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Storm 2 (9550/9520) 1st Greeting

February 7, 2010

Woah! I’m officially a believer!

For the past month my wife has been looking for an upgrade to her BB 8120 Pearl. Initially flirting for the idea of owning a Stratus, BB 9520/9550 Storm 2 – grey market pricing was VERY cheap. Then after she upgraded to the 8900 she’s totally commited to the Storm 2.

I’ve noticed in the past week here in Toronto there are a LOT of Storm 2 users! Maybe its because I’m more focused on seeing how its used in the public and no on a video review (for a fist time user). Yet I’m now just as sweetened to the idea of going to the Storm 2 full time.

Let me set the record straight! I’m a previous iPhone user of 4 months, while my wife is an 8mth iPod Touch user. None of us want the iPhone, and I’m SOLD, on a solid build (hardware & software) smartphone that my Bold 9700 provides me.

Seeing my good buddy’s 9550 and giving it a quick first hand try … I’m impressed! Especially the piezo touch screen where it quickly & accurately auto rotates, selection separate from navigation works VERY well. Something in my mind – and I’m sure in other first time users – is you THINK you need to press HARD on the screen to select?! When really a quick click is all that is needed. Nothing more than you left clicking the mouse on your modern computer, or from clicking the single glass-trackpad on recent MacBook Pro’s.

Well it looks like the Storm 2 is gaining in popularity, and not just for the eclectic user-base.

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