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Qt for S60.

April 14, 2009

Hello Everyone. Thank you for visiting again.

Some time ago you may have recalled a HUGE announcement of Nokia purchasing Trolltech.  asdf   [Nokia to acquire Trolltech to accelerate software strategy].

One important reason for that acquisition is …

The acquisition of Trolltech will enable Nokia to accelerate its cross-platform software strategy for mobile devices and desktop applications, and develop its Internet services business. With Trolltech, Nokia and third party developers will be able to develop applications that work in the Internet, across Nokia’s device portfolio and on PCs. Nokia’s software strategy for devices is based on cross-platform development environments, layers of software that run across operating systems, enabling the development of applications across the Nokia device range. Examples of current cross-platform layers are Web runtime, Flash, Java and Open C.

Thus far we’ve see this with Qt Extended v4.4 for linux – Maemo based N800 benefiting from better Webkit widgets [Qt Software introduces a new release of Qt Extended]. We’ve seen further choice for coders to develop for S60 using Qt [Nokia enriches application development with Qt for S60] – October 20th, 2008.

Qt brings an elegant and intuitive C++ development tool to the S60 platform, improving the ability to develop richer user experiences on the platform, and making S60 on Symbian OS even more attractive for developers to target with their applications and services,” said Sebastian Nyström, Vice President of Qt Software, Nokia. (more critically – for those of us using E71 and similar devices) Qt on S60 will work with S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 and later releases. The first production release of Qt for S60 will be available in the second quarter of 2009.

A key point that may have gone unnoticed in the community is [Nokia to add LGPL Open Source licensing option for the Qt UI and application framework – January 14th, 2009]. This was scheduled for Qt v4.5 in March 2009.

Nokia is making significant contributions to open source communities through ongoing work with Qt, its contribution of Symbian OS and S60 to the Symbian Foundation and open development of the Maemo platform,” said Kai Öistämö, Executive Vice President, Devices, Nokia. “By moving to LGPL, opening Qt’s source code repositories and encouraging more contributions, Qt users will have more of a stake in the development of Qt, which will in turn encourage wider adoption. Nokia will be able to leverage improvements in Qt across S60 on Symbian OS, Maemo and OVI services without rewriting the source code.

So this brings me to question just WHY is it so hard to code applications for S60 that the programming community – familiar with other platforms – have been giving S60 the bad press? Coders by trade should be diligent, adept at using the code, line by line, but that doesn’t mean they should slave over their work – like Tron in 1980 did. So I’d like to show what I thought was a great UI for coders something similar to Xcode that Apple offers for coding OS X apps. This should be more helpful for porting over applications – but I’m no coder. I have NO experience coding but I’m interested in learning to code; but I’ll be completely green, as grass ready to be cut.

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