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Eliminate Pro!

November 4, 2009


I Never thought I’d be addicted, let alone see the day where real first person shooters would make it to the cell-phone where it was done right!

Well it has. Welcome users to the Eliminate Pro. I warn you. If you’re expecting another dumb Doom port, think again as its better.

Eliminate Pro

Just where did the Doom porting craze begin and the quality was suck-a-ass quality.

Eliminate Pro_3

Eliminate Pro Game Rooms

This game has it all. Built-in Tutorial, Local playing against bots to practice, online playing, a plethora of weapons, suits, and customizations. Gaining credits to upgrade weapon target accuracy, damage, and choice is easy to gain. You can also get newer suits and even customize the paint job on them.

Eliminate Pro_2

Eliminate Pro

Let me just say that the Online Gaming is a pure joy … because the server connection is stable & joining games is FAST (5-3seconds)!! Gaming is fluid … although the graphics are not completely smooth its more than satisfactory giving what is going on behind what you see. You can also play against friends that you’ve added within the game (1 or more) and, with the help of Apple opening up in-app purchases (utilizes your iTunes account for AppStore) for credits used in the game play.

Eliminate Pro_5

Eliminate Pro_5


Eliminate Pro_6

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  1. prom1
    November 4, 2009 at 4:47 PM

    Come on iPhone gamers … let’s see what you GOT!
    How you doing?!!


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