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M is for Mother: The Nokia E71 is too

July 12, 2009

Nokia E71.

I’m back again! 3rd Time. I had a 2mth stint with the N85 and although its a decent multimedia device with fantastic Video Recording, fantastic pictures, its just not for me. I lost way too much productivity that I’ll need especially from here on out at work.

I wanted to highlight Nokia’s newest strategy on the E71. ITs featuring Working Mothers – the real powerusers in our communities. Nokia is on the right track here – but its still a little unfocused, if even fun to view.

M is for Mother: The Nokia E71 is too.

This site features 3 videos highlighting Emily a mother that has a Nokia E71 that had to take her baby to work due to a chicken pocks scare at the daycare. This is an all too familiar and often obstacle that working mothers (or Fathers) have to (or had in my case) face. Missing too many days of work with the reason that your kids’ daycare is closed can lead to unemployment or lack of a days pay and in this economic times working is VERY important to new parents.

Take note that it doesn’t just affect toddlers in daycare but also children up to 13yrs old, as many countries by law forbid children under that age to be left at home alone.

This advertisement is on the right track however there are some things it misses.

The E71 is small and powerful – make no mistake about it. Its ability to be operated for MANY functions one-handed is excellent but not unique to qwerty devices. Mothers with toddlers usually need both hands – and Nokia missed an opportunity to highlight other products like a bluetooth headset used for a phone call on this site.

The opportunity to have Nibblet talking, singing, dancing (pre-recorded for playback was also missed).

There are things that could have been focused more on:
* Making appointments for meetings.
* Scheduling a babysitter or family member for the parents date later.
* Showing email when the work internet was down: this could have shown a BUSINESS phone doing BUSINESS without loosing out on the opportunity that Mothers are NOT just breast feeding fill-in secretary’s at work! They are an equal entity in the workplace. Nokia FIX this oversight.
* Showing the breadth of applications that could help the mother:
* Unfortunately many mothers are still in charge of cooking dinner (I’m at fault at this too so I cannot blame Nokia here).

Some things that Nokia DID do well:
* Showing that Video Calling does have usefulness.
* Highlighting 3G data speeds for data downloads.
* Built-in wireless printing capabilities: I still need to find a wireless printer at work that I can test with in 5 different floors & 2 locations.
* Showing a fun mother who cares and loves her baby.
* Showing an office manager that is not a prick or not in tune with the mothers needs.

With the Nokia E71 being just over 1 year old now its still a worthy device of purchase. I just feel this marketing could have gone better without loosing the fun and may have been suited better using an E55 or saved for the E72. Remember I said mothers usually needing both hands (carrying baby or baby’s needs right away; and a bag or blanket). Using the E55’s Half qwerty is better suited for 1-handed data entry.

All in All this was a good marketing by Nokia and can & should be extended further and soon. RIM is already making headway featuring business women but not mothers that are business woman. Chop Chop Nokia.

PS – Nokia start making MORE E-Series devices that also have higher resolution screens and video acceleration via hardware. Segregating N-Series vs E-Series should no longer be done.

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