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Nokia vs North American Market

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North America … considered the untapped market for smartphone growth.

However, due to the struggling economy, growth dropped to its slowest pace during the fourth quarter in 2008. Gartner’s study shows that worldwide sales, although increased vs 4th QTR 2007, its still down from previous estimates; with Nokia loosing marketshare.

Egham, UK, March 11, 2009 — In the fourth quarter of 2008, worldwide sales of smartphones to end users reached 38.1 million units, an increase of 3.7 per cent on the fourth quarter of 2007, according to Gartner, Inc. Global sales of smartphones for 2008 reached 139.3 million devices, up 13.9 per cent compared with 2007.

“After a strong third quarter with new product introductions, sequential growth slowed down again in the fourth quarter as fewer compelling new products and the worsened economic climate continued to make data plans associated with smartphones out of reach for most consumers,“ said Roberta Cozza, research director at Gartner. “In general in 2008, the focus from vendors and operators on increasing their smartphone portfolios remained very strong. Samsung, RIM, HTC and Apple saw their volumes and share increase during 2008 (see Table 2), thanks to their ability to offer compelling device experiences and touch interfaces.”

Nokia, still king in the worldwide smartphone share & sales race … an ongoing race, is loosing due to a significant market they’ve traditionally ignored or never really cared about in depth. North America – Canada their fairing better with deals on products/services – has different targets (actually almost non to speak of save); either consumer’s which include new starters & high end professional users, and Enterprise which includes all forms for professional collaboration support.

Nokia, all their executives are very intelligent, educated, and professional people. However, I think its time that a few of them fully test a device (not just for quality control) but fully use the device. Allow S60 Ambassadors, to test devices and finally have a small focus group of 30-50 users whom have never used an S60/Symbian based device before test an early buid of upcoming products. WE NEED their feedback on how they use the device – better or for worse! We need to have more touchscreen devices that suit the giddy masses – but do NOT get rid of Ovi Services & expand a new paradigm on Comes with Music.

Table 1
Worldwide: Smartphone Sales to End Users by Vendor, 4Q08 (Thousands of Units)


4Q08    Sales

Market    Share  4Q08 (%)

4Q07   Sales

Market    Share  4Q07    (%)

4Q07-4Q08 Growth   (%)







Research In Motion




































Note: Under the name HTC, Gartner counts only the company’s own-branded devices. The devices that HTC designs for mobile operators are shown separately under the operators’ names in these statistics.
Source: Gartner (March 2009)

For any product or service to reach its intended audience, you need to make them aware of it! All too often advertisement from Nokia is focused on all of Europe, Asia and South America, leaving North America unattended. This is the sole reason for why 1-3 S60 products are ever available on contract direct from any 1 of providers in North America. Currently 6650, N95-4, and E71-2/x, is offered on Rogers Wireless, AT&T Wireless, West or other providers. The same thing occured when S60 2nd Ed FP2/3 devices launched: 6600, NGage QD, 6620, then the 6682.

Nokia has made great headway with Rogers Wireless since the launch of the Nokia N95-4 back in March 2008, getting a heavy push of that products features and Rogers allowing it be used on their $7/mth unlimited data pkg – intended for on device browsing. Since then Nokia & Rogers announced support for N-Gage, Ovi Services to work through their various data packages, launched the E71-2 (which I choosen again), Nokia Maps, and soon Nokia Messaging soon.

I’d like to highlight a specific quote from the same source. I wish to do this to show just how important making contractual agreements, working together to serve a target market, and joint advertisement is to the North American marketplace.

“The Canadian telecom market is going through tremendous change and consumers are increasingly demanding advanced multimedia devices and services,” said Richard White, general manager and head of country operations for Nokia Canada. “Through this agreement with Rogers we are excited to deliver on that need, offering consumers compelling experiences on Nokia’s devices delivered over Rogers’ wireless high-speed network.”

In Canada we have just over 37million residents/citizens in our total population. The United States, easily multiplies this by 10 times. So how is it possible that such an agreement with Rogers Wireless is possible, yet seemingly close to impossible to attain with AT&T. I think its time for Nokia USA design devision to consider making a high & mid range S60 device for T-Mobile USA supporting their AWS 3G Network; before they get too close & married to HTC.

However, Nokia is seemingly making headway with Marketing in Europe … a SIGNIFICANT win really. Orange & Nokia signed a content partnership deal. This deal ALONE will help Nokia sales figures and show the world just how their users & future users will enjoy Ovi Services.

The three-year partnership includes the addition of 10 new Nokia handsets to the Orange Signature range and the addition of music to a combined offer of games, advertising, maps and location-based services.

Orange and Nokia have agreed to launch a suite of integrated multimedia services on the new Nokia handsets, launching in H208 across nine major markets, in an initiative designed to boost the adoption of mobile digital entertainment.

Olaf Swantee, EVP of Orange’s personal communications services, said: ‘This collaboration underlines Orange’s drive to create strategic partnerships that will give customers the best possible mobile multimedia experience in the simplest way.’

Kai Öistämö, EVP of devices at Nokia, said: ‘We are pleased to create this strategic partnership with Orange and believe that the combination of Signature and Ovi services will extend and enrich consumer choice.

‘We also expect our close collaboration to extend beyond the initial focus areas of music, games, maps and advertising to include other services over time.’

Under the agreement, the two companies will work jointly on marketing to support the launch of new devices and the development of multimedia applications. The two companies plan to create 10 million active Mobile Maps users on Nokia devices within the Orange footprint by 2010.

Also announced on Friday, Nokia made an announcement that immediately goes into affect, sending shockwaves to subcontractors of manufacturing their products.

HELSINKI (Reuters) – Nokia’s (NOK1V.HE) pull-back from using subcontractors in phone-making will shed more than $5 billion in revenue from electronics contract manufacturers, research firm iSuppli said on Friday.

The world’s top cellphone maker Nokia said on Thursday it has fully stopped using subcontractors in manufacturing of its mobile phone engines, which include the phone and software that enable its basic operations.

“This announcement clearly illustrates just how severe the situation in the mobile handset market really is,” iSuppli analyst Adam Pick said in a statement.

Due to Nokia’s decision, iSuppli said it would cut its view for the electronics subcontracting market, which it has earlier forecast to shrink 10 percent in 2009 to $270.8 billion.

In 2008, Nokia outsourced about 17 percent of the manufacturing volume of its mobile phone engines, which include the phone and software that enable its basic operations.

Nokia’s key subcontractors have been Foxconn (2038.HK), China’s BYD (1211.HK), Jabil Circuit (JBL.N) and Elcoteq (ELQAV.HE).

This announcement will hopefully have a 2 fold impact on their products. Better quality controls of products carrying the Nokia brand-name. Reduction of production costs in the long run; not immediately of course. A side affect is that its possible that Finnish employees of Nokia may be able to keep their jobs – since S60 fans all know that Made In Finland has a quality above all others.

Personally I don’t think this is just solely a cost & expense numbers consideration. Taking the success of the E71, and putting its key design queues & features into the likes of upcoming products: E55, N86, N97, E75, its quite possible that these subcontractors cannot duplicate the build quality & maintain it through quality controls for all these models over a large production run.

Nokia must be aware that marketing tactics that work in Europe do not work the same in North America. It must know without a doubt that its Brand is just as powerful as Apple’s is in the computer space. Previous web marketing campaigns are forward thinking and simply amazing! I’d like to see this transfered into how its products can be used everyday by various people, whether they be a lawyer, doctor, student, professional sports player, actor, or a professional musician/singer/writer/producer. North Americans love to be shown something with appealing beauty, great functionality – that suits THEM – and then show the brand at the end.

Nokia has a unique opportunity to capture the North American market by showing how their products & Ovi Services work in harmony and how 3rd party developers wares can help Nokia in … Connecting People. The competition is scrambling to do just this … and if Nokia waits till they launch & advertise this before they begin to do the same – in partnership with providers – then Nokia’s top executives will have more to think about. No more can they rely on previous sales figures and entrench user base – because those users are considering other options, and new users into the marketplace – sub 20 year olds are the new trend setters and with new corporate jobs they have the cash to spend. Nokia should consider those in high class or famous people to market their products (start with the N97, N86, and E75).

On a regional level, the North American smartphone market continued to grow, despite the larger economic problems. Smartphones account for roughly 20 per cent of sales in this region, a dramatic increase over the past year. Smartphone sales in North America grew 69 per cent in 2008. While sales will grow at a slower pace, the market will be driven by support from operators in the region aggressively pushing data plans. Smartphones will also see increased competition from full-featured enhanced phones that may offer a full qwerty keyboard. These devices offer much of the functionality of a smartphone, but at a lower price.

Smartphone sales in Asia/Pacific recorded a 2.3 per cent sequential growth, reaching 7.5 million unit sales, even though overall mobile device sales dropped by 9.2 per cent. The drop in overall sales was attributable to weak consumer confidence, but sales of high-end devices remained good, leading to positive sequential growth for smartphones. Market leader Nokia lost market share marginally by 2 per cent to Apple. Others that gained in the region were RIM and Samsung. Touch-based devices continued to attract consumers in this segment.

Smartphone sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) were up by only 2 per cent in 4Q08 compared with the same period last year. Despite replacement purchases slowing down in Western Europe, smartphone sales still recorded a 9.6 per cent increase in the region. Samsung was the main contributor to the growth in Europe thanks to the success of its Omnia touchscreen smartphone. Samsung’s share nearly tripled during the fourth quarter of 2008 and the strong push of its touchscreen offerings in EMEA put pressure on HTC.

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Ovi Live – My Wish, Ovi’s Future

March 23, 2009 3 comments

YES! I’m back to S60 after almost 3 mths of not using it. Previous to December I owned the E71-2 since mid August. And after having been forced to let it go, I’m back to it again. I feel like a kid at at the park again; a regular yet still a newb finding great new possibilities.

I’ve already loaded my particular choice of applications [ JBTask Man, HelloOX 1.03 – for the system hack, WordMobi, X-Plore, Nokia Messaging, Nokia Ovi Contacts, Screenshot, and Python runtime], however there are two that I’ve not been able to fully try before I had to let my previous E71 go. These are; Truphone, which I’ll talk about another day, and Mobile Web Server.

Nokia Mobile Web Server.


This powerful yet greatly forgotten or more likely unknown application has great potential and is very unique in the industry.

Mobile Web Server on S60

Mobile Web Server on S60

In the simplest terms by Nokia, Mobile Web Server makes your device accessible on the Internet. You can access phone features and data via a browser and share your life through a personalized mobile-site. But it does MUCH more than that.


Mobile Web Server is a unique tool that allows you to share basic communications directly from your mobile S60 device with anyone that has a web browser. It’s made up of 2 components and online site viewable through your Mac or PC browser, which connects directly to your phone (over cellular or wifi). Preset users id’s you’ve created or with a guest account can see or add an event to your calendar, see your SMS listing, phone logs, digitally sign your guest-book, and even take a picture! Surely these are functions I can see & perform with my own server log on,  so don’t fret about your privacy or security. You can let users, browser your pictures (device memory or memory card), or if you allow it, your private album – all phone items. When the application is closed, messages sent to you from a PC/Mac browser can be queued for later. Those of you that have seen the movie Taken could see these features used seamlessly, yet powerfully.

Beyond this, you can actually run a mini blog directly from your S60 phone, truly transitioning it into a mobile computer! I’m still new to this and looking for ways to have a temporarily online sub-blog for this. You have the ability to set the application to quite at your choice of battery percentage left – thoughtful & powerful feature really! The website interaction page is limited in which themes you can select, but a special treat to future developers & to Nokia should they hope to take advantage of is Presence! This application is almost 1.5years old and presence is already implemented; either by Assisted GPS or Network location on the device itself – now you know where your host is and follow along in their travels.

Web Server Chat Request
Web Server Chat Initiated
Web Server Chat Request

Web Server Chat Initiated


Unfortunately Nokia’s Beta Labs team has decided to make this application as mature and for now, no further development. I encourage developers to take a look at the wiki or check out some of the API’s that they can take advantage of. Nokia’s choice to stop development, even if temporary, is sad news initially but I’ve got a long time vision that I hope Nokia and yourselves are willing to imagine and share.

A brief video of Ovi Services

You get a new Symbian device, your interactive Contacts, Messaging (Email & IM), Photos & Videos, get sync’d to your device, while Ovi Store, once logged in allows you download previous purchased applications that suite your new device offering more. However, your on vacation – family, friends, business contacts are awaiting news from you! Get with the program, Ovi Live comes online and they can instantly chat, see where you’re going (an important Nokia Press Conference) and like the pied piper you can play a tune along for them to listen to, grant them access to your camera while it sites in a mini pod or on the window sill of your hotel room overlooking a great view!

Ovi Live allows your Ovi Contacts to be able to view your photos, videos, or mini-blog entry’s without the need for the user or host to upload the content manually. The host can deny access should they wish to or restrict access only to Ovi Contact members, the entire Ovi world, or to the entire public. Nokia has for just over a year been talking about how S60 is beginning the evolution of the computer: Desktop, Laptop, and Pocket. Anssi Vanjoki introduced the Nokia N97 last fall to the world – stating that it was meant not just for content consumption but content creation; Web 2.0 realized. Ovi Services has the chance to be fully live & interactive with Mobile Web Server.

Nokia could roll out a specifically targeted & special launch with already known users of S60 devices with customized mobile web server pages. 50 Cent could have a pre-selected timed interactive chat session prior to new album release concert, or hit recording with links to open up Comes with Music (Nokia Music Store) or integrate with Ovi Store specific purchase of music enabled theme! Spike Lee likewise could have an impromptu project of movie recording or a live 1 to many sessions on how to film.

Ovi Live, the true opening of the door to a whole new, interactive, mobile, and creative world!

PS – If you love House music and craving for excellent & creative mixes … please take a jump over to a site from a good friend of mine DJ Elusive! 

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ProfiMail Updated – gets 5th Edition Support!

March 22, 2009 Comments off

LonelyCatGames ProfiMail!

LCG Releases an updated version of ProfiMail, now version 3.0!

S60 5th Edition Layour.

S60 5th Edition Layour.

ProfiMail has been LONG a staple in S60 phones as THE quintessential Email client, if not the oldest email client in S60 history. On top of that its been HIGHLY successful. I’ve used an early 1.93 version (NOkia 6620), and again to 2.93 on my previous E71. There are many reasons for every owner of S60 phones to own this incredible application.


ProfiMail was the first email client for S60 that offered Pop3/SMTP with SSL support, and TLS support. Possibly even the first to offer IMAP4 support as well.

ProfiMail was the first to give users a bonus application – more than a simple easter egg – but a real working application, a file browser that was VERY VERY powerful, and evolved into X-Plore due to great demand. On top of that, it was the first to offer built-in HTML email support; without the need to use S60 webkit browser for rendering HTML/XML.

What makes LCG so referred in the industry is 2 fold. One, LCG completely ignores Nokia’s programming GUI guidelines … for a GOOD reason which leads me to the second revelance. To put it simply and not nearly as LCG executes this point … One Handed operation!

ProfiMail Landscape Mode - S60 Touch Style

ProfiMail Landscape Mode - S60 Touch Style

Prior to full qwerty (only the Communicator S80’s had qwerty prior to 2008), S60 phones where designed with 1-handed operation in mind. ProfiMail designed their interface with excellent intuitive design for scrolling through emails, executing commands (delete, reply, forward, move to sub-folders) with the mobile computer in your hand and just a thumb to navigate. Moreover they where thoughtful enough to embed keyboard shortcuts – that are especially essential & powerful in using X-Plore the file browser!

During the Beta’s from 2.91-2.93 they decided to include theme support in their applications … something ALL future applications should consider and is very welcomed feature. Try it, you’ll love it I promise!

Nokia’s Messaging, although great and wonderfully designed is no match without HTML support. I still use it today, but I know many features like operation times (Auto Online/Offline), in program folders, and recently the ability to sync with YahooMail or Gmail folder tags. Also previous support for rules, filters, integrated attachment viewing including support for zip file archives, but also a built-in image viewer for JPG/PNG support.

NOW, 5800XM users and future N97 owners can rejoice as S60 5th Edition (Touch) support is here in ProfiMail v3.10.

I recommend reading the review at the BEST S60 Elite user forum, Symbian-Freak.

Should you cannot wait for it, prior to Ovi Store launch, feel free to visit Lonely Cat Games’ ProfiMail site for download.

LonelyCatGames has a good knack for listening to its users, and paying for this application is worth it!

Version History

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Nokia – Pulling Out All the Stops!

March 18, 2009 Comments off
Nokia Developer Summit 2009

Nokia Developer Summit 2009

Nokia is pulling out ALL the Stops this Year!

With the 5800 NAM & Euro devices suffering Speaker issues and a decive and ruthlessly quick pull from the US Nokia Flagship stores (and retail recall) followed by just a intense restocking; Nokia is focused for 2009 & beyond!

Nokia N97 Home Main

Nokia N97 Home Main

Amongst the most anicipated devices of 2009, the Nokia N97 is … well  …. DAAAAAMN! Yes I too have been excited about the N97 as well although the E71 has once again returned as my primary mobile computer (N86 gets an exceptional distractive nod as well). Beyond the speculation of the cpu used, RAM/Screen/style of the device, its the core OS – Symbian + S60 5th Ed – and the plethora of existing and future apps that’ll be ready at debut.

N97 Menu Apps 1

N97 Menu Apps 1

This year, for Nokia, Symbian fans, and users across the world, and the mobile Industry will have all eyes, ears, and fingers perked up and ready to dive into a new world of Content Consumption & Creation of the mobile web. Your fingers will get to taste beautiful & powerful apps for Video, Audio manipulation (better than that Guitar Hero junk), Photo Manipulation, Sharing, Video/Photo/Document collaboration, and a LOT more. However your thumbs will have a hell of a time working with the game plans your mind will need to come up with to interact with the friends, your family, the Web and the content/people in/out and behind it all!

S60 5th Edition

S60 5th Edition

Ovi Store – developers have a UNIQUE opportunity to be able to reap the benefits of sales of their hard earned work, awareness of users & the community, and the ability to gauge the conception just based on bragging about sales & download numbers (Apple App Store is so yesterday). Developers will be able to uniquely adjust future application focus to their target consumer markets, seeing how geographical location & demographics play an important part of application purchase & consumption – and possibly become more aware of how various cultures have different focus on software consumption and usuage. Ovi Store will allow developers a conduit for automatic updates or worth add-ons based on location that can immensely benefit the user of that application. Imagine a seemingly simple Finanical management application (where you keep your credit/debit cards, stock purchases, etc) is able to interact with a map application and route your needed calls to a local support centre when overseas or in a different province/state, manage distance in miles/kms, etc without your physical interaction.

Developers … pay special attention. Get your heads out of the iPhone bubble and be ready for a platform with great OPEN and FUTURE GROWTH potential that will NOT have to rely on just 1 manufacturer or status quo.

Developers, get ready to let your wildest application dreams come to reality … and be tuned into the Nokia Developer Summit 2009! On Day 1, April 28th 2009 guest speakers will be giving their expertise & excite on how the future of web collaboration, interaction, the social and applications will combine in the worlds strongest & most widely distributed (on products) operating system in the world. At 9AM (Monte Carlo, Monaco time), our even host Roby Tayler, Head of Forum Nokia will be kicking it off. At 10:40AM – 11:20AM Lee Williams (bio), Executive Director of Symbian Foundation will be talking about the Evolution of Open Mobile Platforms, and at 11:20AM – 12PM John Faith, Vice President & General Manager of Mobile Operations, MySpace will be speaking on Mobile Internet Futures – and their collaboration with Nokia on the N97 and future Symbian Foundation Platform devices. Also of note is the Technology Stream, with Andrew Shorten, Platform Evangelist, Adobe [think FLASH LITE].

Ovi Store Flash Lite Presentation

Ovi Store Flash Lite Presentation

I’m hoping a new evolution of Nokia Mobile Web Server can be coded and integrated for registered users of Ovi Services on their mobile S60 & future Symbian Foundation devices. No other platform has this ability let alone growth.

Oh and don’t forget developers ….
Forum Nokia’s Calling All Innovators Competition 2008

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Unified Communications – Mobile!

March 14, 2009 1 comment

You’ve heard about it. You’re psyched about it. You want it. You want it NOW!

Its something that the technology industry is coining as the next big thing. Leaders are RIM, Nokia, IBM, with Microsoft getting ready to combine all their communication server applications into a unified entity; all these big guns are working towards a unified collaborative infrastructure.

What does this mean for you me & and that guy named James Dupri trying to run business while out from office? Well you won’t necessarily need to carry that desktop replacement laptop or even that Netbook – an excuse for a laptop that just doesn’t cut it. It means the ability to use your favorite smartphone platform to be fully in the know, control asset resources, establish & maintain communications & relationships with clients, downtime doesn’t exist nor does excuses; basically being fully productive.

Are you for real? Is it just for Business? Hmm. First lets get the definitions from the leading players, shall we?! I’ll begin with the boring business stuff first – but consumers & power users should read through to understand the differences in focus & directions its going.

RIM defines Unified Communications as such:

– Mobile unified communications is a concept that integrates multiple media – fixed and mobile
voice; email; IM; desktop and advanced business applications; presence; VM; audio and
unified messaging – all in single environment for a simplified and more productive user

At RIM’s WES2008 Conference a study was done regarding Mobile Unified Communications.They’ve noticed a few trends.

Voice is still dominant in Mobile Communications •15M-25M users of smart devices for push email, but
•250M-350M mobile workers with cell phone for voice
•Voice will remain Mission Critical for the foreseeable future Within next 3-4 years: •>25% of enterprise workers will deploy only a mobile device (no office phone)
•>85% of enterprise mobile devices will be smart phones
•Mobile Presence and IM will be ubiquitous (like email is now)
•PBX functionality (e.g., call forwarding, call monitoring, speed dialing, integrated directories,
presence, call flows, conferencing) will be required for mobile workers
•65%-75% of enterprise smart phones will have equivalent access to messaging, IM,
presence, and collaboration as current desktops
•All major communications suites will include Unified Communications

Now if you just take a few minutes to digest this. Think of how RIM’s BlackBerry’s are suited. You cannot save all contacts to SIM card with 1 action, but you can import. For PBX functionality, they must be setup on a corporate BES server, which must have MDS Studio component installed and permissions via IT’s Avaya/Cisco/MS Office Communications/SharePoint Server enabled & setup. This is PBX not SIP (your personal VoIP solution). Finally BlackBerry devices are not well suited for Presence without user input; or what I’d like to refer to as “Static-Presence”. I’ll get back to this in a few minutes.

RIM also noticed a few other trends regarding Unified Communications.

What’s Keeping it from Happening? Expertise more than cost
•Lack of technical resources
Lack of planning
•Still not in many company’s plans
Lack of understanding of benefits
•What does it do for the cost expended
User perceptions
•Too hard to use
•Too much info on that “iddy biddy” screen
•Doesn’t the wireless carrier already do that for me?
IT perceptions
•We’ve got too much on our plate and no one is pushing this
•Cross device support is a challenge
•Legacy upgrades – IP PBX
Management perceptions
•Too costly to deploy

The market & software, hardware backends have changed pretty well in the past year, however 1 overall factor will hurt business’ focused on improving their UC deployments; MONEY! This alone is the high-ended enemy of corporations and medium-large business’ wishing to Unify Communcations, especially in today’s tumultous (disorderly or distraught) economic environment.

Who Needs to Always Stay Connected? Different users and scenarios, with a shared problem! Healthcare users •Variety of mobile users, but communications is critical; Time is of the Essence, information can save a life! Financial agents •Delivering services at customer location (home, office) – loans, retirement accounts, insurance, etc.; staying connected is imperative to maintain customer relationship! Field Service workers •Provide services at customer location. Efficiency means more calls, raising revenues and profits. Real time communications and collaboration for competitive differentiation! Executives •Employ mobile devices regularly, with variety of uses (e.g., email, PIM, data, etc.), with voice as primary need and IM becoming mission critical. Time is money! Sales people •Most have some form of mobile devices; nearly all keep records of contacts
and transactions; real time collaboration can make or break a sale!

Majority of companies will deploy Mobile UC in next 2-3 yrs •All major Communications Suites are including UC functionality
•Reliance on smart mobile devices is growing
•While still not easy, adding UC is getting easier
•Take a component approach – add functions as needed
•Demand for functions will increase with improving end user
applications and perceptions
•Most back end (e.g., PBX) legacy systems being upgraded

Now with all this research at hand … there was an interesting pie charge from RIM’s documentation that I found interesting; as you may as well when I source the document.

Pressure to Implement / Improve Mobile UC

RIM WES2008 UC Survey - Pressure

RIM WES2008 UC Survey - Pressure

Another fundamental importance is RIM’s limited focus on Presence and how that will play a MAJOR part in both Business & Consumer roles for Unified Communications. When I get to “Static-Presence” you’ll understand what I’m referring to.

Nokia defines Unified Communications as such:

In simple terms, we see unified communication covering two different aspects. On the voice side, it’s about fixed/mobile convergence and unifying PBX connectivity with mobile conversations, so you can have a single device that can seamlessly go back and forth across a cellular network and a wireless LAN/IP network . The wireless device becomes an extension or end point on your PBX, so it supports all the traditional PBX features. The other element is more data-centric, using email as a starting point, but adding other communication methods such as instant messaging, SMS/MMS text messaging, video messaging , and videoconferencing . So it’s about providing access to many collaboration and communication elements with a unified look and feel, on a single mobile device. – David Petts, Senior Vice President, Business Mobility, Markets for Nokia.

Pretty well thought out. Can SOMEBODY HIRE this guy to be 2nd in command of Symbian Foundation to Mr. Williams, please!! Now this with an extensible platform capable of running C++, Ruby, Python, and J2ME applications is promising. Lets hope yesterday’s Symbian Foundation (squared) OS timeline has this in mind with ease of use in using its power.

Oh, some more … on how NokiaForBusiness will begin to think of UC.

At Nokia, we envision a world where my wireless device knows my calendar and automatically changes the presence of my device so I don’t get an embarrassing phone call in the middle of a presentation. When I’m between meetings, it should say, “Ah, you’re in Italy. I can see from your calendar which Italian customers you’re visiting. I’ll quiz your sales force automation system and find the largest customers you’re not visiting, and suggest you call one while you’re in the car.” That’s about knowing location as well as availability, and the interconnection of the different applications and capabilities.

Finally we recognize that unified communications is not unique to business people during their professional life. It’s also something individuals want to use more broadly. In two  devices we recently launched – the E71 and E66 – we have the ability to switch between business and personal modes. For each mode, you can bring six different application icons to the home screen.

– David Petts, Senior Vice President, Business Mobility, Markets for Nokia.

Ok I know that second paragraph above seems old, as those quotes where taken from last year (prior to Sept 23rd, 2008).

Static Presence vs Liquid Presence

To me “Statice Presence” is the limitation that your location, your appointments & meetings, and your Email & IM along with your calls are well, Static.  If you think of Web 2.0; the social web – then you’re familiar with MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, JaikuSpot, and prior to them IM (AIM, MSN, YahooIM, GoogleTalk, and prior kings of IM & File sharing). You’ll notice, that while all great are still focused on 1 major flaw. Simple user inpute and manual interaction. Sure you can set IM to load an application for when you startup your device, and even update a saved page or feeds (something the BlackBerry platform does well),  and receive messages, status updates from others. But it has no idea about the sensitivity of your calendar, tasks (expected phone calls), physical location, who you’re meeting with or relevance to media you’re currently consuming or sharing.

How about turning on your favorite Symbian device, IM loads, push email is ready to work & is, feeds get updated, GPS gets near-immediate ephemeral information & location & compass direction. Now say you’ve just left the office for lunch and the time is 11:45am. You’ve got 15mins to arrive at the nearby restaurant for an over-lunch presentation. You call a cab, as your in the elevator and it should be there in less than 5mins. While you wait outside your Symbian device gathers information of your location, keeping your calendar importance in check and alerts you of possible tardiness. You can think what the Pre would do here – offer to call or email the other party’s awaiting to be present at the meeting; but your Symbian device does more. You’re doing an IM chat with that ‘bad girl’ from the insurance company you met a few weeks ago, and the cab arrives. The Symbian device is smart enough to realize your speed is faster than pedestrian and offers a turn by turn map direction to your destination and EVEN does so at the cheapest cab cost according to route and current blips in cab driver speeds. You know the skill of trade created by NYC cabbies that is used now worldwide; jump on the gas to bump up the trip meter & price & cash out of your pocket. You arrive with 2mins to spare and rushing out the cab you forget your S60/Symbian phone in the back seat. Luckily it knows that your BT headset/watch is getting father in range and sounds off a loud speaker alert in the car while sending a normal volume alert in your headset; in case you’re wearing it. You rush back, and get your mobile computer from the cab – no bonus tip for the driver today! Now you get inside and tell the conceirge the party you’re there meeting with.  Ah, right on time, and during the rush out, and back to the cab – you’re phone sent a last IM message to bad girl – (of course predifined;) Bebe, got a meeting to attend I’ll holla at ya later. We’ll celebrate tonight if I seal the deal. You can be the robber me the cop, bring the cuffs & negligee I like .  Well you catch my drift. But what if ‘bad-girl’ thinks you’ve been blowing her off lately and tries to get pyscho and call you, IM you, or email you back? Yup mobile computer knows the play:

IM = Do Not Disturb (sure you could save the attempted incoming messages but do you really want to read them?).

Calls = Phone’s profile was set to silent based on either Time – appointment from calendar, or by GPS location. Only important calls from the boss or team related to your presentation over this important business lunch get vibration alert/special audible ringtone.

Email = emails from any of her addresses is on no audio, visual or vibrating alert; manually reading for later. Other emails automatically apply the device’s Silent Profile to send Out of the Office present message or default.

Presence – (this could be to RIM’s advantage via BBMessenger but Nokias’ Ovi Contacts can play the same game too) One of the ppl supposed to be in the meeting is arriving late, extremely late. His devices GPS presence has already updated your mobile computer (a Symbian device), and pre-emptively sent needed documents via email attachment/IM to him/her so that they’re prepared when they arrive (should they be smart enough to fully read them).

Now the meeting is reaching an end, about 15mins left. The other party – 1 of the clients team – arrives. She’s their manager the one that will approve or deny the deal and finalize the cost with you. She’s reviewed the documents you’ve sent and comes up with a few pressing questions that are critical to the product/service you’re offering. You cannot answer them immediately to finalize the deal. 3 yrs ago it would be acceptable to postpone any decision, even on a promising offer for a few hours until details are confirmed. Today you’d loose this deal; as they say Time – your time is money – their time is power & mo’ money. Instead of just ending off like this you attempt to make a call to your boss at the office. Nobody there VM is available. You think old style and figure he’s on his mobile, but with PBX/SIP the office line would route to the mobile – like the SIM card allows 1 line for many phones, PBX allows many phone types 1 number. So you use your Symbian powerhouse and use IM to reach him. Since his IM has GPS location presence, and he too is on lunch/meeting with presence enabled to block certain people, your phone call would not go through, but your IM will – vibration & LED notifying him of importance; minimizing any foreground IMs in flight. He responds and accepts your high quality (30fps, 640×480) Video Conference. Now you can introduce the client & their questions while he can respond keeping you in high regards; and his assistant can over hear the call and on her mobile computer can get the details of the meeting (calendar sharing in Exchange/Domino) and forward you the documents – a tiny, unobtrusive bubble notify’s you they’ve been received. Now the Video-Conference is over and you seal the deal. The client covers the lunch. You’re Symbian device updates your Social Status as KING of NYC 😉 and you head back to work to finish up the day. Since bad-girl has been trying to call you every 5mins and sending you a few emails – you can check them for the rest of the day; on any other phone that is. However, based on criteria you’ve setup its already responded via IM or Email and tempered her, pampering her for the cops & robbers celebration event later that night.

Hey if you’re dating 2 girls at once put your own spin on how Unified Communications can benefit you as well. Remember, to think of company slogans when considering buying a smartphone.

RIM does not use a slogan. Instead, RIM has the RIM logo and company description to represent the organization. Nokia has one and although simple its VERY powerful & yet obvious it goes missing amongst even analysts. Nokia is about “Connecting People”. Think about this, seriously. Your logo can stay the same but does it actively and continue to represent your company’s missing, focus and future endeavors? No. You’d have to spend millions on brand-name recognition, brand definition, and product target markets every year as your missing changes – for a while its worked for RIM. Nokia is about “Connecting People”. Wether you’re an executive running a business, a junior recruit coming up, a father, husband, a wife or mother, a son or daughter, grandmother, pops; you’re a person first, not a logo or a number ready to multiply in cash spendings to their coffers. No matter where you are in the world, or the climate you live in, the music you choose to listen to or how you choose to listen to it. You’re a person! No matter where you are in the world Nokia has a phone, smartphone, or tablet for you. They’re all “mobile devices” – even laptops – or “mobile computers”. Nokia has for just over 10yrs been making smartphones & feature phones that cater to the ever changing market demands – enforced and created by you the people. Camera phones, music phones (XpressMusic lineup), fashion phones (8800/7610Nova/Vertu lineup) , smartphones (7650), smartphones that focused on music (N75/N91/N81/N85), messaging(9300/9500/E90/E71/E55/E75/E66), pictures (N73/N90/N93), and even exclusive smartphones catered to specific cultures (N73 with Koran in native or english languages). Now with Ovi Services and Ovi Store Nokia is on the brink of something special still someone static as they’re seperate but soon you’ll not only be downloading or listening to music suggested by your peers or friends & family but also listening to a music mix that will change into a seperate mix by pressing a button, shaking the phone or maybe a heart-monitor change to another mix of different tempo while your running/cycling or coming to the door of your girlfriend/boyfriend that your heart races when you know you’re near.

Nokia; Connecting People – THAT is the key to a successful Unified Communications – because we communicate with people – not a balance sheet, pie chart or device itself.

Lately, the analysts, fans & common users, and the industry has been down on Nokia because they don’t include or more like advertise on the latest & greatest hardware specs.  BOO! Its not only about hardware anymore its about software & hardware and the unison of how they’re combined and how we use them! As you can see I’ve highlighted just how possible it’ll become.

Source documents in PDF:

Nokia Unified Communications

<a href=”″><img src=”; border=”0″ title=”Nokia for Business – Unified Communications 2008 – Share on Ovi” alt=”Nokia for Business – Unified Communications 2008 – Share on Ovi” width=”100″ height=”100″ /></a>

RIM The Promise of Unified Communications

<a href=”″><img src=”; border=”0″ title=”RIM_The Promise of Mobile Unified Communications – Share on Ovi” alt=”RIM_The Promise of Mobile Unified Communications – Share on Ovi” width=”100″ height=”100″ /></a>

I’ll have a post up for tomorrow afternoon and possibly Tuesday as well guys. Thanks again for reading my blog. Till next time; enjoy your mobile travels – and share them tothe world!

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Data Entry The Web Made by Hand – Nokia, Nuance, and Zi

March 7, 2009 7 comments

For a long time I’ve been waiting to post about the data entry component of our favorite smartphone OS. Coming from a corporate infrastructure/user support environment [Tech Support; Windows desktop and Mobile Email Infrastructure], it has significant importance to me. I hope not only to highlight the aspect of data entry, its overlooked importance, but hopefully show its use in the industry and how Nokia is implementing it in its future device strategy.


Most of the competitions devices have remained constant in the advancement of data entry in either text or Voice. Arguably, the most powerful text data entry of ALL smartphones and feature phones alike is used in the BlackBerry platform. It’s called AutoText and its significantly more powerful than just simple word prediction.

One can create a new entry; say the letters “AutoText”, then inputting a word, phrase, sentence or a paragraph of words that AutoText should use to replace the input done by the user. For example the “autotext” can put every paragraph I’ve typed above to replace it in an Email, SMS/MMS, Calendar (space restrictions here), MemoPad or other locations of the OS – including third party apps as well.


Of note, AutoText has only recently in the past 2yrs offered predictive-text; first in the 8100 implemented in SureType, and more recently, in the later OS’ of the Curve, Bold and Storm devices. Text prediction is not a strong suit of AutoText but I’d go as far as saying AutoText alone as a complete entity gives the BlackBerry its true strength; more than its Email infrastructure. This gives the BlackBerry its appeal and its view of “it just works”.

Nokia, since last year has decided to take on the business & consumer email market full force; beginning with the E71 [almost 10million devices alone worldwide]. They have done a fine job of text entry, prediction/correction, and speed with the E71 & S60 3rd Edition. This was just a small step towards supreme data entry either voice or text. Read on, my dear friends.

Wthin these mobile computers [N97 annoucement], its not only a consumption device its also a creation device, a creation tool. And of course, we need an input mechanism, a keyboard. But not quite this kind of a keyboard even as this bluetooth connections or corded connections are nice. But this doesn’t exactly fit in your pocket.  How about a touchscreen, its nice and lets have that there for 1-handed use, but its not very accurate even when it has tactile feedback. You need to have very good software to run it. But I think more important is to have a REAL keyboard, like this Real keys. Nothing replaces the feel and the accuracy of a real key on a qwerty keyboard thats sizable enough to really be used for creation, not only for consumption. Our media consumption is important but equally so we increasingly produce stuff for other people, stuff for ourselves.

– Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President, Markets Nokia. Nokia World 2008 Speech

Few amoung us think about the data entry technology implemented inside our devices. Text Data entry in the industry is controlled & pioneered by 2 main entry’s; Nuance Inc & Zi Corporation. Previously,  Zi Corporation controlled roughly 30% of the growing market for predictive-text software. Previously, Nuance Communications controled 50% of the market. Now, combined under Nuance, it controls a total of 85-90% of market, meaning it will provide software implementations to most of the 1.3 Billion phones sold around the globe each year.

RIM has chosen to use VoiceSignal [Nuance acquired in 2007] as the voice command system implementation software in the BlackBerry platform [VSuite 2.1]. This was very rudimentary and weak in its features. Commands such as ‘Dial, Home’, ‘Check Battery’, ‘Check Coverage’, are basic but tax the cpu intensively. Similar commands have already been a stablemate of commands in S60 since 2nd Edition FP2 devices. RIM has decided not to push advancement in this area, while Nokia is stepping up its game.

Nuance Communications, Inc. Signs Multi Year Agreement With Nokia Corporation

Wednesday, 8 Oct 2008 09:30am EDT

Nuance Communications, Inc. and Nokia Corporation announced a comprehensive multi-year agreement to deliver mobile speech and predictive text capabilities across a broad range of Nokia mobile devices worldwide. The agreement also establishes a strategic collaboration to advance an open integration framework for advanced input technologies that will foster in the broader mobile developer ecosystem. Nokia will leverage Nuance’s mobile input solutions to provide users with a new class of intuitive mobile user interface enabling improved access to the many mobile applications and services that drive productivity, convenience, safety, and consumer experience.


Since the introduction of the N97, Nokia has gone to extreme lengths at improving the way we enter data entry. Already in the 5800 there are 4 ways to enter data using the touchscreen, however with the intrudution of the E75 with a slide our qwerty & the E55 using SureType a Nokia first, you are now witnessing rapid data entry. You can bet that the speed of the E71’s text prediction will be further enhanced. I doubt this will be limited to just the E-Series – hence my reason for the quote above.

We are building up NOkia Services to fulfill our vision of a world where our mobile devices unleash the possibilities of the internet in entirely new ways. The Way we connect is going to be a lot more fun, and more about you!

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, President and CEO of Nokia Corporation. Nokia World 2008.


Although this specific quote is in regards to Nokia Ovi Services, its still about ‘Connecting People’ – Nokia’s purpose & guiding principle. You cannot connect people just by a phone call alone, a message can be in the form of text and all forms of digital text [SMS/MMS text/Email/Web blog/Website/ etc] is no exception. Having powerful services should tie in to not only how we serve up are media but also on the comments we attach to them, comments we leave on others’ media, and to the content we serve using the Ovi Services. I don’t believe Share on Ovi will be just a glorified Flickr for Photos and Video but also an interactive hosting service, an evolution of Mobile Web Server.

Thank you all for reading.



Nuance Communications, Inc. Unveils NVC 2.0 for Mass Market Mobile Devices!
Wednesday, 11 Feb 2009 08:00am EST
Nuance Communications, Inc. announced the availability of Nuance Voice Control (NVC) 2.0, a customizable modular framework that allows operators and handset OEMs to speech enable any feature, application, or network service on any mobile device they bring to market, including feature phones.

Burlington, MA-based Nuance Communications (NASDAQ:NUAN), after a series of unsuccessful offers begun last summer, has finally convinced the board of the Canadian firm Zi (NASDAQ:ZICA) to accept Nuance’s $35 million buyout offer. This is 5-million less than what Nuance offerd in August 2008.

Zi’s solutions for mobile search and text input complement Nuance’s portfolio of intuitive touch and speech interfaces that simplify and enhance the way people interact with mobile devices, applications, and services. Together, Nuance and Zi are positioned to better address the need for text input technology for customers and partners worldwide, especially in Asia-Pacific.


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N97 Widget Design Competition: Finale Voting.

March 5, 2009 Comments off

(an excerpt of an article of favorite symbian fan site:  Symbian-Freak)

This design competition, started in November 2008 just after the N97’s announcement is coming to a Grand Finalé!

Nokia invited all developers to join their online ( ) Nokia N97 Widget Design Competition; in which the best of the best ideas will be featured on the Nokia N97 super communicator.

Thus far more than 1000 Entries have been submitted, with the competition closing on Friday March 6th 2009. The strongest ideas will go into the gallery on that site Mondary March 9th for users – thats YOU GUYS & GALS – to vote/rate!

Please do your best to spend a few minutes to look at ALL the entries in the gallery – because your votes will be the deciding factor of what will be featured in your N97’s default Touch-Home Screen. Note that you will NOT see which entry has the most votes or their vote count number. Buts not the end!

The top 10 of YOUR votes [30 hit Ultra-COMBO] will be submitted over to an elite team of developers, hand-selected from the Forum Nokia Community who will at the Nokia Developer Summit in beautiful Monte Carlo (home of the fantastic F1 races) compete face-to-face on April 28-29. 24-Hour battle royalé if you will. Nokia N97 24-hour Hackathon is the official event name for those going to travel.

The developers’ task is to develop and build the aps live & against the clock over a 24-hour timeline – in FULL VIEW of Summit delegates. In the end the apps will be judge in front of a panel of experts from Nokia Forum & Nokia N97’s development team, and teh winning app will be CHOSEN! For “Flawless Victory“.

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