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Nuance Communications Joins Symbian Foundation

July 24, 2009


I cannot BELIEVE I missed this annoucement!

Nuance Communications Joins Symbian Foundation.
BURLINGTON, MA — July 20, 2009

That statement ALONE carries some SERIOUS power-punching blows!

Nuance to Further Innovate Speech, Predictive Text, and Search and Discovery Applications Tailored for Symbian and Series 60 Market.

Those of you that have stuck with my blog this far from the beginning [a BIG thank you] know WHY I’m so stoked about this announcement. You realize I’m a former BlackBerry personal user and support BlackBerry’s in the corporate office ~ to a hugely lesser degree with my current contract but I have BES Admin experience of over two years. You KNOW that I love the BlackBerry AutoText implementation but I see that it can be improved upon, even blogged thta it should be implemented into Symbian OS.

With Nuance joining the Symbian Foundation, other Foundation members can increasingly leverage Nuance’s mobile voice and text input solutions to facilitate the creation of powerful and intuitive multi-modal interfaces that enhance user experiences, allow for third party development and enhancement, and enable users to maximize the full potential of their devices. This spirit of collaboration for the broader mobile ecosystem fostered by the Symbian Foundation complements Nuance’s extensive portfolio of mobile solutions powered by speech and predictive input technology that simplifies the user experience across all mobile devices.

^ Now you see what is coming down the pipe. Technically Symbian^2 or Symbian 2 OS is functionally complete but still malleable until end of this year where it becomes Hardened.

Nuance’s Xt9 is available as a smart input for qwerty keypad phones/smartphones and XT9 for 12-key devices.

Flash Demo here.

And yes Nuance currently supports: recent S60 3rd Edition handsets: Nokia 6650, E66, E71, N79, N85, N96

Looks like some major improvements are ahead.

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