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Lotus Notes Traveler Updates

April 25, 2009

For those of you that HAVE to have Lotus Traveler 8.5 installed and running on your Domino Servers (8.01/8.5) and also on your S60 phones … I’ve taken the liberty to go across several blogs on the internet to compile some information elsewhere here.

IBM has updated Lotus Traveler [v8.5.0.1] in order to fix a few bugs affecting most environments. Primarily AutoSync stops working after some time, and some phones unable to register with Traveler server.

Problem summary:

AutoSync could stop working on Lotus Notes Traveler Nokia client
after some amount of time.  This is a result of the client not
correctly recognizing when it had disconnected and therefore did
not attempt to reconnect when appropriate.  I.E. lost, then
re-obtained GPRS signal.

Problem summary:

User cannot register Nokia E75 device with Lotus Traveler server. After entering the UserID, Password, Server, Access Point, and hitting Next an error dialog is displayed – Incorr UserID, Password, Server setting. The log indicates an unexpected response from the server.

Resolution: Nokia E75 device is adding additional mime types to HTTP header. The Lotus Notes Traveler client has been updated to handle the
additional fields.

Another new HoTFiX update for Lotus Traveler [v8.5.1.2009021]
* This fixes the quick battery drain on S60. Admins can deliver these through LotusScript Agen or event Simple Action within LotusTraveler.nsf.

Here is an informative PDF link directly from Paul Mooney’s resource page of Fantastic Lotusphere 2009 Presentation.

Credit goes to Vlad Tatarincevs, for finding a Lotus Notes Traveler error “SEVERE *system Exception caught during Lotus Traveler configuration. Vlad’s solution … Solution was just to set JAVA SERVLET SUPPORT = Domino Servlet Manager. Vlad, is on the cutting edge of Domino Severe support along with findings regarding Traveler.

22:18:23   Notes Traveler: SEVERE *system Exception caught during Lotus Traveler configuration.
NotesException: Notes error: You are not authorized to perform that operation   at
lotus.domino.local.Document.Nsave(Native Method) at
lotus.domino.local.Document.save(Unknown Source) at
lotus.domino.local.Document.save(Unknown Source) at
at com.lotus.sync.admin.DominoConfig.verifyDocumentSetting(DominoCon
22:18:23   Lotus Traveler: Server starting…
22:18:28   JVM: Java Virtual Machine initialized.
22:18:28   HTTP Server: Java Virtual Machine loaded
22:18:29   Notes Traveler: SEVERE *system Unable to open LotusTraveler.nsf database
22:18:29   XSP Command Manager initialized
22:18:30   HTTP Server: Started

Some highlights of what Lotus Notes Traveler offers for S60 users needing replication of their Lotus Notes Client on their mobile device.

Password enforcement
Password quality enforcement
Inactivity lockout
Maximum password attempts
Storage card encryption (I’ve yet to come across a financial institution emplementing this from a BES IT Policy)
Remote Wipe
Rich text support.
Per user configuration available for Settings enforcement by Policy.
Encrypted Email support – requires users to import their ID file to their mailfile

At this time …
No support for customising device user interfaces.
No support to remove applications or restrict ports.

* From a security or IT perspective; including helpdesk troubleshooting – I do hope a future version allows for GUI customization. This way everyone in the organization gets the same layout. Easy for troubleshooting the client. However restriction to remove applications my not be an optimaly sought solution. Exactly what does IT gain from this?

Traveler Server requires Auto-Sync on TCP port 8642 and Sync requires port 80 or 443.

I had hoped to get to test traveler before end of contract with my last job late last year. Now I have to see if I can get Exchange 2007 via MfE or RoadSync via RSA soft-token code integration for 2-stage logon. Of course this works via OWA with your PC; but I cannot find a direct trial download for S60 3rd Edition FP1/2 or 5th Edition to test this.

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