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Thoughts On Flash – Adobe & Apple Fighting: Grow Up already!

April 29, 2010 Comments off

This is getting ridiculous.

Very valid points from Apple, Inc., and nothing proven from Adobe (Maemo 5 is the last Maemo) as of yet. When major corporate entities begin to bash or downgrade one another’s CEO or respective views of products/services on a daily/weekly/monthly basis like a Twitter Feed … then its time BOTH CEO’s get an internal “Fined Time-Out”! Their acting like kids fighting in a sand-box!! I’d like BOTH parties to either freaking get a court case and make it serious as their “entertaining the press and stock holders” or both get on the merry-go round so I can spin them like mad unless they both wet their pants! I’m seriously getting SICK of all this corporate leveraging, eye-poking and “my stuff is better than yours” D8 … I’m looking forward to Walt Mossberg to comment on this along these lines. Apple CEO Steve Jobs & Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen need to start acting their age; or leave this conversation to company fans in the forums.

Steve Jobs is still not 100% and should focus more on strengthening his health and running his own company not wasting time responding to the media’s distortions of his company’s view not to implement Flash on their mobile products. I’m sure Jobs doesn’t want to get sick again – god forbid this early – and go out being remembered as someone “picking a fight” (as though it would seem).

PS: I spent the past 12 hrs working a solid & VERY productive shift! Yes I made mistakes but never did I insult a client, colleague, superior, or their work effort in any way!


RIM – BlackBerry 6 Preview Titillates!

April 27, 2010 Comments off


The All New User Experience

Yeah … Black Eyed Peas – well loved & sometimes overplayed – definitely knows what time it is in the music and mobile industry. I have absolutely NO DOUBT that they have a solid impact (possibly some direct input) into the new layout, and visual display of BlackBerry 6.

Just look at the video and how each person moves in the following advertisement for BlackBerry 6 preview that RIM gave earlier today to the public at WES2010! Wow … not only do they move to the beat, but the OS moves with it too … very synergistically. I actually had to watch it 3 times to catch all that was going on. Why again is RIM shares down?! I think too many analysts have not just been drinking the Apple Kool Aid juice but I’ll bet their suck’n the spoon that Apple has been serving them with the iPhone. This ad preview of OS 6 is light-years ahead of Symbian 3, iPhone OS, and even Android … just looks as robust as what we know and love on ALL our solid performing BlackBerry’s.

I cannot say welcome back RIM to the modern … you where already here blazing the trail for solid multitasking and OS core integration that developers could take advantage of. Those that complain the OS is ancient … show me one OS that offers this level of 3rd party integration, battery life supremacy, call quality supremacy that many feature phones (dumb) cannot even match in a smartphone.

Mike Lazaridis BlackBerry Rocks!

So this Preview of BlackBerry 6 shows us so many tantalizing features that have been done on other platforms … but NOT with this seamless level of integration. Before I begin to highlight them … take a look at the incredible personalities that shows of the use intended for that particular target market – yet still allowing all functions and features available. Did you get that?! Reread that sentence again in bold and think which OS actually offers this across the FULL product lineup.

Touch Screen: Single dedicated touch to highlight & select to activate or open. It would seem at first glance that SurePress may be gone, but paying attention to the video looks as if this is here to stay just less “deliberate” pressing is required.

Menu Animations: are everywhere. Media … selecting Artists (or Albums, Genres, Playlists), slides to the right, selecting a particular artist opens up all their albums/tracks. From the moment you select a sub category – Albums, Artists, Genres, Playlists, etc – you see a search menu at the top of the screen. Just before selecting a track you have a sub menu … almost a sub process at the bottom of the screen called “Extended Search” to allow you to search Youtube, Device, or any other mobile medium. Cute. But the search is not random, its relevant to the artist & track your currently listening too – seamless mobile interaction.

Menu Animations 1

Menu Animations 2

Fergie is STILL hot after all these years (even her previous failed attempts at the music business, she was always hot and ahead of the crowd).


Menu Structure: More efficient and relative to what your viewing, where you are, and never forgetting about ANY possibility of where you may goto next. Viewing pictures in full screen you can quickly (in Touch) Set As Caller ID, Set As Wallpaper, Properties, Switch (switch app), Zoom In (gesture or not), and Full Menu. While viewing a Message, if you tap on the contact … you’re presented with the ability to Email Contact (which should be eliminated since 1 of the bottom icons does this already), View the Contact, Call Contact, SMS/Text Contact, view their Caller ID, BBM the Contact, Show Address of Contact, Switch (Application), and Full Menu. Should you wish to select Call Contact you have a new set of on-display options; Speaker, Mute, Swap (calling party), Join (conference), and you can STILL enabled the dialled, Message Contact, and I presume send Contact Details to another party, or Cancel out the menu. Love how the guy in the suit power pumps his options as his time during presentation of BB use is up – Boom Boom Pow!

Menu Structure 1

Menu Structure 2

Menu Structure 3

Real Time Search from the home screen .. nice touch RIM.

Real-Time Search

Gestures: are used to Swipe Up to show a segmented menu from default theme on home screen. During track playback the user can swipe left/right to get a “cover flow” like search showing individual tracks NOT just the albums (no copyright infringement here boys & girls. Now you can also Swipe Down when pressing the Message preview and you get a quick glance at the top 3 most recent Messages, Calls, and Calendar Events.  Messages includes: Email, SMS, MMS, FaceBook, LinkedIn, or any other SuperApp that is taking advantage of the core API’s and if YOU the user enabled them … your choice). Getting things done bra!

Swipe Up 1

Swipe Up 2

There seems to be a NEW gesture – something I’ve only seen independent developers on S60 and recently Android take advantage of … shake or vibration control using the device built-in motion sensor. Look at the video again at time frame: 1:09 – 1:11. how does that Kool Aid taste now, How Does it Taste!).

Motion Gesture

Last but not least of all is FEEDS! A concept we all know and have used on our computers and feature phones but was poorly implanted. Motorola’s Blurr, SonyEricsson’s Infinity (is sweetly done), and others on the Android platform have had the live internet functionality. You need to ponder and think that basically Twitter, LinkedIn groups, BBM, IM, SMS, MMS, and yes even Email can be consumed, and even collaborated in a unified messaging layout called a FEED.

Feeds 1

Feeds 2

That is what RIM has done with the above … take special not that this is not just part of the core OS but an API that they control and willing share with developer that can EASILY take advantage of this.

One BlackBerry OS … many uses, many features, many devices, many persona’s.

BlackBerry 6 - Many Devices, One System Great Experiences

Definitely looking forward to this bwoy!

RIM – WES2010!

April 26, 2010 Comments off

WES2010 - Kick Off

Get ready for WES2010 tomorrow morning everybody.

RIM’s biggest event that includes: Products, Services, accessories, Developers (both apps, DRM, and other services from multiple 3rd parties), and new wares. Over the past 9 years RIM has grown, very successfully in this market. The market that RIM has believed in has evolved. The cost of owning a smartphone on contract add so much value.

Todays announcement highlighted some very internesting facts that were missed by the other favoured blogs:

  • Sold over 90 million devices.
  • 37 million of those in the last year 10 million sold in the last Quarter (No Apple you did NOT outperform the market by some 30%).
  • 41 million of those are STILL connected to the BlackBerry service.
  • Tremendous amount of demand for products & services – around the globe.
  • 250’000 Register App Developers
  • 3.8 million downloads of developer kits & tools & upgrades.
  • BES: 250 thousands servers (120 thousand of those in North America)
  • Nearly a million App World downloads a day!!
  • #1 smartphone in the US = Curve.
  • 5/10 top 10 smartphones sold in the world is a BlackBerry.
These are HARD FACTS … not marketing glitter from the manufacturer, but from multiple analyst from top resources: Bloomberg, Thompson Reuters, etc.
More and more I see RIM having pictures featuring presenters or developers working on various computing platforms to make applications for BlackBerry … including my current machine of choice – Apple. Lets hope the SDK with better integration for Eclipse gets full OS X support.

Developer on Mac OS X

Leaked BlackBerry Firmware

April 14, 2010 Comments off

Ok I seriously NEED to rant! Which fuktard engineer at RIM decided in the current and past 4 BlackBerry 97000 smartphone firmwares that it was ok to a) render the LOCK button essentially ineffective/useless, and b) the mute button to  a play pause button!?

This is not just a fanboy’s rant, this is a SECURITY issue!

Many users, especially the authors of think its great to press ALT+A or some double key combination on the HOME screen to invoke a lock.

I take public transit amongst the other persons in this city and many times while reading email, doing mobile banking (I’m more discreet with this), web browsing, BBM, SMS, or checking stock quotes, scheduling meetings, etc … I find so many nosy or bored commuters trying to look over my shoulder (maybe even just to see the cool 9700). My importance to maintain some level of privacy or security of my finances in a public are is simply to be aware of what is going on around me and 1 finger at the ready to press the LOCK button.

RIM - BB Bold 9700

The LOCK button USED to immediately lock the Bold 9700. Without fail, regardless of the process currently being executed/rendered, regardless of how many apps are running – EVEN with the “watch” status showing the device OS is busy – I could ALWAYS take faith that the devices action would be to LOCK the unit (with or without user direct or indirect intervention).

Not any longer. Pressing the lock button only turns the backlight off, and pressing any button gives you the “Keypad is locked. Press the Lock button to unlock” message. Doing so before your security time-out will only re-enable the keypad, the device is open and ready to be pillaged.

Let’s say your on a bus, streetcar, subway, or even in your favourite restaurant. You press the lock button, put the device down for the moment, or in a public transit setting if somebody reaches to grab the device its not locked. Now sure, anybody wanting to grab a phone out your hand will succeed unless you know their going to do so before the attempt is being done and you have eye contact. More than likely, even in an unexpected situation, if your preset concious thought is to just clench your hand an 1 finger is just over the lock button; automatically within less than 1 second the device can be locked in such a quick tussle.

Now you may think I’m crazy … but I wasn’t always the good boy, I used to be able to lift expensive watches off your wrist by simply offering to shake your hand. Never done for profit, and only for fun in front of friends and especially those stuck up suits in the city when I was a kid walking through a bank terrance or in the downtown core and would just get a look of disgust due to my former hip-hop clad Puma Clyde suit. Introduce yourself, its customary those of high power &/ rank would shake your hand when approached and someone introduces themselves openly in public. Kind of a saving face thing I guess. But it always helped to show them just how quickly something of value could be lost & missed, and often it opened a more friendly conversation on other topics when you immediately return it. I cannot tell you how often I get the handshake, watch is in my hand (non concealed) and they just begin to turn to walk away not even noticing. Once I had to shout “if you’re going to run away ignoring me can you at LEAST tell me the time” to get 1 gentleman to look at his wrist to notice!

If you still don’t believe me you have a split second to keep your smartphone in your hands to quickly lock it before it’s out of your hands … try even just sneaking up on a cop and touch their gun, LMAO! Don’t blame me if your wrist is broken and you end up in jail. Yes their trained for this – but training is nothing more than awareness & practice and repetition!

Aside form that this is STILL a security risk for those with BES connected BB’s that constantly leave them on washroom counters, bar tables, restaurant tables, store shelve counters all in the rush of jumping to another task.

RIM PLEASE BRING BACK THE SOLID & SECURE LOCK FUNCTION of the LOCK BUTTON – before a major press or lawsuit embarrassment ensues!

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“Skyfire is putting BB development on hold for now” – Fear is in the Air.

April 11, 2010 Comments off

I read that anouncement of “Skyfire is putting BB development on hold for now” as a wakeup call NOT for RIM but for Skyfire. Think, with RIM already demonstrated what is capable on a beta of the BB Browser Webkit update, what REALLY does Skyfire have to offer?! Seriously?

Right now the following is with Current Browser:

1. BEST Bookmark ability:

a) You can bookmark a page, a link, even set a Bookmark to update on an interval while SAVING the page! I don’t see ANY 3rd party or competing smartphone OS’ browser capable of this.

b) Have the ability for the Bookmarks updated during the backup and restored without issue. Here I only see this with iPhone & Android, nobody else, not even S60 gets this done properly & consistently.

c) Saving Bookmarks into a folder while Bookmarking (page/link on viewed page).

2. Corporate Intranet site rendering:

a) limited, even with MDS doing the work on BES but its there. Here iPhone is superior due to their work with open source and initially with Nokia on WebKit (yes Nokia was the first mobile manufacturer to ship a phone with WebKit and did so for a few years before the competition. Actually they reached out to Apple for it – then Apple released it open source.)

The new browser will have a built-in Proxy, which the browser’s Cookies/History/Passwords/Bookmarks and entire connection will be contained in.


1) Security!

2) URL’s will load much better and more like a desktop.

3) Speed of page rendering!

4) HTML5 Support … FINALLY! – Eat THAT Skyfire.

Possible Benefits:

1) No more issues with “Get Images/Get More All” when downloading HTML content in emails.

2) Wider  URL support and more uniform device support.

3) Flash … we know there is a deal but I doubt it’ll be within the Browser only and I PRAY not a “Flash Player” implementation; this is utter JUNK on S60!! RIM don’t bring this to us, give us OS 6 with FLASH imbedded (10.1 or higher) as part of the OS. This’ll give us the CREAM of the internet/intranet crop: HTML5 & Flash support!!

4) Less Java Browser Exception Errors! Seperate Device Browser from Internet/Intranet/MDS browsers. The bonus here SHOULD be faster navigation, and maybe a more powerful File Browser with better capabilities?! (it’s already great in OS 5 and I’m very satisfied with it) Possibly better in OS security like password protecting apps & folders, separately from full device passwords? Again these are MY opinions and hopes; what RIM chooses may be a much better & educated feature set.

Apple iAds – A new Paradigm in Marketing!!

April 8, 2010 Comments off

I wanted to switch gears today away from my platform of choice, BlackBerry for a quick moment. This is NOT an attempt to get more readers, far from it as my readers are close friends or acquaintances on forums of like interests. This is more to pose my thoughts on this subject, since being a Gemini my thoughts sometimes take the best of my being.

Apple iAds - Features

This concept of iAds by Apple is an incredibly great concept to fight AdMob’s dominance in the mobile smartphone space; especially with the iPhone.

Another bonus to the end user of iAds, is that this should STOP greedy developers, ahem!, from a) charging for apps outright or on add-ons to fully enjoy apps (paid/free) and still get revenue for the ads. A specific case is an old, yet addicting game I own & used when I previously had the 3GS, is Eliminate Pro.

Eliminate Pro iPhone 3GS

Notice the add banner at the bottom for more Ammo?!

Eliminate Pro was a FREE, first-person shooter game application for iPhone 3GS. To get more energy or new ammo to play this game (instead of waiting 2+hrs to self regenerate to play again) you had to purchase MORE energy (or better weapons to stay competitive) – $10/30/50CAN – in various energy capsules, if you will. Now in Eliminate Pro to purchase these capsules of energy it would take you to the “in-app” purchases (utilizing the iTunes store) API on iPhone OS 3.1/3.2. Another function in Eliminate Pro was an occasional banner (which become ever increasing on a weekly basis) – not unlike a traditional AdMob. This banner, when selected would take you to the presented “deal” to purchase … but would NOT take you to the in-app purchase (not always). What if this WAS/IS an ad-banner?! This is guaranteed ad revenue for Ngmoco (the makers of Eliminate Pro). IF this CAN & HAS ben done this should be put to a STOP! This most likely is the reason that iAds is being implemented by Apple – which may even disallow current admob based applications from being upgradeable or run on iPhone OS 4.0, and if not then a quick update the 2nd week of roll-out most likely WILL.

Steve Jobs Introduces iAds

The ugly part of iAds, is that although its built into iPhone OS 4.0, Apple wants a piece of the developer pic for ad advertising, 40% take!! This is SERIOUSLY high and basically recaps the cost of implementing it into the OS & hosting it directly. I hate ads as much as the next guy, but this doesn’t look too bad – at least for new games & movies (i.e. Tron2, IronMan2, etc) – but for traditional ads its just a waste of time, my time, your time.

The MAJOR thing about Apple iAds – is not so much the revenue potential, but – its take on Marketing as a whole. This presents a total NEW paradigm in Marketing & soon will reshape how companies think of target marketing (which I’m sure Apple’s Genius technology will be soon implemented) the end user. Think of 85 million iPhone and iPod Touch users, growing strong, and even a larger demographic pool of end users if, sorry WHEN, implemented into the iPad!! The first & ONLY such interaction a television EVER made was the studio televisions like that Zenith black & white tv my mom had from long before the 70’s that had a red light with a washer ring around it that said “Applause” for those in the audience to clap when recordings for a show was made.

LinkedIn Update – Potential still not reached.

April 8, 2010 Comments off

LinkedIn Update – Potential still not reached.

If you haven’t heard already, LinkedIn for BlackBerry has been updated to 1.01. It provides a few bug fixes but this application ~ many of us envisioned to be destined and arranged to be married to BlackBerry platform as THE app to be still has not reached its potential.

Here are my thoughts on what LinkedIn for BlackBerry SHOULD provide.

Imagine being able to store you resume online within LinkedIn, sourced directly from your BlackBerry’s MicroSD card and uploaded within the app. There your resume, secure and NON-searchable from internet search engines (such as, ahem Google), yet available for for managers that are in charge for the position you’re applying for.

Next up, this manager that you have an appointment with needs a copy of your resume to forward to others that will be apart of the interview process. How many of you out there have gone to an interview, in front of a panel of employees that are going to engage you of your skills, personality fit, and challenge you on questions that are related to the roll? Instead of having you print out an email (just another paper waste and another bad impression during a rain-storm to destroy), you or the manager can link your profile in LinkedIn to the roll you’re applying for.

LinkedIN already provides a social status for those to provide as references and allows them to be contacted – if they’ve allowed for this. I’d like to further see LinkedIn, both the application & online to have access to online live collaboration to interviews (be it a whiteboard or video chat interface), feedback (polite) to the roll being applied for (yet private ONLY to the applicant interviewed for by those that took part in the interview process). This latter part can be considered as a growth suggestion to the person that didn’t get the career.

Quite literary there is so much more potential that LinkedIn can be used for IF they originally coded for the BlackBerry platform before all the others. To put it bluntly, LinkedIn benefits future growth being on BlackBerry, and blunders future existence just being a “social application” on other platforms (just to be mingled with MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, and the rest of the lot).

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