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Nokia Ovi Store!

February 16, 2009

Its finally here! What all S60 heads have been waiting for, complaining for and envious of other platforms! Something that “Download!” has been lacking in.

A True mobile applications store front!

I’ve spoken out in the community about such a store being more than just an applications database and store front. I’ve even tried to get the community to work on such a store and submitt it to Nokia; but alas I don’t have the charm to invoke such passion in others. However it DID garner interest from an executive from Symbian-Foundation.

Now this application store has particular interest to developers in the industry. First Developers & users can follow along on Facebook site “Ovi Publishers” http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=126684805051 and also register for access at https://publish.ovi.com/ in order to submitt your applications to take part in the 30/70 (70% revenue for each sale directly paid to developers)! This is HUGE!

What makes this application store unique is that it uses an intelligent database engine to recommend applications based on your geographical location, suggest apps based on your previous purchases and also based on your Ovi friends purchases – Even if their native languages are different from your own (app you purchase is in your prefered language set on the phone).

Now we finally have an applications store front to be proud of.


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