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SureType is NOT Dead!

March 7, 2010

All the blogs are speculating that the BlackBerry Pearl 9100, a candybar form factor will hold the rumored, or leaked qwerty keypad shown below.

Full Qwerty for Narrow BB - Yet Unknown

Only recently has CrackBerry site began to ponder if the BlackBerry Pearl Flip would use such a keyboard.

To be honest I don’t think SureType is dead. RIM would not invest so many hours & money in research in SureType only to get rid of it; especially in how successful it is for 1-handed typing.

Personally the recent prototype hardware leak from RIM, the slider BlackBerry may benefit from the above keyboard layout type. This way the top-end of the slider is all glass, and is seamless in its design – possibly SurePress enabled for non sliding layout. Having a physical full qwerty keypad on such a device is beneficial when full screen real-estate is necessary.

SureType is VERY successful and has been on 3 main type of BlackBerry models; and their segments. It has greater chances of success appealing to those that love the traditional phone slim design and have not used the full qwerty BB devices. To be honest I miss my 8100 Pearl solely for that reason. Although I have played and been troubleshooting BlackBerry devices before the original Pearl was released, it was my first purchased BlackBerry.

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