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“Skyfire is putting BB development on hold for now” – Fear is in the Air.

April 11, 2010

I read that anouncement of “Skyfire is putting BB development on hold for now” as a wakeup call NOT for RIM but for Skyfire. Think, with RIM already demonstrated what is capable on a beta of the BB Browser Webkit update, what REALLY does Skyfire have to offer?! Seriously?

Right now the following is with Current Browser:

1. BEST Bookmark ability:

a) You can bookmark a page, a link, even set a Bookmark to update on an interval while SAVING the page! I don’t see ANY 3rd party or competing smartphone OS’ browser capable of this.

b) Have the ability for the Bookmarks updated during the backup and restored without issue. Here I only see this with iPhone & Android, nobody else, not even S60 gets this done properly & consistently.

c) Saving Bookmarks into a folder while Bookmarking (page/link on viewed page).

2. Corporate Intranet site rendering:

a) limited, even with MDS doing the work on BES but its there. Here iPhone is superior due to their work with open source and initially with Nokia on WebKit (yes Nokia was the first mobile manufacturer to ship a phone with WebKit and did so for a few years before the competition. Actually they reached out to Apple for it – then Apple released it open source.)

The new browser will have a built-in Proxy, which the browser’s Cookies/History/Passwords/Bookmarks and entire connection will be contained in.


1) Security!

2) URL’s will load much better and more like a desktop.

3) Speed of page rendering!

4) HTML5 Support … FINALLY! – Eat THAT Skyfire.

Possible Benefits:

1) No more issues with “Get Images/Get More All” when downloading HTML content in emails.

2) Wider  URL support and more uniform device support.

3) Flash … we know there is a deal but I doubt it’ll be within the Browser only and I PRAY not a “Flash Player” implementation; this is utter JUNK on S60!! RIM don’t bring this to us, give us OS 6 with FLASH imbedded (10.1 or higher) as part of the OS. This’ll give us the CREAM of the internet/intranet crop: HTML5 & Flash support!!

4) Less Java Browser Exception Errors! Seperate Device Browser from Internet/Intranet/MDS browsers. The bonus here SHOULD be faster navigation, and maybe a more powerful File Browser with better capabilities?! (it’s already great in OS 5 and I’m very satisfied with it) Possibly better in OS security like password protecting apps & folders, separately from full device passwords? Again these are MY opinions and hopes; what RIM chooses may be a much better & educated feature set.

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