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New Smartphone in my Pocket

December 20, 2009

Last week was the time I needed a change.

Although, the NEED for the change of my smartphone was for my current job (started Wednesday), I was pretty happy with the personal use of my iPhone to some extent.

The iPhone 3GS is a decent multimedia and web tablet performer that handles calls pretty intuitively for the average non-technically inclined user. Its never been advertised as a “smartphone” by Apple ~ even if the power is there ~ and this is part of its huge success around the globe as a new entrant. Unfortunately for me, the iPhone lacks horribly for true or proper PIM entry and organization.

Since I’m returning to my roots regarding HH support, and the need to refresh those skills, I decided on getting a BlackBerry.

Once again I’m back but this time I’m going to LIVE to be Bold! I purchased the 9700 outright for a cool $500! Many thanks to Joseph for taking time out of chilling with friends waiting for his girl to sell to me his Telus 9700.

I’ve used quite a few smartphones in my day, with minimal experience with UIQ/Windows Mobile, and I can say with full confidence that the BlackBerry platform is by far THE most powerful PIM organization in the business ~ better than what the Palm OS was hailed to be back in the day some 14yrs ago.

There are some changes I need to get used to, and the lack of a current data plan is KILLING me and the abilities that this bad bwoy can do, but its still up to PIM tasks & wlan browsing.

Fortunately, for the underperforming Browser on BB OS (a proprietary mix of J2ME/CLDC with some J2EE security imbedded), its MUCH better than on OS 4.6 or previous that I experienced on my 8100 years ago.

Soon RIM is going to release a new Browser with full support for Flash 10.1 (or newer) and most likely with HTML5. Since the current version in OS 5.0 supports GoogleGears, which incidentally is legacy supported by Google,the common sense move it to support HTML5. Google has already begun to use the early draft of HTML5 for GoogleWave and a few of their other cloud products. HTML5 will soon move into the infamous GMAIL app as well.

I’ll mention more of the Bold 9700 tonight or tomorrow after work. Tah Tah for now.

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