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What is the most important feature in a web browsing device?

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  • Sure we ALL want “all the above”.
  • we all want Flash Lite we all want large screen and the ability to interact with touch.
  • we all want keyboards to contribute to the web, interact with it.
  • we all want Web Apps, Widgets, Web Services (is this not 1-in-the-same thing)?! Web 2.0!
  • We all want High speed connectivity.

But NONE of this, NON-of-The-Above is worth anything without the speed and lack of issues/bugs/compatibility issues/crashes/lack of memory etc. Non of it is worth having if its not fast to use, and reliable. Imagine having what we can do with the web & browser on your desktop/laptop back in the mid 1980’s! Impossible and the time it would take an average web page today – on 56K … you’d all SCREAM with insanity and pain. No efficiency.

The Browser Menu needs to be tweaked and adjusted. Browser needs or more intuitive layout of controls. Browser needs to allow a user to have a highlighted link – without loading the page first. Browser needs to have the user save a page, a link (current viewed site or highlighted link) into a Folder > structured BY the user, for the user; especially when purchased UNLOCKED and Nokia Links have no relevance, useless, and no business being static in the browser bookmarks for a region the device is sold and compatible with.

Case in point. N85/N95/E71 all have 3.5G usable in USA/Canada but those Nokia Mobi links for wallpapers, ringtones, music, etc are useless – loading a mini site that users here cannot take advantage of. Again not EFFICIENT to the end user. I submitted a similar idea on Symbian Ideas.

Prom1 aka Jagga aka Donny seriousmobile.

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Symbian: Stronger, Smarter, Faster.

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We can repair him. Make him faster, stronger, smarter. Better than he was before.

And no … it will NOT cost 6 billion dollars.

I’d like you ALL to have a gander at the latest blog post over at Symbian-Foundation.

Reasons To Choose

Symbian-Foundation Orgs Hand of Innovation

It is a very lengthy read, but still a very intelligent read. Inviting and enough to ponder about.

Some major changes to Symbian OS will come in 3 major transitions: S60 Arkon to Orbit Qt! DirectUI – those of you paying attention to Symbian Ideas or more importantly to Symbian UI Brainstorms will get an idea of just how DirectUI will improve on an aging GUI … actually rebuild it from the ground up!

Great ideas there brainstormers … liking what I see as suggested improvements!

Direct UI is about redesigning S60 applications to follow a new paradigm, to clearly modernize them and to have technology transition to use Orbit and Qt.

Redesigning applications means that application priorities and placement on UI are considered carefully and most important functionalities are brought to be the most visible ones. Idea is that it should be faster to access content and to choose related essential functionalities quickly.

Deeper reasoning behind redesign is that existing applications are based on device UI style defined decade ago. Since that competition landscape has changed and evolution on top of existing applications is not enough but more aggressive step is needed.

Having Direct UI paradigm in applications is vital due to the fact that it has quickly become de-facto in the marketplace. Direct UI paradigm with couple of sentences is: Touch the screen and that particular function is activated, no double-clicking (click to choose, then click to confirm) allowed on Direct UI. There also no visible focus available unless object is touched. Then “focus” appears as confirmation that touch event took place and execution has started.

Applications are rewritten using Orbit widgets and Qt APIs to replace old applications written with Avkon. Orbit and Qt are being used because of wide existing developer base (~300 000 3rd party developers), its suitability for different platforms, good existing tooling  and simplicity of development making development faster than in current S60 environment.

Competition in any marketplace whether its a product, a service, or even a government is better for ALL of us. Well we’re still awaiting better governments change to a REAL open-source voting and growth/learning scale.

Symbian, unlike Windows Mobile is embracing it, not fighting it, and I invision great things ahead … but it’ll take time.

Oh yeah one more thing for Developers, Administrators, students who code and thinking of big asparations …

Symbian is looking for the best app developers. If you’ve got an application or an idea for an application that you will develop, and we like it, we’ll publish it for you – for free.  So if you feel the urge to code … why not code your idea’s or improvements on a forgotten application for Symbian, please?

Some hints:

An awesome medial database application.

An improvement on a java Google Finance application (please)!

An open source word/excel/powerpoint editing platform with better ease of use than anything on the market with little performance hit.

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