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Random Lack of Execution.

July 1, 2009

Hello Beautiful People.

Lately, its been hard for me to post for a few reasons. This new job of mine – well 3mths is not new – is really pushing my limits of Windows OS understating  (which is newb level) and thus the level of focus due to my lake of education in computing science is really beginning to take a toll. I’m back in familiar territory of spending lots of overtime and mental focus on my job and lacking sleep and focus on the people and things that I love.

Tomorrow is Canada Day – and I will be partying it up so that I can sleep a SOLID 12hours before work again Thursday. This leads me to another thought.

For the month of June I’ve been using the Nokia N85 NAM model. Despites its incredibly small form for mutlimedia – I’ve craved great pictures, video recording, music playback on the real 3.5mm headset jack – I’ve lost something important that I loved on my E71. Focus.

I’m lacking the Focus to do teh following:
Organize – Calendar (work shift hours, Notes of new process, etc).
Speed – Data entry for above and Notes, Email, IM Chat, menu navigation.
T9 – I’m beginning to LOATHE T9 even with yesterdays update to the N85 NAM firmware!

My last article had to do with Nokia’s great prowess of market segmentation and how it benefited users & Nokia in the past but lately its hurting Nokia. I plan to go back to yet another E71 to regain the critical components that I’ve lost. I’ve realized that I didn’t use the E71-2 effectively the last time I had one; not nearly as much as I owned my first since availability last August 2008.

This fall I’m keenly looking forward to using the E72 for the following reasons:

1. Form factor – no more slider for multimedia (I love this on N85 but only because its midly entertaining).

2. QWERTY – you have NO IDEA how crippled T9/xT9 is on S60 3.2 without a direct communication to the Contacts list like E71/E66!! I’m so FUSTRATED to have to launch Contacts FIRST before looking for a name in my Contacts list to dial a non-memorized number.

3. Speed & Efficiency – I’m faster in application navigation (mostly due to less fragmentation of functions), faster in launching applications or sub-navigations (Nokia Messaging huge bonues on E71 vs N85), data entry from simplistic (sms/mms/email) to more complex (using Projekt: I have many projects for PC deployments and I need to be more efficient as I’m not always at a desktop to update a spreadsheet but I wish to keep the same file up to date; using old school synching), etc.

4. Phone calls! Guys & Gals … this is SO IMPORTANT! We techies forget that our mobile devices should and still is a PHONE 1st and foremost. The N85 pales in this regard even with its T9! This is the MAJOR reason why its killing me. I love this phone 80% of it – but I gotta knock this 20% of functionality off because I make calls DAILY not weekly/monthly.

5. I HOPEFULLY will not loose quality pictures on the E72. From first impressions by those in India that have tested prototype (near production models) this looks promising. Video recording will get a boots yet only in resolution.

6. Management of work & play! This will be the defining equalizer of the E72 for me and possibly many others!

Last week at work there was a meeting with an important adjustment: cancelling of corporate data on BES bound BlackBerry’s for our small group. My colleagues rely on it heavily – especially BBMessenger. But with only 4MB of corporate BES data on BES with so many emails being pushed into their inboxes – I’m guessing 50-100 daily due to my box – but the limit of data has our manager & supervisor astoutely looking for price plan alternatives at the corporate level that affects a vast number of mobile computing users beyond our group. I’m hoping the new Canadian entrants entice the entrenched establishment to offer better corporate rates for data & voice which will quickly lead to better consumer usuage.

Maybe I’m being harsh on the N85 or T9 based S60/Symbian devices but right now I need productivity with a dash of entertainment, not the other way around.

Stay tuned for my test few posts as I’m doing some more research for something specifically here.

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