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IBM Lotus Traveler p2!

December 26, 2008

IBM Lotus Traveler II

I’ve got some more details on the S60 implementation of Lotus Notes Traveler v8.5, and its looking VERY good indeed!

Nokia S60 device support

Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5 is now supported on Nokia S60 devices.
Lotus Notes Traveler provides the following functions for Nokia S60 devices:

* Automatic, two-way, over-the-air synchronization for e-mail, calendar, tasks, and contacts
* One-way synchronization from server to device for Notebook entries
* Read / Unread mark updates
* Full Email retrieval for truncated mail messages
* Attachment synchronization
* Data filtering options for email, calendar, and tasks
* Automated and manual problem reporting
* Email folder management
* Calendar invitation processing
* Integration with Lotus Mobile Connect

Using a Nokia S60 device

IBM Lotus Notes Traveler supports Nokia manufactured devices running the following operating system versions:

* Series 60 3rd edition
* Series 60 3rd edition feature pack 1
* Series 60 3rd edition feature pack 2

Lotus Notes Traveler for S60 client requires approximately 1 MB of free storage on the device to install Lotus Notes Traveler. If you need to collect traces or logs, you will need up to another 2 MB of free main device storage. Storage required for PIM and e-mail data is not included in the estimates and varies by user depending on how much data you are synchronizing to the device. Note that if you need to download the SIS install file to main device storage, then you will need an additional 1 MB of storage to hold the installation image. However the SIS file can be deleted after installation.

All delivery methods of downloading the Lotus Notes Traveler client installation file to a mobile device are supported. The following list includes some of the methods:

* Over-the-air (OTA) connect to the Client Download Web site
* Nokia PC Suite
* e-mail attachment
* Bluetooth
* Infrared
* Removable memory card

Use the following steps to install Lotus Notes Traveler Client from the Client Download Web site:

1. Power on the mobile device.
2. Launch the browser.
3. Point the browser to the Client Download Web site. Example of client download Web site URL: http:///traveler/index.html
4. Optional: Download the bootstrap file. The file can be placed in any location under the C:/Data or storage card.
5. Select Lotus Traveler 8.5 for Nokia Series 60.
6. Transfer the file to your mobile device.
7. Select Yes to install.
8. Select Continue.
9. When the installation is complete, the Lotus Notes Traveler configuration wizard starts.
10. Select Next to begin registering the Lotus Notes Traveler client.
11. Enter the following data:
* In the User ID field enter any valid Domino user name.
* In the Password field enter Domino HTTP password.
* In the Server field enter the Lotus Notes Traveler server host name.
* In the Access Point field select WLAN, GPRS, or Mobility Client.
12. Select Next.
13. Select the applications you wish to synchronize and select Next.
14. Select Finish and device synchronization will start.

Instructions for uninstalling IBM Lotus Notes Traveler client from the mobile device.

1. Select Menu > Applications.
2. Highlight IBM Lotus Notes Traveler.
3. Select Options > Remove.
4. Select Yes to remove application from phone.

Initiating manual synchronization

Follow these steps to manually synchronize:

1. Open Lotus Notes Traveler.
2. Select Options.
3. Select Sync Now.

Turning on or off automatic synchronization

Follow these steps to turn on automatic synchronization:

1. Open Lotus Notes® Traveler.
2. Select Options.
3. Select Auto Sync.
4. Select On or Off.

** Configuring the Client

Selecting mail for synchronization

Use the following steps to select mail for synchronization:

1. Open Lotus Notes® Traveler.
2. Select Options.
3. Select Settings.
4. Select Mail.
5. In the Sync mail field select On.
6. Select Done to save and close.

Steps for selecting contact and notebook entries for synchronization.

Use the following steps to select contacts and notebook entries for synchronization:

1. Open Lotus Notes® Traveler.
2. Select Options.
3. Select Settings.
4. Select Other Applications.
5. In the Sync Contacts field select On.
6. In the Sync Notes field select On.
7. Select Done to save and close.

** Configuring Home Screen

When Lotus Notes Traveler is installed, it will add the Lotus Traveler Mailbox to the Home Screen. For some devices, such as E71 and E66 series, you can configure the settings of the Home Screen application.

For E71 and E66 series devices you can configure the Home Screen to show only the mailbox on the Home Screen, or show the mailbox and unread e-mail headers.

Use the following steps to configure the Home Screen:

1. Select Menu.
2. Select Tools.
3. Select Settings.
4. Select General.
5. Select Personalisation.
6. Select Home Screen > Mode settings > Home Screen applications.

As you can see both IBM & Nokia have been hard at work and getting this application up and running in just shy of 2mths. This feature set is functionally on par with that of WM 6.1 Professional & Smartphone Edition devices & with RIM Blackberry platform devices.

Now if only I can get another S60 device, as I had to sell my beloved, yes beloved E71. My contract was up for my job and financial times as they are currently I needed to help the family out – kids needed a little something and the wife needed a small gift. This year I’m going to make it up to them BIG time and S60 is going to be there along the way taking those photos, videos, and lovely moments of happy times ahead.

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