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iPhone Gaming: Firemint Real Racing!

October 31, 2009


Yes the iPhone is still hot like it! Today I’ll get into a specific aspect of fun/multimedia: Gaming!

The last time I’ve enjoyed gaming on a phone or smartphone was when I had my W810i: being able to have a J2ME game running & pause it when I wanted to switch to Opera Mini was bliss. Being able to play (unlicensed or sanctioned) Nintendo games like Super Mario via J2ME with great performance on W810i was fun. Prior to that … REAL gaming was using N-Gage games (hacked) to run on my Nokia 6620 – that device was a serious powerhouse!

I mention these two not only for truth but for significance. Both Nintendo & Nokia are loosing MAJOR sales with portable gaming – even the Wii sales has dropped significantly.

Nintendo said it will earn a 230 billion yen ($2.5 billion) profit — the first time in six years it’s predicting earnings to fall.

Nintendo’s first-half profit plunged as sales of its blockbuster Wii home console lost momentum in a saturated market. The maker of Super Mario and Pokemon games now expects annual earnings to fall for the first time in six years.

Kyoto-based Nintendo Co. reported a 69.49 billion yen ($772 million) profit for the April-September period, down 52 percent from a year earlier, and trailed its own May forecast for a 100 billion yen profit. Fiscal first-half sales dropped 34.5 percent to 548.01 billion yen.

Also note that Nokia is finally conceding defeat of their N-Gage gaming market.

Nokia to close gaming service N-Gage

“We will no longer publish new games for the N-Gage platform,” Nokia said on its N-Gage blog, to which a user calling himself Jon replied: “It’s a sad day for N-Gage fans”.

“It’s a sign of a more realistic approach. It’s time to bury the dead and focus on the future,” said Tero Kuittinen, analyst at MKM Partners, adding Nokia had great opportunities in other areas, such as location-based services, micro-financing and mobile email.

This was a long time coming to be honest. The expensive $10.99-35.99 pricing model for games to run on specific dedicated gaming models like Nintendo DSi or on phones with lack of video hardware acceleration like most of Nokia’s N-Series devices (N95 an exception) is ridiculous.

You all know what the Nintendo DS/DSi & N-Gage games look like when actually played right?

Well take a look at this sweet driving game I’ve had for a week on my iPhone!

Real Racing Screenshot


Firemint’s Real Racing & Real Racing GTi!

Real Racing Screenshot 2


This game ROCKS! The GTi version is free as a demo and is funded by VolksWagen in USA with a specific contest promotion to win 12 2010 VW Golf GTi cars – 6 are left! For me this blows ONLY because I’m in Canada and thus not able to participate but the GAME ROCKS! 3 tracks, 3 cars to choose from (GTi’s).

Real Racing GTi Screenshot

The FULL Real Racing game has so many cars, tracks, and possibilities (up to 40 on screen car opponents Real or AI) its incredible for its price of $4.99CAN! The game play, graphics, and wireless head to head functionality are amazing … but the REAL beauty the thing that sets it apart and sets this as a fundamental pillar of all future games is this: ability to upload your recent race video replay to youtube for others to watch! A way to not only proove your lap times but also pure bragging rights!

Can you imaging future frag fest party vids of you maiming your opponent?! Oh yeah! This may occur in future games so don’t fret.

Again I need to highlight what makes the iPhone so appealing … the EASE of use for downloading these games and other apps & content. THIS is what the competition needs to focus on to beat it – SonyEricsson’s upcoming X10 (code name: Rachel) along with PlayNow Arena if released worldwide COULD come close but I wonder if they’re thta savy.

Some screenshots:

Real Racing GTi

This is the App Logo icon.






Real Racing GTi - AppStore Update

Real Racing GTi - AppStore Update_1

Real Racing GTi - AppStore Update2

Real Racing GTi - AppStore Update2

Real Racing GTi - AppStore Update3

Real Racing GTi - AppStore Update3

Keep on gaming people. Oh yeah  … Canadian Beta exclusive for EliminatePro in iTunes 😀 … Ill be working again soon and hopefully with more organised schedule and will be able to test this iPhone more in a business sense

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