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Ovi Live – A Blogging Idea for Ovi Services.

February 1, 2009

Hi Ovi Team,

First of all I’d like you to provide such an excellent service that I’m going nuts on missing out on since I had to sell my beloved E71-2 due to hard economic times. I’ll be buying another 3 S60 phones in a 3mth period due to a new job.

I’m hoping that Nokia Ovi Team has considered the idea of end users being able to create a Blog (free or at a very low yearly fee $10US)! This blog will, of course, allow collaboration & creation of ideas and content to be shared from our phones and using Photos, Videos, and maybe music (as background playlist for those visiting our live blogs) from our Shared on Ovi.

Think deeply into this. Calendar schedules can be shared (public/private being seperate – both sync’d to our phones as normal), and used for creating fan meetups, family get-togethers, business meetings, etc. Nokia could use this for new Nokia World and similar event notifications & invites per relevant users in an events region & to those previously participated.

Photos uploaded to the “Ovi Live” blog (my patent idea lol /just kidding), will automatically be sync’d to the users Share on Ovi public media space for archiving. Using geotagging so when clicked by another S60 device on the blog can open up Nokia Maps 😉 . Videos with geotagging should also be considered by the Nokia S60 developers and also from Symbian Foundation for the next OS.

“Ovi Live” or “Ovi World” blog will use the beautiful software by Nokia … Mobile WebServer. This will allow a LIVE and interactive content creation and location aware presence for S60 users across the globe! This is TRUELY “connecting people” as the Nokia slogan stands to represent. Live Feedback, live contact sharing, live photo sharing, Ovi community expansion, and of course keeping in touch with those we love, and sharing the neighborhoods across the world. The saying ‘the world is a small place’ would indeed be tangible.

For those curious about using the FREE Mobile Web Server please see the following link: http://mymobilesite.net/

For those of you S60 users still not using Share on Ovi, what are you waiting for its FREE and allows syncing your photos/videos/Contacts/Calendar/Notes ALL for FREE:
http://www.ovi.com/services/ (go ahead and create an account, and check your phone under Media to see it sync’d once you receive your SMS from the service). Hope to see you online, my name on Ovi is Jagga.

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