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RIM Patent – Speed up Internet Connection.

January 16, 2010

US Patent and Trademark office.

This is very interesting!

It seems that RIM has a new patent for using a Proxy Server within the HH OS. Also the patent states implementing the Cache within the Proxy Server, in the OS, yet outside the Browser.

Removing the Cache from the Browser, and marrying it to the Proxy enables incredible speeds in page rendering, while also allowing the history of pages to load quickly and more accurately. Just how fast this will be vs the Opera Mini 5 Beta2 or final product is anybody’s guess, but I’m sure RIM has been eyeing Opera’s prowess of browsing speed and how its vastly helped via their proxy servers. Makes me wonder why Opera didn’t see the large 37 million user strong market, large enough to make a native Opera Browser for RIM BlackBerry?!!?

Many handheld devices may access the Internet wirelessly with browsers on the handheld devices. Some of them experience inefficiencies in browsing the Internet. One reason is that the data is sent across the air uncompressed. This increases traffic and lowers browsing speed. Another reason is that the browser may have to make multiple requests before it is able to display a single document. For example, a browser may send a HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) request via a wireless link to a website to request a webpage, the website may send back a response via the wireless link to the browser to say the requested page is at another website, and then the browser must send another request to the website to fetch the page. Requests and responses are sent back and forth wirelessly multiple times, slowing browsing speed and delaying webpage delivery. Users may lose patience in accessing a message on the Internet.


BBproxy Diagram Patent

The BlackberryCool site was the first to pick this up days ago in the BlackBerry blogosphere and I’m VERY happy to be a reader there. And it provoked more thoughts to me.

We know that RIM is beginning to integrate the Bolt Browser engine into their upcoming webkit offering. This, along with the Mobile Data Service (MDS) gateway or BES integration will be strong for end users, and corporate users alike. Much better than ECOE!!

Will this tie users ever more so addicted to their BlackBerry’s, or Ever more happier for owning a BlackBerry? If this speeds up web-browsing in the native browser and comes implemented with the new Webkit based browser than I’m all for it!

Credit for finding this news on the net, and original article posting provoking minimal thoughts goes to BlackBerryCool website.

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