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News Roundup Wk Ending March 3rd

April 4, 2009

Hi Everybody … I’ve been studying lately and haven’t had time to blog much the past 2wks, as I’m transitioning to a new position at my workplace something VERY challenging and I’m looking forward to that. Bad news is I’ll be yet again forced to use a BlackBerry – but I may have some interesting comparisons to make with my Nokia E71-2 with colleagues as time & their curiousity grows. We’ll see though.

This past week has been an enormous storm of significant news for us Nokia & Symbian fans. Read on either here or elsewhere for updates.

Nokia Messaging gets bundled.

Nokia Messaging on E71

Nokia Messaging on E71

First sign of Nokia Messaging being bundled with a data plan is hitting the news. SingTel & Nokia Asia will deliver Nokia Messaging on the E63 with special data plans for SingTel subscribers in Singapore to drive adoption for its Nokia customers. Beginning today SingTel will be the first operator in Asia & amongst the first in the world offering this bundled service. As a special introductory offer, SingTel subscribers who purchase the E63 with a MobileM@il Plus data plan for two years at SGD 5.35/mth will have Nokia Messaging built-in push email service at NO additional charge plus 10MB of Data. Normal price is SGD 17.86. Subscribers of this bundled data plan will also get a remote security solution – PhoneSafe that’ll wipe data & email messages & accounts remotely & lock the phone for free. SingTel MobileM@il Plus plans for the Nokia Messaging solution will also be offered across other Nokia devices including the E75 to be available very soon. We should expect to see more favorable data rates this summer bundling Nokia Messaging (email unlimited) to be more competitive to BlackBerry BIS solutions in North/South America.

Now onto the meat of the post.

Ovi Store … isn’t trying to be a simple ‘build it and they’ll come’ app store where users must dig for your application through endless pages. This, my friends, is the Application store of the future.

Not just applications, but includes themes, movie trailers, music, etc. You’ll be able to rate listings, and add a comment – comments of course will be moderated from profanity (but we’re not cretins). Take a look at the few videos the first was hosted on a Nokia N85. Credit for finding the videos goes to Teo of Symbian-Freak.com.

Forum Nokia Services Team member, Bill Perry, has boldly given his work email address as content for fielding questions. The Ovi Store content submittal already began since March 3rd. Developers … register at Publish on Ovi so that you can reach millions of Nokia users globally and take in 70% of the revenue share! Submit your Applications, games, personal content & more. For a better sense & how it works … what its all about on publishing to Nokia … send Bill Perry an email. Talk about personalizing your relationship with a manufacturer and services company! Bill, you’re going to get a HUGE amount of emails shortly, so I hope you & your team have excellent time management skills to field them. Would be nice if we can see an interview with Bill to see how he replies’s to these inbound emails while mobile outside of the office – what his weapon of choice is.

Associated Press News app demo on the Nokia N97 @ Web 2.0 summit

Also take peak at Picture Sharing over at Share on Ovi Blog. Those of you that have Share on Ovi already registered and installed account on your Nokia S60 phones … common and share your Photo Streams, please.

Ovi has been picking up some serious speed and presence lately and its still awaiting May 9th to be launched. At launch over 75 different devices will support Ovi Store – that means users of different languages, locations, and walks of life with different device model choices will be able to use Ovi Store! Content providers & publishers are increasingly signing their content to Ovi Store. In case you doubt just how serious Nokia is highlighting Tim Kring, creator & executive producer of the hit show Heroes, to be featured on Ovi Store. Nokia has signed on as a strategic partner with Tim Kring’s project TEVA.

Tim Kring is a Hollywood visionary and masterful storyteller who truly understands that the reach of the Ovi Store is a powerful way for millions of people around the world to experience the new forms of entertainment he is seeking to; said Tero Ojanperä, executive vice president, Nokia Services. The Ovi Store will rely on great content partners, a compelling, relevant consumer experience and access to millions of Nokia devices to become an important new entertainment distribution platform.

Once open, the Ovi Store will be a scalable media distribution network unrivaled in size and opportunity, with advanced content targeting capabilities and monetization options that allow content providers and application developers to leverage the power of Nokia’s global scale in devices and services’ technology.

The ability to extend storytelling past traditional audiences and reach millions of Nokia consumers through the Ovi Store is very exciting, said Kring. Mobile has reached a state of maturity where it is now a creative platform to tell, share and consume multi platform content and I intend to take full advantage of the infinite possibilities using technology and narrative.

In early March, content providers, developers and the existing Forum Nokia developer ecosystem began uploading their content to publish.ovi.com to become the first to distribute their media through the Ovi Store. To date, thousands of content providers and developers from around the world have signed up with majority coming from the US, UK, China and India.

At Mobile World Congress, brands like EA, Facebook, Fox Mobile, Glu, MySpace and Qik all provided support for the Ovi Store announcement. Since then, additional top content providers including The Associated Press, Netflix, Paramount Digital Entertainment and Shazam to name a few will be supporting Ovi Store to reach millions of Nokia consumers.

In early May, tens of millions of existing Nokia Series 40 and S60 users will be capable of enjoying the new service. In addition, the Nokia N97, available in June, will be the first device to feature the simple and easy-to-use storefront.

As Nokia moves towards cross-platform frameworks across its device portfolio, mobile application developers will be able to take advantage of standard web technologies, like HTML, Java Script and CSS, plus advanced environments like Qt, to develop and deploy applications more quickly and create compelling experiences for consumers using Nokia devices.

Now developers interested in a litter more information before registering at http://publish.ovi.com have a look at this video.

Oh and please note, Nokia Ovi Store is coming to non-Nokia Symbian smartphones from Samsung and LG – and possibly Lenovo, and HP as they too have licensed S60 and are members of Symbian-Foundation.

Enoy & thanks for reading my humble blog people.

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