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Nokia at Mobile World Conference 2009.

February 28, 2009

I’m sure those of you that casually read my blog with no time to post, stop by because you wish to see some insight beyond what the other blogs post about devices.

I’ll briefly tough on the devices this week not really about the obvious specs of course. But there is more than meets the eye that many are missing even amongst the popular and favorite forums (Symbian-Freak, AllAboutSymbian, Howard Forums, etc).

Nokia announced the E75 – an incredible QWERTY-Slider that allows for use of a Numerical keypad when you want it, while a full qwerty-keyboard when you NEED it. Nokia Messaging will come pre-loaded as part of the firmware; something I hope to see in an update of the incredibly popular, solid, and worth every penny the E71. However, there is something beyond the specs that the E75 offers that others are missing.

The E75 is a great thin qwerty slider and will do quite well with those consumers or professionals that work with personal Email (Gmail, Hotmail, YahooMail) or corporate email (Exchange ActiveSync or Lotus Domino).

What I like best of all is this allows users to charge the device with the MicroUSB port (Nokia missed this in the E71!) and the wall charger (2mm connector) so that people don’t immediately through out their existing chargers. Nokia really should make a list of the small chargers that shipped with other devices available to potential/new buyers of the E75 so that waste piles are not filled up with charging.

PS: Canadian citizens are more intuned with helping the environement; however not enough companies are making electronics disposable enough. Major cities in malls should have a deposit box not only for phones, but also for batteries & chargers as well of Nokia phones. Make the barcode readers under the batter of phones readable so that phones are accepted into these automated Return/Recyclable bins – and the holographic image on official batteries readable for the same purpose. This should be done in All Capital cities in the Canada, USA, UK, and in China and Japan.

Offering a small incentive to users returning old products; working phones ($25-50 relative to country currency), non working phones($10), and batteries & chargers ($5-10) would change the environment significantly. Of course research into this idea is needed; placing a return bin in major malls in capital cities would work. This will this help the environment (global waste sites), and changing perception of how we dispose of our electronics.

OF course cash will not be dispensed but a credit to debit/credit accts to be issued or a voucher for purchasing software compitable with their future/existing replacement Nokia device or towards a future Nokia device purchase (phone/tablet/accessory). Voucher redeamable in Official Nokia Store or online in respective regions. Vote if you like this idea.

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