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Nokia Messaging.

December 11, 2008

Nokia World 2008!

Wow! Such a powerful stance of Nokia making email messaging available for everyone! Currently free in beta form, and under the name Nokia Email Beta, messaging will harness the power of Nokia’s previous expertise, application prowess, and massive user base to deploy wireless email to millions, sorry billions of people across the world. What is even more impressive, is their ability, drive, and focus to bring it not only to users on S60 platform, but also to those users that prefer S40 phones by Nokia. Let’s take a look at Nokia Email Beta’s (ie Nokia Messaging) early beginnings.

The Intellisync Corporation is a provider of Data and PIM Synchronization software for mobile devices. The company was formed after the San Jose, California, based Pumatech acquired the Alpharetta, Georgia based Synchrologic in late 2003 and renamed itself in 2004. The company has won several awards for its mobile software and data synchronization software. Its primary competitor is Research in Motion. On January 31, 2006, stockholder approval was secured for Intellisync to be acquired by Nokia. On February 10, 2006, Nokia formally completed its acquisition of IntelliSync. Alright, so now you’re aware of the technology behind Nokia Email Beta, something I was correct and the first to post on Symbian-Freak, HowardForums & blog about here.

From the more recent versions for the handheld, it was very business, no non-sense focused and straight to the point. I liked this approached and preferred it to the recent flashy GUI layout of Nokia Email Beta that responds somewhat slowly through transitions. From many years of support with the Blackberry platform I find it to be very competitive and productive vs the Nokia Email Beta layout. However, I’ve seen screenshots that contradict one another as I’m unsure which is the version in the first 3 screenshots vs. last screenshot.

Attachment Handling – looking like the native E71 email layout.

Reading Email layout is just simply perfect, not overdone.

This Nokia IntelliSync Mobile; looks more like the current Nokia Email Beta.

As you can see the differences in the layouts make a huge difference in productivity versus aesthetics. It’ll be curious to see if the last screenshot above – Nokia IntelliSync Mobile – is what Nokia Beta evolves to when it becomes Nokia Messaging – effectively syncing with Ovi. I feel the direct & efficient approach to messaging and calendaring that won the E71 & E66 so many accolades and immense sales (E71 is THE best selling qwerty device Nokia has ever made, btw) should not be deviated, especially if Nokia wishes to be taken seriously in the business field. Your opinion may vary.

A major change next year is that Nokia Email Beta growing up to Nokia Messaging is to finally, FINALLY allow for MSN Hotmail Email to be pushed & synced. Not only this, but AIM, and Yahoo IM is also going to be apart of Nokia Messaging. This is not a simple upgrade of the software but a MAJOR overhaul & endeavor! Something very much welcomed. Will it be free, nobody is certain – but an online interface for managing all your mail in one site will become apart of Nokia Ovi! Hopefully it’ll be very simple, powerful, and look more fluid than what Google/Yahoo have done to import email from other providers on their sites. The ability to MSN/AIM/Yahoo IM is not just for S60 users, but also to S40 users are invited to the party! This effectively opens up Instant Messaging as a potential to taking over SMS as a priority form of efficient, and personal communications between people over the world – both mobile, stationary (PC), or semi-mobile (laptop).

MSN Live Hotmail

AOL Email


Nokia Messaging IM Layout

AIM in use on S40.

IntelliSync footnote:
Nokia has announced that the IntelliSync Desktop product has been discontinued and the last date available to order the product is July 19, 2008. Product support will be provided thru July 19, 2010 if eligible for support. Nokia IntelliSync is a very powerful server & client application with many different components – however it has evoled.

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