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Language Input & Output Part 2

April 11, 2009

Some good news. After visiting the Symbian-Freak site I’ve found an S60 Widget that allows for phrases to be translated into other languages; by non-other than Google Translator.

Google Translator Widget is available here. Some languages are better in translation than others and Google uses their own translation service engine not SYSTRAN like (Yahoo, Babel Fish, or AOL).

Its available on S60 3rd Edition & 5th Edition devices – and its still in beta as Google continues to upgrade its services.

Google Translator Widget on S60 5th Edition

Google Translator Widget on S60 5th Edition

This doesn’t come close the idea I was thinking about yesterday, but maybe in time a crafty and witty developer – with the support of Nokia & Symbian-Foundation can give us something as powerful or even more – EPIC.

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