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Oh The Places You Will Go!

May 3, 2009

Oh the places You’ll Go – Symbian Foundation!

I Got it on the first time!

Nokia Developer Summit 2009 in Monaco

Nokia Developer Summit 2009 in Monaco

Lee Williams’ [Executive Director of Symbian Foundation] keynote speech at Nokia Developer Summit 2009 in Monaco, was powerful!

Many things where cleared up; especially that inviting yet wondrous pictures – and new video – that represent Symbian Foundation. Many of you may not even know this but there is a book called “Oh The Place You’ll Go!” by Dr. Zeuss. I bought this book 11 yrs ago and read it to my son countless of times. With Symbian Foundation … and to developers it has an equal importance beyond the obvious.

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know.
And you are the one who’ll decide where you’ll go.
Oh the places you’ll go.

Symbian Foundation is on a SERIOUS roll lately. Just a look over at their blogs shows that work is like a bullet train with no derailments in sight. Symbian^2 will reach Functionality Completed in week 19 2009, and is expected to be Hardened by week 51 this year. Reviewing the Release Plan.

* Support for multiple form factors, resolutions and input methods;
* Customisable home screen supporting embedded widgets and other personal content.

This release of Symbian^2 will be very familiar not only to developers and manufacturers but also to end users. No it will NOT be stale, as it’ll grow on what we’re seeing with the upcoming N97 & Omnia HD [i8910].

The Symbian Foundation is fostering interaction amongst all members, fans, and well the rest of the world as a community. WE EACH have a say in how this will evolve. This community will provide a live access to information – providing whats relevant to you. No more diluting the creativity & inspiration – Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

Symbian Foundation community – @symbiandevco

So great was the tweet-hungry Symbian Foundation support that not only were all expectations regarding the initial beta sign-ups blown through the roof, the word ’symbian’ also jumped into the top three most mentioned topics of conversation globally on Twitter for most of the morning(May 1st, 2009)!

Symbian Foundation Security Blog

May 4th – Developers get ready!!!!!!!!

Today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.

How to get a Beta Key..

* Follow @symbiandevco on Twitter
* Work out which timezone is closest to you (San Francisco, Beijing, London, Bangalore, Tokyo)
* Be ready to tweet between 2 – 4 pm on Monday 4th of May
* Send the following tweet out during that time period: @symbiandevco I need a #symbian beta key!
* Receive a message to your twitter within 12 hours containing your login to our beta

Good luck and happy Tweeting!

So I say to developers ….

Today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.

Oh The Places Youll Go by Dr Seuss!

Oh The Places You'll Go by Dr Seuss!

With Symbian … many developers ponder upon success. To this I’m sure Symbian Foundation will say …

Will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed. (98 3/4% guaranteed.)

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