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BlackBerry Development ~ Some links

December 27, 2009

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Well its time for a different kind of post. This hopefully will interest everybody that visits.

I figured I’d look around RIM’s site specific for the coding and administration of the BlackBerry devices (consumer & corporate; respectively). There is a lot more power to the BlackBerry handheld that what most realize ~ and still benefit them.

This is for the website administrators out there.
What are the different browsers and how do they impact your web page?

These include:
Blackberry Browser
Internet Browser
WAP Browser (hardly common these days)
Hotspot Browser
Check out the video link above on you Mac/PC browser or the DiVX format here.

And for you Dev hats out there … this following link should have a plethora of videos ~ basic in nature but helpful if your curious about developing for 36million consumers worldwide and growing! Yeah their all addicts!

Developer Video Library (check the tabs at top of site)

– Introduction to BlackBerry Java Development
– Introduction to the BlackBerry Push API
– Introduction to the BlackBerry Development with SAP Netweaver
– Overview on Using Touch and Accelerometer API’s on the BlackBerry Storm

(there is also a vid on a team that worked with McLaren Mercedes & Lewis Hamilton to modify their code for BT remote controlling a toy for an actual F1 car … VERY COOL indeed! iPhone eat your heart out!

– How to create Client/Server Connections
– Compatibility Mode with BlackBerry Storm Smartphone
– How to Create a Theme using the Plazmic Theme Builder

BES Administration:
– Introduction to the BB Administration APIs
– Setting up your Eclipse/Java Enviro for using BB Admin APIs
– BlackBerry Administation APIs Setting up MS.Net Environment
– Web Development & Java Development Environment videos
– Mobilizing Oracle Applications on BlackBerry Smartphones.

Hopefully more java & web developers will create far more powerful applications for BlackBerry

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