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Nokia Barcode – Thoughts.

December 14, 2008

Many of you are owners of a Nokia S60 device. Some of you have the Nokia E71/E66 where the Barcode application is part of the firmware stock applications, and others have the N95 (various models) where you’ve downloaded this innovative application.

Personally I have yet to fully use it in real situation – other than just curiousity. However more & more companies are taking interest in the ability of phones with camera’s to be able to read barcodes – specifically of the Datamatrix type (full credit for great explaination goes to Blazersforever on HowardForums site;

The barcode reader is designed to read Datamatrix codes, not UPC barcodes.
Here’s a software to create your own codes:

Over on that site, fellow S60 user JP started a great thread just over a year back (yeah I totally missed it), that he’s updated with Pepsi beginning to take interest with a USA based ad campaign. Ricky Cadden, a fellow & well respected (by myself & S60 users in general) posted an interesting observation, that contacts within Nokia & fellow bloggers are beginning to have their business cards use this technology! Great & inspiring way to utilize a simple technology & invite others to investigate it > very “word of mouth” like.

Rcadden’s post on HoFo led me to quickly & randomly post off my thoughts on this that I felt I should actually share with those of you that actually read this blog – if only in passing or by mistake (I thank you all)!

To paraphrase my own post (I am Prom1 on HowardForums.com) …

What would be the next move for Nokia to push this code more and show its usefulness?!
1> All events should have posters with working 2D Barcodes. Events, blogs (RCadden you hearing this 😉 ), contests for the curious, and even a treasure hunt page to a limited very sought after gift. Or links to mobile pages for recent services. Of a free extended trial of Files on Ovi, Nokia Maps for 1 region, etc.

2> Contacts to be further updated in newer firmware for S60 3rd Edition or 5th Edition (or software add-on). Contacts can now have users in 3 clicks (Contacts> Options> Send My Business Card) to send your contact info if saved: Name, Phone #’s, Email, & your 2D Card which internal software can decipher to open a link – hidden on Ovi (or selectable by the user to be public) – to save contact info to the phone & on your own Ovi (recipient).

3> 2D Bar codes on phone packaging that automatically activates the phones’ warranty – and if selected offers extended info, specific updates to Download! on that phone only, maybe an offer for discount on 3rd party software (a code) or Nokia Accessories.

That is the power of marketing. I should really blog these random ideas from now on.

So I figured I would.

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