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Nokia E72 – Leaked?!

June 14, 2009


Nokia E72 Leaked

Nokia E72 Leaked

The leaked news of the E72, rigth on Youtube from Nokia Conversations channel was amazing! Unintential viral marketing. THey’ve quickly pulled it from the channel but already the buzz has started.

Over the past 2-3 weeks I’ve sold my E71, and have upgraded to the N85 NAM. There are so many bonus that I’ve gained moving on … but something about the E71 has my heart in a lil’ pain. Contacts search & dialing.

On the E71, I could (when unlocked) dial a person’s name OR a number and if the person was already in my Contacts their name would be autoresolved according to each entry I’ve made. Feature phones; especially from SonyEricsson get this right. However, the E71 was so much better, with no need to open Contacts first.

On my N85 I must open up contacts before doing a lookup of people in my Contacts list. After using a full qwerty device for the past year, you have NO idea the fustration I’m going through trying to unlearn what I loved about E71 and BlackBerry’s for that matter.

What I’ve gained on the N85 though has kept me satisfied. Quality video playback and recording, incredible pictures, and N-Gage gaming (WormsWorld), along with TV-Out was just too good to pass up. I miss my E71 though ( its the second time I bought one too, but this time around the romance was dying). Too many sacrifices to make using it became apparant.

Now with the leaked E72, looks like we’ll get a wider screen, slightly wider keys, metal keys on around the D-Pad, Scroll-sensor WITHOUT leaving behind the D-Pad (AWESOME ULTRA-COMBOOOOOO), and 5 MP auto-focus camera.

Don’t get too hyped about the camera as it doesn’t have Carl Zeiss branding so the standards of picture quality will be lower, however we can hope on improvement on the E71. I’m hoping that VGA video recording at 30fps will be available. A Contacts bar is possible to debut on E-Series (similar to the 5630XM’s without the mix-mash of colors).

What everyone may be forgetting is Nokia’s new outlook to work with other companies in partnership for services or software – so those of you still on E61/E61i devices due to BlackBerry Connect, may just get a better E71 with BBConnect support or even better yet BlackBerry Suite for S60!!

Nokia E72 Large

Nokia E72 Large

Don’t expect official announcement to drop before August 2009 though. I’m thinking Nokia will wait for the E55/E52, N97 and N86 sales to begin before announcing the E72 at Nokia World 2009 in September 2nd/3rd.

Check out the video (courtesy of DialyMotion) …

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