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Mobile news at CES2010

January 9, 2010

Some great things occured this week at CES2010. Mostly for computers (I’m eyeing the HP Touchsmart TM2 & awaiting a Core i7mobile MacBookPro), but some things trickled down for us in the mobile space. After all, our smartphones are with us just about 80% of the time, which even MIDS/Tablets cannot do.

First up is Inside BlackBerry The Official BlackBerry Blog. This site is now hosted on WordPress servers!! There is an interesting video on Xobni (it’s inbox spelled backwards). You GOTTA check out the video on youtube! I have a sneaky feeling that this company will be eaten up by RIM and happily incorporated into BIS, or sourced as a new component to BES; or possibly a resurgeance of BlackBerry Redirector. Btw, If you’d like to sign up for the limited beta, simply click this link.

LinkedIn on Blackberry home screen

One new development that I’m really keen and happy about coming to the BlackBerry is LinkedIn. Think of LinkedIn as the FaceBook of the professional, business, and technical world. But its much more than that. I’ve been using it for about 3yrs now and always had to deal with trying to access it via mobile browsers, or via an app on the iPhone which wasn’t so great (it’s improving).

For those of you out there that has ever fibbed, or exaggerated on your resume hard copy (& forgot to update it online) you better pay attention to where LinkedIn is going. This includes all you white-collar suits that embezzle funds from your corporation (basically stealing), this may show up one day on your online profile!

Imagine walking into any interview, any customer engagement or client meeting with the ability to look up the details on over 50 million professionals worldwide, in real-time.  Soon this will be a reality, as this application will bring the powerful capabilities of LinkedIn to your BlackBerry.

by LinkedIn Blog.

BlackBerry LinkedIn App Profile view

BlackBerry LinkedIn App Profile view

We’ve worked hard to develop an application that takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the BlackBerry platform.  LinkedIn for BlackBerry will also include deep integration with the native Messages, Contacts & Calendar applications on the BlackBerry platform.  For example, here is an early screenshot of the native BlackBerry Messages application, with LinkedIn invitations and one-to-one messages integrated into the inbox:

by LinkedIn Blog

Tight Integration of LinkedIn on BlackBerry

Tight Integration of LinkedIn on BlackBerry

LinkedIn has a video on youtube, but the screen is poorly recorded and very blurry; thus I will not post until a new one is sourced. To be honest the potential of this application is HUGE! I’d love to see this integrated into BBM, and have LinkedIn member presence. This has the potential to replace the business card exchange entirely!!

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