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Symbian (Foundation) Beats with a Communal Heart!

April 4, 2009

Symbian Foundation announced its official logo; with a purpose in its thought to choose it.

In order to celebrate, there are a few desktop wallpapers for download from our Ovi site.

For quite a few months I have been curious about what to actually call Symbian-Foundation’s upcoming OS releases. Finally I’ve gotten an answer through a simple blog post on their blog.

Here is my question –

Now what is the official first release of the OS going to be called – Symbian Foundation ^2 (how is this pronounced .. to the exponent 2? Symbian Squared? ??)

There answer, fielded by Annabel Cooke –

In addition to Symbian being at the heart of many devices it’s also about a passion for creativity and for all things open. It’s also a brand that is playful and human. The Symbian^2 is pronounced ‘Symbian Two’; the (^) Symbol is open to interpretation: Insert 2, Up 2, Version 2 – inverted (v) (^), Exponential growth (where ^ = ‘to the power of’)

Symbian Release Strategy Plan

Symbian Release Strategy Plan

Symbian^2, which is based on S60 5.1, reaches a functionally complete state at the middle of this year, and should be hardened by the end of the year.  This means that the first devices based on Symbian^2 could be reaching the market any time around the end of this year – depending on the integration plans, the level of customisation, and the design choices made by manufacturers. After hardened the release enters a more stable phase.  Contributed defect fixes will continue to be incorporated by package owners for around 12 months, but prime focus will be on later releases. By David Wood of Symbian Foundation.

Still in the user base of S60 phones, many users are clamouring about the lack of top-tier technology rich hardware and missing the reason for their choice of that S60 OS … the software that drives the hardware. Sure I want hardware advancements just as much as the next person, but I wish to have software that can offer me the benefits of using it and developers or publishers the capability to embrace it and code applications, themes, and services (etc) for it!

It is a brand that’s human and playful and friendly, where you feel the human hand. A brand that enables you to discover unlimited creative possibilities, that wants to share and talk A brand that’s fun, that isn’t fixed, but free to constantly evolve. A brand that’s owned by all the people that create and build with Symbian. A brand that celebrates new ideas and creativity in all forms. A brand that’s truly alive and refreshingly different, because it is! A brand that’s human to the core and that underneath beats a human heart.

With that in mind, just yesterday Lee Williams & David Wood from the Symbian Foundation hosted a round table discussion wiht participants from Adobe, AOL, AT&T, Eclipse Foundation, Nokia, Orange, Sony Ericsson, Symbian Foundation, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Visa. Check the video out below. I’m hoping, on a more ‘serious’ & corporate financial institutional view that RSA, CISCO, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Broadcomm,Avaya, etc, become more involved. Considering Nokia’s E-Series & Nokia for Business wish to be taken seriously as a challenger to RIM, they need to focus on solutions to two-stage logon authentication for remote mail solutions. But that is for another post coming soon. This video was captured Symbian Foundation Open Forum at CTIA, in Las Vegas this week.

Some Highlights.

Of note, the country with the MOST interest in this platform is Finland & Japan – tied. This is where you’ll see some of MOAPs integration into Symbian Foundation due to its uniqueness for caligraphy handwritting entry and glyph-language based rendering. USA & UK are the 4th Interest in Symbian Foundation, China is 3rd.

Visa Inc – was represented by Pam Zortra responsibility for their global mobile initiative. She was there primarily in interest to absolute interest in accelerating their mobile applications.

Roger Smith from AT&T – is a charter member & sits on the board.

Eclipse Foundation – is officially a USA company but headquartered in Canada – YEAH!

Adobe announced interest in further compatibility of Flash but also introducing Air platform to Symbian devices; noice!

Orange announced full membership & original endorsement of Symbian and its part of their strategic platforms.

Tim from Texas Instruments their OMAP platform, brought a nice toy the OMAP Zoom II reference platform to SHOW the other echelons what their doing. Qualcomm was caught with pants down but re-inforced that their working with Nokia to release Symbian-Foundation devices to the market.

SonyEricsson had a representative there showing off their latest toy … the IDou, with Tim from TI announcing it officially uses the OMAP 3430!

OH … demonstration of TI’s Zoom II Omap 34xx platform, running S60 5th Edition & Android.

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