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Remote Handheld Access!

January 3, 2010


I thought it would be VMWare, Parallels, or a software from internal sources to allow remote handheld control, not a specific enterprise solution.

Remote Control Software is here for your BlackBerry, or Windows Mobile device. Not for personal use, but using Bomgar solutions for corporations or enterprise this is available. I’m unsure if its in beta or an initial release let alone how much control is given.

Bomgar Remote Access Control for BlackBerry or WinMobile

For Desktop/Laptop remote control, Bomgar uses a secure tunnel over internet (https://), not too dissimilar to what Windows 7 Enterprise features. In the background servers (either at Bomgar/corporate office) allows for behind firewall initiated tunnel and the support staff creates a password, to which the end user types into their browser (IE/FireFox/Safari) to allow remote control and file sharing. This is excellent when trying to resolve vpn issues with a client that can get an internet connection.

Bomgar Solution Overview

Remote Control for Smartphones is a leap forward! I expect something from RIM via BES to be much more polished, secure, and allow only an administrator to perform such functions. Having helpdesk staff play around with your smartphone can be timely & costly (no unlimited data plan) if the solution to the issue is not known & resolved quickly.

This makes one think will smartphones in the future allow for an “out of the box” basic OS boot & run as an option > not too similar to Windows basic mode or Apple’s basic boot option. Hmmm. allowing for a reboot that doesn’t terminate a data connection or re-establishes data connections to a similar service like what Bomgar has launched for continued troubleshooting via remote access. Can this be patented?! Hmmm.

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