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Ovi Live – My Wish, Ovi’s Future

March 23, 2009

YES! I’m back to S60 after almost 3 mths of not using it. Previous to December I owned the E71-2 since mid August. And after having been forced to let it go, I’m back to it again. I feel like a kid at at the park again; a regular yet still a newb finding great new possibilities.

I’ve already loaded my particular choice of applications [ JBTask Man, HelloOX 1.03 – for the system hack, WordMobi, X-Plore, Nokia Messaging, Nokia Ovi Contacts, Screenshot, and Python runtime], however there are two that I’ve not been able to fully try before I had to let my previous E71 go. These are; Truphone, which I’ll talk about another day, and Mobile Web Server.

Nokia Mobile Web Server.


This powerful yet greatly forgotten or more likely unknown application has great potential and is very unique in the industry.

Mobile Web Server on S60

Mobile Web Server on S60

In the simplest terms by Nokia, Mobile Web Server makes your device accessible on the Internet. You can access phone features and data via a browser and share your life through a personalized mobile-site. But it does MUCH more than that.


Mobile Web Server is a unique tool that allows you to share basic communications directly from your mobile S60 device with anyone that has a web browser. It’s made up of 2 components and online site viewable through your Mac or PC browser, which connects directly to your phone (over cellular or wifi). Preset users id’s you’ve created or with a guest account can see or add an event to your calendar, see your SMS listing, phone logs, digitally sign your guest-book, and even take a picture! Surely these are functions I can see & perform with my own server log on,  so don’t fret about your privacy or security. You can let users, browser your pictures (device memory or memory card), or if you allow it, your private album – all phone items. When the application is closed, messages sent to you from a PC/Mac browser can be queued for later. Those of you that have seen the movie Taken could see these features used seamlessly, yet powerfully.

Beyond this, you can actually run a mini blog directly from your S60 phone, truly transitioning it into a mobile computer! I’m still new to this and looking for ways to have a temporarily online sub-blog for this. You have the ability to set the application to quite at your choice of battery percentage left – thoughtful & powerful feature really! The website interaction page is limited in which themes you can select, but a special treat to future developers & to Nokia should they hope to take advantage of is Presence! This application is almost 1.5years old and presence is already implemented; either by Assisted GPS or Network location on the device itself – now you know where your host is and follow along in their travels.

Web Server Chat Request
Web Server Chat Initiated
Web Server Chat Request

Web Server Chat Initiated


Unfortunately Nokia’s Beta Labs team has decided to make this application as mature and for now, no further development. I encourage developers to take a look at the wiki or check out some of the API’s that they can take advantage of. Nokia’s choice to stop development, even if temporary, is sad news initially but I’ve got a long time vision that I hope Nokia and yourselves are willing to imagine and share.

A brief video of Ovi Services

You get a new Symbian device, your interactive Contacts, Messaging (Email & IM), Photos & Videos, get sync’d to your device, while Ovi Store, once logged in allows you download previous purchased applications that suite your new device offering more. However, your on vacation – family, friends, business contacts are awaiting news from you! Get with the program, Ovi Live comes online and they can instantly chat, see where you’re going (an important Nokia Press Conference) and like the pied piper you can play a tune along for them to listen to, grant them access to your camera while it sites in a mini pod or on the window sill of your hotel room overlooking a great view!

Ovi Live allows your Ovi Contacts to be able to view your photos, videos, or mini-blog entry’s without the need for the user or host to upload the content manually. The host can deny access should they wish to or restrict access only to Ovi Contact members, the entire Ovi world, or to the entire public. Nokia has for just over a year been talking about how S60 is beginning the evolution of the computer: Desktop, Laptop, and Pocket. Anssi Vanjoki introduced the Nokia N97 last fall to the world – stating that it was meant not just for content consumption but content creation; Web 2.0 realized. Ovi Services has the chance to be fully live & interactive with Mobile Web Server.

Nokia could roll out a specifically targeted & special launch with already known users of S60 devices with customized mobile web server pages. 50 Cent could have a pre-selected timed interactive chat session prior to new album release concert, or hit recording with links to open up Comes with Music (Nokia Music Store) or integrate with Ovi Store specific purchase of music enabled theme! Spike Lee likewise could have an impromptu project of movie recording or a live 1 to many sessions on how to film.

Ovi Live, the true opening of the door to a whole new, interactive, mobile, and creative world!

PS – If you love House music and craving for excellent & creative mixes … please take a jump over to a site from a good friend of mine DJ Elusive! 

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  1. April 7, 2009 at 10:04 AM

    Oh, I like this. Ovi Live would be a logical extension and evolution to the MWS. Considering how I already use the MWS, I’d probably be right in line with this.


    • prom1
      April 7, 2009 at 8:07 PM

      Glad you liked my post arjwright. I use it too but not so often due to my new position but I’ll be back using it again before too long. Ovi Live – which I’m half guessing or hoping Nokia will call it should be excellent if implemented as I described or something better.


  2. April 8, 2009 at 11:47 AM

    There’s another MWS out there called FineMWS that might do things a touch differently, and have more compatibility across all S60 devices that might be up your alley for this too.


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