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Nokia E71 Beautiful Connections

January 13, 2009
Nokia E71 - Beautiful Connections

Nokia has begun another E71 compaign, “Nokia E71 Beautiful Connections“.

In this new product compaign over at http://www.nokia.co.uk/e71, Nokia aims to highlight 4 artists and their rendition of impressions & experiences over using the Nokia E71 – that they chose to share.

Now because its coming from artists and with such a limited audio and visual timeline to convey to us all – and to future S60 users, its done very artistic and esthetically. Rightfully so as the E71 itself is a work of art.

E71 a communication powerhouse! I myself recall just how powerful it was. It was the primary reason I upgraded from a simple feature phone to this masterpiece. Most smartphones forget to be what is important at its core – being a phone. The E71 traverses this boundary by being an excellent phone, but with the built in Contacts application searching for your saved contacts or dialing phone numbers (including ones with letters in dialing) it allows you the user to do so with simplicity. Email personal email in powerful IMAP push support natively is more than adequate but most of all (with your data plan) is FREE. No costly dedicated data plan like others entrenched in the marketplace hold you to. Should a cheaper data plan be available from your provider – you’re not limited to specific choices due to a proprietary non open handset.

The E71 is a work of art. Everywhere I went it striked up conversations and on lookers asking about where to buy it, what can it do, and surprise at how THIN it is.

For such a successful device, and the power of software to enhance it, its no wonder its Nokia’s best selling qwerty device.

Visit http://www.nokia.co.uk/e71 and take a look at the new E71 campaign and download the videos if you wish.

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