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Live to be Bold!

December 20, 2009

Dadda’s got a brand new Bag!

A bag of style, funk, and sick moves. That’s right the Bold 9700 is a winner. Should you choose it for Calls, Emails, PIM, or multimedia its a serious top notch for personal or corporate/business use.

Bold 9700

Live To Be Bold

Many phones on the market still perform horribly in what their primary purpose is … calls & call management! Call quality on the Bold 9700 is, well I’d say in the top 5 devices currently. There is no need to shoot off fancy technology innovations for each release/device (Motorola). Just offer outstanding call quality; no robot sounds, pure normal voice tones/reproduction so your voice sounds the same to those on the other end. And theirs are normal to you. I want Clarity and the only manufacturer besides RIM to do this consistently is SonyEricsson!

Call Log

Call Log

Call History

View Call Log

Call Management. Best in class, best on the market. Should you receive, miss, or make incoming/outgoing calls you would want a tidy yet informative record of it, n’est-pas? Of course. You would want to know who (name & number), time of the call (time & date), and possibly the duration which helps when you NEED to debate the rate of charges. These calls, the people you vocally communicate with are managed (linked) to your Address Book within the BlackBerry, and if you’ve already done so with the contact it’ll reflect in BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) as well.

NOTE: Here in Canada, providers have setup their networks to be a little tricky. Should you have the unlimited evenings & weekends for local calling feature on your cellular line, you NEED to be careful when the Call begins (no matter if you Received/Initiated the call)! Let’s say your Unlimited Evenings local calling starts at 6PM your local time. All phones will update to match the network time (if not get RID of that phone NOW). Now if you Receive/Make a call at 5:59PM local time (it does NOT matter if the incoming call is Long Distance/Local to YOUR line or not) and you talk for say 60minutes. Those 60minutes (currently 6:59PM) is coming out of your daytime minute allotment for the month, and if you’re over its more $$ out of your pocket! Now you know WHY you need to know the duration of the call.

Blackberry defines Call Management in a number of ways: Status, History, Call Notes; and if you view a particular Contacts History, you can select “Open” to View Call Log. There is one oddity that is obvious & overlooked by RIM. BlackBerry Messenger identifies people by Email, or by PIN (PIN to PIN messaging is unique to BlackBerry’s). Why does the Address Book not have a predefined field for “PIN”?! Odd, no?

Well for ANY emails to work on Blackberry you’ll need to have a specified BIS (for personal emails) or BES (corporate emails) to work. Personally I don’t have either currently since my 9700 is being starved on a Pay As You Go line, until I switch my line over.

Emails are pushed/pulled (by gmail/hotmail/yahoo mail, and by RIM NOC respectively) to RIM’s NOC, then PUSHED to your wireless network and then to your device. This is VERY basically explained and I’m not going to get deeper into this. Its the industry standard that made push emails just about instant; BES accounts is immediately, while BIS accounts CAN take up to 15mins when emails to your POP/IMAP stop for a while and then receive an email.

Lets just say RIM has always had this covered and nobody else (personal IMAP/POP3, OWA/Exchange, Domino, or Novell Groupwise) has matched this. Power goes to Microsoft’s WinMo devices as their personal setup for Outlook OWA ActiveSync works best; but when it comes to corporate BES vs MS ActiveSync … there is NO comparison! Should you use Seven/GoodLink then your using THE SAME technology that RIM is using; licensed by NTP!

At another date I’ll get into whats possible on a corporate BES implementation, in increments.

Note: some of you using older BlackBerry’s from OS 4.2, and possibly 4.6 or prior, have BlackBerry Redirector installed from the Desktop Manager on your office desktop (and running all the time). Take special care that you do NOT upgrade that Blackberry Desktop Manager (BBDM) software on your work PC since newer versions of BBDM no longer support Redirector! You may NEED to upgrade BBDM if you need it to work with your Bold (9700).


Oh brother, its not just about the places you’ll go, but what you’ve done, will do, and how you handle your bigznizz! That’s right, people remember your smile, how you handle your-delf, but most importantly over time they remember you for the things you do, not the things you say (calls, emails, etc). An eloquent Hip-Hop lyricist once said “It’s not about what you know but what you can do!”

Plan your Day, week, Month or Year; not like its your birthday. Setup your meetings, accept/deny/reschedule them (BES, I’m unsure if BIS supports this now) as well as participants, and enter your shift hours. Many 3rd party applications have access to the calendar to import/export data from/to it via API’s. What I love is that you can enter a Task (separate core PIM) with an alarm but also enter a number so that when the reminder sounds off, and you accept it, a call can be made immediately!

I’m not sure about the lot of you, but I have a TON of Outlook Notes that I rely on & sync to my BlackBerry (as I’ve done to other smartphones). I love how I can set a category to organize them further. Categories for Notes or Address Book can be set to “Business”, “Personal” or custom defined by you. Links can be entered, unfortunately not hyper-linked (hopefully soon).

Just think of how all the recent smartphones are trying to add The Social with online synchronization of Contact information (local with FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, and other Web2.0 accounts). Although these are welcome, they do poorly with linking this information to other local core PIM functionality. I’d say Palm’s WebOS and SonyEricsson’s MediaScape is onto something without causing much clutter with the fluff. Personally BBM messenger once you’ve tried it with BBMaps, file/contacts/bookmark or links transfer, most people get hooked. I’m not, since I’ve barely found a personal or business need/want for it, just yet.

Has anyone noticed I’ve used the word NEED quite often in this blog post yet?! There are just so many of them that was overlooked when I used the iPhone, and when not working paying for apps that deliver what the core PIM should do, is just asinine.


Well there is just so much quality in the pictures & video that the 9700’s 3.2MP camera offers and proven on various reviews of the 8900 I just will save you all that. This processor is VERY capable for simultaneous tasks.

In closing using this BlackBerry for the past 5 days ~ beyond supporting it ~ without a Data Plan is like being happily married and on a dinner & club date with Mariah Carey & Eva Mendes! You’re biting & kicking yourself fighting the urge to jump into the naughty & yet simultaneously confused as to whom to start with or where to begin. I guess that’s why my wonderful wife calls my smartphone “the mistress” 😉 ~ “Oh you bad girl” from the eBay baby comes to mind.

Shameless Plug: Should a few of you out there in Canada still deciding what to upgrade to for the coming year do it NOW! Best Buy Mobile has Telus Bold 9700 for $199 on 3yrs with $150 Best Buy Gift Card. Telus online has the same with $50 Gift card, Futureshop the same with $75 Gift Card. Tis the season to be both greedy and giving (that gift card can seriously help out)!

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