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Searching Sub-Folders or Labels in Gmail on BB OS 5

January 14, 2010

My Bold 9700 is now living & breathing on a data plan … finally!

Just found this out, even though I’ve read on a few blogs that it wasn’t possible in OS 5. Although long ago I read about the feature for searching sub-folders on RIM’s site I too thought it only applied to BES bound corporate address’, and to my surprise I’m glad its available on BIS too.

This is actually probably the first time I’d recommend going through the wizard.

1. Setup your Email (first provider based email), with a password for it.

2. Once you’ve gone through the motions … you should have this showing in Messages> Options for your new mailbox (just a list).

BIS with Gmail plugin

3. Go into your Gmail Inbox account on your BlackBerry OS 5 device , and click on Options.

4. Select Filter, and change to the sub-folder or gmail “Label” you’re wanting to search emails remotely for.

BIS Filters

5. Your Filtered mailbox selection will show empty, and select Options> Search. Here you fill in the search criteria (From:/To:/CC:/ whichever you choose). Also you’ll need to ensure that REMOTE is selected and also if you need emails with attachments you’ll need to specify “Emails with Attachements” at the very bottom of the search field.

Remote BIS selection

BIS Remote 2

(Don’t Forget to CHANGE the folder to “search in” from Inbox to ALL Folders)

BIS AllFolders

BIS Remote Folders2

BIS Remote Folderss3

Click Menu > Search and let it do its thing. At the top of your mailbox it’ll show you its searching and update as it finds according to criteria.

BIS Search 1

BIS Search 2

BIS Search 3

BIS Search 4
Thats it!

Peace, One Love, and pass duh draah!  :2thumbs:

Donny, SeriousMobile.

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