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What is the most important feature in a web browsing device?

August 5, 2009
  • Sure we ALL want “all the above”.
  • we all want Flash Lite we all want large screen and the ability to interact with touch.
  • we all want keyboards to contribute to the web, interact with it.
  • we all want Web Apps, Widgets, Web Services (is this not 1-in-the-same thing)?! Web 2.0!
  • We all want High speed connectivity.

But NONE of this, NON-of-The-Above is worth anything without the speed and lack of issues/bugs/compatibility issues/crashes/lack of memory etc. Non of it is worth having if its not fast to use, and reliable. Imagine having what we can do with the web & browser on your desktop/laptop back in the mid 1980’s! Impossible and the time it would take an average web page today – on 56K … you’d all SCREAM with insanity and pain. No efficiency.

The Browser Menu needs to be tweaked and adjusted. Browser needs or more intuitive layout of controls. Browser needs to allow a user to have a highlighted link – without loading the page first. Browser needs to have the user save a page, a link (current viewed site or highlighted link) into a Folder > structured BY the user, for the user; especially when purchased UNLOCKED and Nokia Links have no relevance, useless, and no business being static in the browser bookmarks for a region the device is sold and compatible with.

Case in point. N85/N95/E71 all have 3.5G usable in USA/Canada but those Nokia Mobi links for wallpapers, ringtones, music, etc are useless – loading a mini site that users here cannot take advantage of. Again not EFFICIENT to the end user. I submitted a similar idea on Symbian Ideas.

Prom1 aka Jagga aka Donny seriousmobile.

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