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LinkedIn Update – Potential still not reached.

April 8, 2010

LinkedIn Update – Potential still not reached.

If you haven’t heard already, LinkedIn for BlackBerry has been updated to 1.01. It provides a few bug fixes but this application ~ many of us envisioned to be destined and arranged to be married to BlackBerry platform as THE app to be still has not reached its potential.

Here are my thoughts on what LinkedIn for BlackBerry SHOULD provide.

Imagine being able to store you resume online within LinkedIn, sourced directly from your BlackBerry’s MicroSD card and uploaded within the app. There your resume, secure and NON-searchable from internet search engines (such as, ahem Google), yet available for for managers that are in charge for the position you’re applying for.

Next up, this manager that you have an appointment with needs a copy of your resume to forward to others that will be apart of the interview process. How many of you out there have gone to an interview, in front of a panel of employees that are going to engage you of your skills, personality fit, and challenge you on questions that are related to the roll? Instead of having you print out an email (just another paper waste and another bad impression during a rain-storm to destroy), you or the manager can link your profile in LinkedIn to the roll you’re applying for.

LinkedIN already provides a social status for those to provide as references and allows them to be contacted – if they’ve allowed for this. I’d like to further see LinkedIn, both the application & online to have access to online live collaboration to interviews (be it a whiteboard or video chat interface), feedback (polite) to the roll being applied for (yet private ONLY to the applicant interviewed for by those that took part in the interview process). This latter part can be considered as a growth suggestion to the person that didn’t get the career.

Quite literary there is so much more potential that LinkedIn can be used for IF they originally coded for the BlackBerry platform before all the others. To put it bluntly, LinkedIn benefits future growth being on BlackBerry, and blunders future existence just being a “social application” on other platforms (just to be mingled with MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, and the rest of the lot).

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