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Apple iAds – A new Paradigm in Marketing!!

April 8, 2010

I wanted to switch gears today away from my platform of choice, BlackBerry for a quick moment. This is NOT an attempt to get more readers, far from it as my readers are close friends or acquaintances on forums of like interests. This is more to pose my thoughts on this subject, since being a Gemini my thoughts sometimes take the best of my being.

Apple iAds - Features

This concept of iAds by Apple is an incredibly great concept to fight AdMob’s dominance in the mobile smartphone space; especially with the iPhone.

Another bonus to the end user of iAds, is that this should STOP greedy developers, ahem!, from a) charging for apps outright or on add-ons to fully enjoy apps (paid/free) and still get revenue for the ads. A specific case is an old, yet addicting game I own & used when I previously had the 3GS, is Eliminate Pro.

Eliminate Pro iPhone 3GS

Notice the add banner at the bottom for more Ammo?!

Eliminate Pro was a FREE, first-person shooter game application for iPhone 3GS. To get more energy or new ammo to play this game (instead of waiting 2+hrs to self regenerate to play again) you had to purchase MORE energy (or better weapons to stay competitive) – $10/30/50CAN – in various energy capsules, if you will. Now in Eliminate Pro to purchase these capsules of energy it would take you to the “in-app” purchases (utilizing the iTunes store) API on iPhone OS 3.1/3.2. Another function in Eliminate Pro was an occasional banner (which become ever increasing on a weekly basis) – not unlike a traditional AdMob. This banner, when selected would take you to the presented “deal” to purchase … but would NOT take you to the in-app purchase (not always). What if this WAS/IS an ad-banner?! This is guaranteed ad revenue for Ngmoco (the makers of Eliminate Pro). IF this CAN & HAS ben done this should be put to a STOP! This most likely is the reason that iAds is being implemented by Apple – which may even disallow current admob based applications from being upgradeable or run on iPhone OS 4.0, and if not then a quick update the 2nd week of roll-out most likely WILL.

Steve Jobs Introduces iAds

The ugly part of iAds, is that although its built into iPhone OS 4.0, Apple wants a piece of the developer pic for ad advertising, 40% take!! This is SERIOUSLY high and basically recaps the cost of implementing it into the OS & hosting it directly. I hate ads as much as the next guy, but this doesn’t look too bad – at least for new games & movies (i.e. Tron2, IronMan2, etc) – but for traditional ads its just a waste of time, my time, your time.

The MAJOR thing about Apple iAds – is not so much the revenue potential, but – its take on Marketing as a whole. This presents a total NEW paradigm in Marketing & soon will reshape how companies think of target marketing (which I’m sure Apple’s Genius technology will be soon implemented) the end user. Think of 85 million iPhone and iPod Touch users, growing strong, and even a larger demographic pool of end users if, sorry WHEN, implemented into the iPad!! The first & ONLY such interaction a television EVER made was the studio televisions like that Zenith black & white tv my mom had from long before the 70’s that had a red light with a washer ring around it that said “Applause” for those in the audience to clap when recordings for a show was made.

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