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Big Announcement Tomorrow

February 15, 2010

RIM has a big one due tomorrow, apart from the happenings for developers. I’m really excited tomorrow – so excited that I want to skip off work, but I won’t. Need those dollars to help my B addiction.

Also Bolt, my current favorite browser has been upgraded and available for BlackBerry’s today to v1.7 on the anniversary of the launch. Unfortunately, only v1.50 is available for AppWorld here in Canada.

Happy Family day for all of you out there.

RIM is now sponsoring Black Eyed Peas Tour. I’m hoping those of you bored of BEP are not too soured by this endeavor.

For those of you that may have forgotten Will.I.AM’s presentation at RIM’s conference last fall, a repeat of what was offered at Nokia World 2009 … he mentioned something incredible, significant to those of us that love listening to classic 12″ remixes and new LongPlay versions of your favorite hits freshly released. To coin a chorus from Black Eyed Peas … “I got a feeling …” that this will lead to more.

Recall RIM’s release app from U2’s recent concert that offered specific content?! That was a pretty good offering, but I’m looking forward to what Will.I.AM specifically mentioned about music track downloads and the ability to press a number on their phone to get a specific remix – OTA & OTF (On The Fly) – during playback. Of course a persistent and live data connection will be needed along with a music store infrastructure and cloud service db to be able to handle this currently, but I’ve been feeling this for over decade and been waiting for this since last fall.

RIM you have a unique and industry changing opportunity here.

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