.


  2. infinus
    March 9, 2009 at 10:01 AM

    Thankyou for correcting me.
    I have used older version of roadSync 2. Current version is 4.x i guess.
    Please do post your user review and some screenshots.
    Problem with my roadSync was it was kind of always on applicition and drained battery.
    MfE is bit better.
    Please post some comparison between them.


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