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Thompson Reuters Pro for BlackBerry

February 11, 2010

I’m beginning to get used to the BlackBerry once again.

I figured I’d give a quick passing of an old favorite application … Thompson Reuters. For any of you considering checking up on stocks, or just business news around the world while mobile … you need to have this application as part of your business repertoire.

Thompson Reuters has been improved on the BlackBerry OS 5 … and easily matches just about anything it delivers on iPhone 3GS. Lets take a look shall we?!

When you launch Thompson Reuters Pro you’re greeted with a rich, organized, yet not over-cluttered UI. This is possibly THE most efficient application I’ve seen yet for the BlackBerry that provides so much information. In essense this is a web 2.0 application but fetches update information in ONLY the section you’re in.

Reuters Tabbed Headers

Reuters Tabbed Headers

Organization. Reuters Pro, or Reuters, sorts all possible information into Tabs and sub-tabs. For instance, the main Headers (tabs) are World, Business, Markets, My Stocks, My Feeds, Saved, and a special “+” or Hot-Tab that you can configure to Add/Remove/Re-Order news tabs the way YOU see fit.

Each main Header or main Tab has sub-tabs just beneath it. For example Business has sub-tabs or sections such as: Top business, Market Reports, Commentary, Deals & Mergers, Small Business, Company News, Bonds, and Economics. Whew! Should you scroll beyond the Economics section, the application is smart enough to take you to the next Header … Markets.

The sweet touch of this application is the shortcut support … T for “top” of the section you’re in and this way you don’t have to scroll so often to get to the top. Although , scrolling is much sweeter/easy/faster on TrackPad-based BB’s, TrackBall BB users can rejoice in this thoughtful implementation.

Another sweet note is that you can share the articles via Email, Del.Icio.Us, FaceBook, and of course even Twitter.

Reuters Article Sharing

I’ve noticed that if you install Reuters, or any other application, from BlackBerry AppWorld … you’ll get a discreet icon on your Today Screen when an update is availble; regardless if you’re running AppWorld of not.

Reuters Icon

This took me a few minutes to think what this icon could be from. If you see this on your BlackBerry then take a gander in your main Messages application, there you should see a notification of the upgrade available.

Messages AppWorld Notification

Reuters Upgrade Notification

Of course to upgrade you’ll need to launch the BlackBerry AppWorld on your BB and select MyWorld.

AppWorld - Reuters Upgrade

Upgrading is pretty simple and straight-forward process.

Where you’ll run into issues is, if you install an application directly from the source coder/business that created the application then try to install and upgrade from AppWorld. In my case, I installed Reuters 2.5.7 directly from Reuters.com. Oddly enough, BlackBerry AppWorld recognized I had this installed (even though I did so prior to having a data plan a month back); and offered for me to upgrade to the newer version, 2.6.0.

Upgrade conflict from local install to OTA install

Reuters Upgrade Conflict

I had to uninstall from Third-Party applications on my 9700 first, before upgrading. Should you need to do this, don’t forget to do a battery pull or quick-pull first before installing the upgrade from AppWorld.

Other business Applications (dependent on availability in your region) you should include for your business pocket repertoire:

Reuters Google China Article

Reuters Google China Article

Bloomberg, E-Trade, Yahoo Finance!, WorldMate (in case you travel), amongst others.

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