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ProfiMail Updated – gets 5th Edition Support!

March 22, 2009

LonelyCatGames ProfiMail!

LCG Releases an updated version of ProfiMail, now version 3.0!

S60 5th Edition Layour.

S60 5th Edition Layour.

ProfiMail has been LONG a staple in S60 phones as THE quintessential Email client, if not the oldest email client in S60 history. On top of that its been HIGHLY successful. I’ve used an early 1.93 version (NOkia 6620), and again to 2.93 on my previous E71. There are many reasons for every owner of S60 phones to own this incredible application.


ProfiMail was the first email client for S60 that offered Pop3/SMTP with SSL support, and TLS support. Possibly even the first to offer IMAP4 support as well.

ProfiMail was the first to give users a bonus application – more than a simple easter egg – but a real working application, a file browser that was VERY VERY powerful, and evolved into X-Plore due to great demand. On top of that, it was the first to offer built-in HTML email support; without the need to use S60 webkit browser for rendering HTML/XML.

What makes LCG so referred in the industry is 2 fold. One, LCG completely ignores Nokia’s programming GUI guidelines … for a GOOD reason which leads me to the second revelance. To put it simply and not nearly as LCG executes this point … One Handed operation!

ProfiMail Landscape Mode - S60 Touch Style

ProfiMail Landscape Mode - S60 Touch Style

Prior to full qwerty (only the Communicator S80’s had qwerty prior to 2008), S60 phones where designed with 1-handed operation in mind. ProfiMail designed their interface with excellent intuitive design for scrolling through emails, executing commands (delete, reply, forward, move to sub-folders) with the mobile computer in your hand and just a thumb to navigate. Moreover they where thoughtful enough to embed keyboard shortcuts – that are especially essential & powerful in using X-Plore the file browser!

During the Beta’s from 2.91-2.93 they decided to include theme support in their applications … something ALL future applications should consider and is very welcomed feature. Try it, you’ll love it I promise!

Nokia’s Messaging, although great and wonderfully designed is no match without HTML support. I still use it today, but I know many features like operation times (Auto Online/Offline), in program folders, and recently the ability to sync with YahooMail or Gmail folder tags. Also previous support for rules, filters, integrated attachment viewing including support for zip file archives, but also a built-in image viewer for JPG/PNG support.

NOW, 5800XM users and future N97 owners can rejoice as S60 5th Edition (Touch) support is here in ProfiMail v3.10.

I recommend reading the review at the BEST S60 Elite user forum, Symbian-Freak.

Should you cannot wait for it, prior to Ovi Store launch, feel free to visit Lonely Cat Games’ ProfiMail site for download.

LonelyCatGames has a good knack for listening to its users, and paying for this application is worth it!

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