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Leaked BlackBerry Firmware

April 14, 2010

Ok I seriously NEED to rant! Which fuktard engineer at RIM decided in the current and past 4 BlackBerry 97000 smartphone firmwares that it was ok to a) render the LOCK button essentially ineffective/useless, and b) the mute button to  a play pause button!?

This is not just a fanboy’s rant, this is a SECURITY issue!

Many users, especially the authors of CrackBerry.com think its great to press ALT+A or some double key combination on the HOME screen to invoke a lock.

I take public transit amongst the other persons in this city and many times while reading email, doing mobile banking (I’m more discreet with this), web browsing, BBM, SMS, or checking stock quotes, scheduling meetings, etc … I find so many nosy or bored commuters trying to look over my shoulder (maybe even just to see the cool 9700). My importance to maintain some level of privacy or security of my finances in a public are is simply to be aware of what is going on around me and 1 finger at the ready to press the LOCK button.

RIM - BB Bold 9700

The LOCK button USED to immediately lock the Bold 9700. Without fail, regardless of the process currently being executed/rendered, regardless of how many apps are running – EVEN with the “watch” status showing the device OS is busy – I could ALWAYS take faith that the devices action would be to LOCK the unit (with or without user direct or indirect intervention).

Not any longer. Pressing the lock button only turns the backlight off, and pressing any button gives you the “Keypad is locked. Press the Lock button to unlock” message. Doing so before your security time-out will only re-enable the keypad, the device is open and ready to be pillaged.

Let’s say your on a bus, streetcar, subway, or even in your favourite restaurant. You press the lock button, put the device down for the moment, or in a public transit setting if somebody reaches to grab the device its not locked. Now sure, anybody wanting to grab a phone out your hand will succeed unless you know their going to do so before the attempt is being done and you have eye contact. More than likely, even in an unexpected situation, if your preset concious thought is to just clench your hand an 1 finger is just over the lock button; automatically within less than 1 second the device can be locked in such a quick tussle.

Now you may think I’m crazy … but I wasn’t always the good boy, I used to be able to lift expensive watches off your wrist by simply offering to shake your hand. Never done for profit, and only for fun in front of friends and especially those stuck up suits in the city when I was a kid walking through a bank terrance or in the downtown core and would just get a look of disgust due to my former hip-hop clad Puma Clyde suit. Introduce yourself, its customary those of high power &/ rank would shake your hand when approached and someone introduces themselves openly in public. Kind of a saving face thing I guess. But it always helped to show them just how quickly something of value could be lost & missed, and often it opened a more friendly conversation on other topics when you immediately return it. I cannot tell you how often I get the handshake, watch is in my hand (non concealed) and they just begin to turn to walk away not even noticing. Once I had to shout “if you’re going to run away ignoring me can you at LEAST tell me the time” to get 1 gentleman to look at his wrist to notice!

If you still don’t believe me you have a split second to keep your smartphone in your hands to quickly lock it before it’s out of your hands … try even just sneaking up on a cop and touch their gun, LMAO! Don’t blame me if your wrist is broken and you end up in jail. Yes their trained for this – but training is nothing more than awareness & practice and repetition!

Aside form that this is STILL a security risk for those with BES connected BB’s that constantly leave them on washroom counters, bar tables, restaurant tables, store shelve counters all in the rush of jumping to another task.

RIM PLEASE BRING BACK THE SOLID & SECURE LOCK FUNCTION of the LOCK BUTTON – before a major press or lawsuit embarrassment ensues!

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